Duracell Car Battery 

Established in 1924, Duracell has a strong legacy of a century. It is an extensively accepted brand globally due to its performance and durability. The batteries are known to deliver power consistently and render flawless output in any climatic condition. Reliability has been the prime factor in the widespread acceptance of Duracell batteries. It would be the right choice for your car.

Check out with us if you are looking to replace the battery of your car. We have all the popular Duracell car battery models available with us. Pick the one as per the power requirement or specifications you have at the most reasonable price.

Buy Duracell batteries at the Best Price in UAE

Fasttracki assures you of a competitive Duracell battery price. We procure batteries and other automotive products directly, without involving any third party. The direct dealings help us in obtaining the products at the right price. Without any commission to agents or distributors. The money thus saved is transferred to the customers.

Pursuing this since the beginning, we have been keeping the Duracell battery price competitive. In fact, you can seldom find a better price than we offer anywhere in UAE.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Duracell car batteries are one of the safest in the world. These batteries have a strong legacy of a century and are a globally accepted brand. Duracell Car batteries are extremely reliable.

No, Duracell Starter is not suggested for modern-day EVs. Duracell Extreme AGM is considered the right option for EVs, and other vehicles which have special functions and features integrated.

The Duracell car battery life in Dubai, for that matter life expectancy of any battery, would depend on the way it is maintained. Normally, the Duracell car battery life is 3-5 years.

Duracell car battery replacement is completed in about 30 minutes. A charged battery will be available with the dealer. The old battery will be replaced with the new Duracell car battery instantly.

Duracell car battery cost will depend on the type and model of the battery. At the same time, different Duracell dealers may charge differently for the same model. Make sure to choose a trusted Duracell car battery dealer in UAE.


Why Choose Fasttrack to Buy Duracell Batteries in UAE?

Batteries can pose a serious safety threat if they are of inferior quality. Incorrect design, improper sealing, and low-grade material can be hazardous. One should opt for such products from quality-proven brands only. This very aspect has been pivotal in the outstanding acceptance of Duracell batteries in UAE.

Fasttrack guarantees you the following:

  • Genuine Products: Procured from authorized sources, we sell genuine products only. Not only Duracell batteries but also batteries from other brands are also available with us. You can rely on us to buy authentic products from all the top international brands.
  • Reasonable Price: Get the Duracell car battery at the most reasonable price in the country. We have kept the profit margin low, besides avoiding middlemen, which aids us in maintaining a reduced price. You may dial us to know the Duracell battery price if you want to compare.
  • Quick Installation: We take minimal time to replace the car battery. Our proficient team will complete the task in less than half an hour.
  • Reliable Battery Dealer: Fasttrack has been a credible battery dealer as well as, a service centre for almost all car brands. Our identity as a reliable one for Dura cell car batteries in UAE stems from our untainted services to date.
  • 24/7 Support: Our selected dealerships across the UAE provide 24/7 support.
  • Complementary Services: We offer a set of additional, complementary services, exclusively for you. No need to worry about battery maintenance since we would be extending optimal support throughout.
  • After-sales Support: We understand that you would need our assistance and support for services related to batteries or any other automotive systems. The comprehensive car service centre in UAE, Fasttrack is at your service always.

Benefits of Duracell Batteries

Duracell batteries gained a solid presence worldwide by proving how efficient, powerful, and robust they are. Duracell car battery has been giving a tough time to competitors for decades. The factors that keep Duracell battery in UAE ahead of others are:

  • Consistent performance without any flaws, even during the extreme climatic conditions in the country.
  • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles. Further, models fitting to different vehicle car segments are also available.
  • Performance well beyond the assured life.
  • Battery made of high-quality materials.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Duracell car battery is suitable for modern cars integrated with advanced systems.
  • No need to be concerned about unexpected battery drainage.
  • Terminals and other components are made of advanced material, proven to perform throughout.

We suggest you genuine Duracell battery for your vehicle. To view the Duracell car battery models, visit us today.

Duracell Battery Types 

Popular models of Duracell batteries in UAE that are being used for different car models are:

  • Duracell Starter: Ideal for cars and vans, Duracell Starter is one of the top-selling models from the brand. Models of different specs are available in Duracell Starter.
  • Duracell Advanced: Suitable for SUVs, sedans, taxi cars, motor boats etc. Duracell Advanced has a wide usage range.
  • Duracell Extreme EFB: Heavy vehicles like excavators and off-roading four-wheelers would require powerful support. Duracell Extreme EFB is the option if you are looking for a battery for similar vehicles.
  • Duracell Extreme AGM: Those looking for a Duracell car battery for their luxury vehicles, caravans, excavators, EVs, etc. which have complex functionalities like brake energy recuperation, should opt for Duracell Extreme AGM. Check out our collection of Duracell in UAE and buy the right one for your vehicle.
  • Duracell Extreme AGM Backup: Duracell Extreme AGM Backup functions as a backup for modern vehicles with start-stop features, which in turn have high energy requirements.

Choose the ideal Duracell battery for your car and start driving without any concerns of flaws or battery defects.

How to Buy Duracell Batteries from Fasttrack?

It is quite easy to buy genuine Duracell batteries from us. We have an excellent collection of different models of Duracell car batteries for you to choose from. No need to worry about the Duracell battery price when you choose Fasttrack for a new battery. We assure you the best Duracell battery price in UAE.

To buy a Duracell battery, you can either come to our showroom near you or order us via phone or online. Our executives will bring the Duracell battery model of your choice, which would suit your car, to your location and install it. We do not charge anything extra for battery installation.

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