Benefits of Nitrogen-Filled Tyres: Why You Should Consider Switching from Air

Date: June 02, 2023

The use of nitrogen in tyres is gaining momentum across the globe, despite initial skepticism from people. The common question asked by many was why opt for nitrogen when air is readily available, and tyre charging stations used to levy an extra fee for nitrogen filling. However, the situation has evolved, and currently, nitrogen filling is available for free, just like air. The advantages of using nitrogen in tyres are numerous, making it a superior choice to air. This article will elaborate on the benefits of nitrogen filled car tyres as we highly recommend switching to nitrogen the next time you need to fill your tyres

Why Nitrogen is Better than Air: The Benefits 

 The benefits of filling car tyres with nitrogen, instead of air are listed subsequently. 

1.  Slower loss of tyre pressure than air-filled tyre: Air pressure in the tyre can go down quite quickly when compared with nitrogen. The air escapes through minute holes and gaps constantly, reducing the tyre pressure more than what is specified by the car manufacturer. Forcing you to refill air in the car tyres more frequently than nitrogen-filled tyres. The basic reason behind this is the difference between the molecular structures of air and nitrogen. Normally, it takes about six months for losing 0.14 kpa nitrogen pressure. The same pressure is lost in a month in the case of air. 

2.     Nitrogen-filled tyres are cooler than air-filled: Compared to air, nitrogen in tyres retains a cooler temperature, even after covering long distances, while air-filled tyres tend to heat up even with short-distance travel. As a result, the lifespan of air-filled tyres decreases by at least 20%. Lowering the gas temperature inside the tyre can significantly improve its longevity. Thus, using nitrogen in tyres is a cost-effective method to save money.

3.     Increased mileage: As previously mentioned, nitrogen-filled tyres maintain their optimal pressure for a longer duration, whereas air-filled tyres tend to lose pressure quickly, resulting in a significant reduction in tyre pressure within a month. This decrease in pressure can negatively impact engine efficiency, as the engine needs to expend more power to move the car forward on a deflated tyre. Consequently, the car’s fuel efficiency decreases, resulting in lower mileage. On the other hand, utilising nitrogen in tyres can help improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, thereby providing a cost-effective solution.

4.     Better grip and safety on the road: Maintaining tyres within the recommended pressure range can improve their grip on the road, which is crucial to avoid skidding, particularly on wet surfaces. Properly inflated tyres are one of the most effective ways to prevent skidding. This is because the correct tyre pressure enables the tyre to maintain an optimal grip on the road surface, reducing the chances of skidding.

5.     Improve the life of wheels by filling nitrogen: Air contains moisture particles that can cause corrosion in the tyre, leading to rust and deterioration. The rate of corrosion is higher when tyres are filled with regular air. In contrast, nitrogen does not contribute to wheel rusting, which means that tyres filled with nitrogen can maintain optimal performance for a longer duration than air-filled tyres.

How to Enhance the Life of Car Tyres?

Achieving and maintaining the correct tyre pressure and opting for nitrogen filling instead of air are effective ways to prolong the lifespan of your car tyres. By adhering to these practices, your tyres can endure beyond their expected lifespan:

  • Reduce sudden braking – Sudden braking impacts the tyres heavily. The friction generated when you apply brakes suddenly is much higher than normal. Many a time, youngsters drive vehicles at high speeds and apply sudden brakes repeatedly. The life of tyres will come down significantly in this case.
  • Wheels and tyres as per the manufacturer’s specifications – It is after studies and analysis a manufacturer finalizes the tyre specification of a vehicle. The type of subject specification is expected to serve optimally. However, many people change the tyres just for modifying their looks. The life of such tyres would be much less than those of specifications specified by the manufacturer. It will also affect the integrity of the wheels.
  • Wheel alignment in the prescribed schedule – Wheel alignment is necessary for ensuring that the treads of all tyres are touching the road evenly. In case of unevenness, the wearing of treads would be different in tyres at different positions. Consequently, those tyres would wear out quickly, requiring you to replace them. Wheel alignment has to be undertaken in proper periodicity.
  • Tyre rotation – The tyres/ wheels connected to the axle will wear out faster than those not attached to the axle. This is due to the increased load on them during acceleration, turning, and braking. Tyre rotation is necessary to interchange tyre positions. So that the wearing out takes place evenly. Leading tyre servicing centres like Fasttrack offers free tyre rotation and wheel balancing to their clients, those who are eligible for special deals.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, the benefits of using nitrogen in car tyres are clear and numerous. Nitrogen-filled tyres offer slower loss of pressure, cooler temperature, increased mileage, better grip and safety on the road, and improved wheel life. By switching to nitrogen-filled tyres, you can enhance the lifespan of your tyres and save money in the long run. Additionally, it is crucial to maintain proper tyre pressure, avoid sudden braking, use wheels and tyres as per the manufacturer’s specifications, undertake wheel alignment at the prescribed schedule, and rotate your tyres to ensure even wearing. Taking these measures will not only increase the lifespan of your tyres but also improve the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.

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