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Frequently Asked Questions

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Amaron batteries come with a standard 12-month warranty in the UAE. The battery warranty can be extended to 18 months.

Amaron 74ah battery costs around AED 470 in UAE. However, the price is subject to change from time to time. Hence, it is advisable to reach out to a trusted Amaron battery dealer in UAE for confirming the present price of the Aamaron 74ah battery.

Amaron 60ah battery costs around AED 350 in UAE. Contact Fasttrack, UAE for buying an Amaron 60ah battery or a battery of any other specification at the best price.

Exide and Amaron have been renowned battery brands. Both gained a customer base with their excellent performance. But, when it comes to durability and safety characteristics, Amaron outperforms Exide. Temperature and load resistance capabilities are better in the case of Amaron. 

The procedure for claiming the warranty for Amaron batteries in UAE varies depending on the specific terms and conditions of the warranty. It is recommended to refer to the warranty documentation or contact the authorized service center for more information.

Vehicle Servicing Dubai | Car Care and Maintenance Services

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Buy Amaron Battery in UAE

The intelligently designed, well-engineered, Amaron batteries might be the right ones to power your vehicle. It has been a globally accepted brand with outstanding performance and zero maintenance characteristics. That means you can forget about it once you install the Amaron car battery. Fasttrack offers you excellent quality genuine amaron batteries in UAE at the best deal.

 We have been the number one car battery dealership in UAE. Our expert technicians offer prompt service and replacement assistance for so that our customers do not have to waste time waiting. During the brief period when our team carries out their duties, our esteemed clients can unwind in the well-appointed and cozy waiting area.

 To buy an Amaron battery in UAE or to know about Amaron battery price, do give us a call or visit us right away.

Features that Make Amaron Battery the Premier Choice

Amaron has consistently been among the globally preferred battery brands. Despite facing mounting competition, Amaron battery remains a top choice for car owners. This can be attributed to several critical features that make it an ideal option for vehicles, including:

Would you like to gain further insights into the Amaron car battery or deliberate on the Amaron battery price? Fasttrack would be the right place to have a fruitful discussion about Amaron and other battery brands. We have been the leading dealership of all the major car battery brands in UAE. Do talk to us today.

Types of Amaron Car batteries

Different batteries, suiting the different vehicle specifications, are available in the market. The characteristics common to all the Amaron car battery types are:

With these characteristics at their core, Amaron batteries would function efficiently throughout their entire lifetime. There are five common variants of Aamaron batteries available in the UAE. Those are:

Pick the type of car battery you want depending on the specifications and the budget. Drive your car worry-free about battery defects.

Qualities of Amaron Car Batteries

 Amaron car batteries have been proven to be maintenance-free, safe, and durable. The car batteries would withstand high temperature and high vibration conditions quite strongly. And would function without any kind of defects due to these disturbances. The qualities of Amaron car batteries that make them a cut above the rest are:

Longevity – It has better self-discharging control in diverse temperature conditions. Compared to most of the other battery brands, Amaron has a lower self-discharge rate. Hence, these batteries have been more durable and long-lasting than others.

Shock-resistance – Vehicle batteries are supposed to function error-free in different conditions. Driving through rough terrains, climbs etc can cause vibrations and shocks to the vehicle. Amaron batteries are designed to resist these scenarios efficiently.

Performance During Cold Weather – Climatic conditions can impact the performance of the car battery. Delay in starting is a common concern of car owners. Amaron car batteries offer quick start-up in every condition.

Safe – Advanced design features in Amaron car batteries prevent electrolyte leakage. Thus reducing the possibility of corrosion and other defects.

Why Choose Fasttrack to Buy Amaron Batteries in UAE?

Fasttrack has established a distinguished reputation through dependable car services right from its inception. Our services are unrivaled and provided at an affordable rate. This extends to our batteries as well, which are of the highest quality and competitively priced. You would be saving on the budget when you buy Amaron batteries in UAE from Fasttrack. The deals and price discounts would make the Amaron battery price at our dealership lower than other sellers.

Several notable factors set us apart from our competitors and attract customers to choose us over others:

You can have a more than satisfying experience when you reach out to Fasttrack to buy an Amaron battery in UAE or any other servicing needs. We assure you the best car servicing support always.

 To schedule a service or discuss any car servicing requirements, call us now.

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