Tyres For Electric Vehicles (EVs): All you need to know before buying

Date: October 19, 2023

It may be a surprising thing at least for a few of you. The question is, why do electric vehicles need special tyres? Or are special tyres required for EVs? will definitely pop out of your mind. With the increasing popularity of EVs, several questions related to the battery pack used, electric car tyres, and other components are appearing online. That is when we decided to discuss the topic “Tyres for EVs”. This post will discuss the subject comprehensively and will cover EV tires in UAE, the best EV tires, etc.

Electric Car Tyres

All the top global brands have their tyres in UAE available for sale. Undoubtedly, having a phenomenal number of vehicles on the roads, this is one of the largest markets they have. All those brands offer EV tires in UAE as well. In case EVs require special tyres? Or electrical car tyres are different from normal tyres?

The answer is, yes EVs require special tyres. Electric car tyres are of distinctive traits with respect to normal vehicle tyres. The qualities EV tires in UAE possess are:

You might think that these are common to all top-brand tyres. It is true to a certain extent. However, the overall performance, smoothness, efficiency, strength, and low weight complement the characteristics of EVs.

Reasons for Special Tyres on Electric Cars

There are specific reasons for automobile designers opting for special electric car tyres. The decision was made after exhaustive research and analysis:

  • EVs operate silently. Their engine sound is minimal, especially compared to diesel and petrol engine vehicles. The tyres used should not be a reason for increased sound while the EV is moving on the road. This necessitated smooth and silent tyres.
  • EVs are heavier than normal cars, leading to increased braking distance. The tyre should be of such a design to reduce the braking distance as much as possible.
  • Instant torque produced on electric cars can cause quick wearing out of tyres. Hence, the EV tires in UAE should be designed to take the load and perform without wearing out fast.

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Features of Electric Car Tyres

Unique features, the EV tires have, include:

  • Thin Tyres: Electric car tyres are thin and tall. This design has been chosen to reduce drag or aerodynamic resistance, which reduces the car’s efficiency.
  • Aerodynamic Design: In line with the previous point, the aerodynamically designed tyres complement the fluid structure of the vehicle. Ensuring minimal energy usage, thereby increasing endurance.
  • Longevity: Designed to focus on the increased weight of EVs, the best EV tires will perform flawlessly for a longer duration.
  • Silent Operation: You will not realize whether the EV is in started condition or not. Such silent they are. The EV tires in UAE also function in the same manner, without causing noise or vibration.
  • Reduced Rolling Resistance: In an attempt to reduce the rolling resistance, by which the efficiency of cars can be boosted, electric car tyres use smart materials that ensure lower drag than normal tyres.

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Benefits of EV Tires

Using EV tires in UAE or any other region offers you several benefits. A few of those are:

  • Quiet operation that renders you a comfortable and silent ride.
  • No vibration, especially when compared to normal car tyres.
  • Exceptional durability is another important benefit of electrical car tyres. They would perform flawlessly for a longer period, helping you save on budget.
  • Advanced tread patterns ensure better grip and thus safety.

You can check out tyres in UAE and monitor them for a specific period. It would give you a clear picture regarding the performance, strength, wear resistance, and longevity.

How Electric Car Tyres are Developed?

Detailed studies, analysis, research and development were undertaken to design the best EV tires. Top car tyre brands put focused efforts into making these tires.  Narrow tyres with reduced drag were tested initially, as part of the trial and research process. The tread pattern and design were crafted with the aim of improving rolling resistance.

To make the tire reliable and sturdy, proven materials, which were different from those of normal tyres in UAE, were also tried. A compound was identified for electric car tyres and the same was tested exhaustively. After tens of thousands of kilometres of operational testing, the EV tires in UAE were finalized.  

Reduced contact with the road, unique tread patterns, advanced raw materials, and proven design patterns ultimately led to the designing of the best EV tires.

Which are the Best EV Tires in UAE?

Almost all the global tyre brands like Bridgestone Tyres, Michelin Tyres and Continental Tyres have exclusive tyre ranges for EVs. It would be a complex tax to pinpoint a specific model as the best one. At least half a dozen models tick all the boxes, making them the right choice for electric car tyres.

To name, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, Yokohama, and others have launched electric car models, suiting the ultramodern electric cars from different brands. A few popular EV tires in UAE are the Bridgestone Turanza Eco, Michelin Pilot Sport EV, and Michelin Energy EV. These tyres are efficient, economical, and eco-friendly.

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