How Do I Find Quiet Tyres for Your Car?

Date: March 25, 2024

Driving might become less enjoyable if there is excessive tyre noise. Tyre noise can serve as a distraction even in serious situations. A quiet tyre is usually the top priority for drivers who have had a bad experience with a noisy tyre set. However, it might be difficult to find quiet tyres. While several innovative technologies promise great levels of driving comfort, many fall short of their claims. In this blog, we'll discuss how to find quiet tyres so that you can enjoy a comfortable drive.

What Causes Noise?

Your tyres are not the only factor that affects a peaceful ride. Sound from the engine, suspension, gearbox, and wind is produced outside. The texture of the road is important too.

When it comes to tyres, there are multiple sources of noise. One of the sources is the air chamber inside the tyre. Similar to a drum, the interior of a tyre is spacious and hollow. The rolling tyre produces a low-frequency hum due to the vibrations in this space.

The tread pattern and airflow are also important factors. The presence of uniformly shaped tread blocks on tyres can result in harmonic noise, also known as a whining sound. Noise generated by differently shaped tread blocks tends to cancel each other out due to their different pitches, making them less audible to humans.

tyres that are built to handle heavy loads might generate more noise. Increased space between lugs on traction tyres can result in more noise. As tyres approach the end of their tread life, they can become noisier due to less rubber between the steel belts and the road. Noisy tyres can also be caused by uneven wear. When the tread shape becomes irregular, the noise-reducing properties of the tread pattern are affected.

Now, let's see how you can pick quiet tyres for your vehicle.

Stay Away From Extreme-Performance Tyres

As tyre performance increases towards extremes, comfort characteristics like tyre noise tend to be sacrificed. Unfortunately, driving high-performance models results in excessive tyre noise. The reason for this is not related to the tyre tread blocks or compound materials. The main issue causing the loud ride is the high speeds at which these tyres can travel, resulting in a high noise. Think carefully about whether you truly need or want high-performance tyre capability, or if you'd rather prioritise everyday driving comfort and quietness.

Find tyres That Highlight Quietness and Comfort

Tire companies use their expertise to design tyres that prioritise everyday comfort. Noise levels can be reduced by designing tyre tread characteristics and patterns. Although tyre noise reduction technology may not grab attention, it offers a quiet driving experience for those who prioritise quietness over tyre performance. To minimise tyre noise, it's important to regularly rotate the tyres and align the vehicle.

Other Contributors to a Quiet Ride.

When it comes to noise levels, the type of vehicle you own should also be taken into account. Sadly, certain vehicles make it impossible to completely eliminate road noise, regardless of our best efforts.

Special tyres are required for certain vehicles due to their need for rough tread patterns that offer sufficient traction. In simpler terms, even the quietest all-terrain tyres will have a higher noise level compared to touring, passenger car tyres.

Off-road tyres will consistently create a higher level of noise. That is something that cannot be avoided. While certain tyre brands produce durable off-road tyres that provide a higher level of on-road comfort, they still cannot match tyres designed solely for comfort.

Does Tire Wear Result in Increased Noise?

The noise level of tyres increases as they wear, although it varies depending on the type. Enhancing driving comfort levels is heavily influenced by the tread pattern. Put simply, tyres with high tread levels reduce road noise.

Numerous tyre types are produced to guarantee a noise-free driving experience. The tire noise reduction is made possible by the various comfort technologies in the tread designs. However, certain elements contribute to an increase in tyre noise.

Uneven tread wear is the first issue. It reduces the effort of silent tread technologies while raising tyre noise levels. Additionally, neglecting tyre rotation will lead to increased tire noise and faster tread wear. As tyres become worn, the tread loses rubber, resulting in increased noise when driving.

Keep in mind that there are specific high-performance tyre types with asymmetric tread patterns designed for either the right or left side of the vehicle. Switching them will generate a loud noise.

How to Fix Noisy Tyres?

There are several ways to decrease road noise. It's important to inflate these noise-reducing tyres to the recommended air pressure levels. Nevertheless, utilising diverse tyre tread patterns and comfort technologies can result in a quiet performance.

By ensuring uniform wear on the tread, all tyre types can provide a quiet performance. To ensure this, make sure to regularly rotate, align, and rebalance your tyres. If you're dealing with noisy tyres, head to the closest Fasttrack Emarat service centre to have them checked and fixed for reduced noise. Our team will thoroughly investigate and resolve the source of the noise, ensuring a quieter and more comfortable ride for you.

Additionally, there are several techniques to achieve road noise reduction with tyres. If your main focus is a smooth ride, start by looking for a quiet tyre model available in the market. Regular tyre maintenance at any Fasttrack service centre reduces damage to the tyre patterns, reducing noise. Furthermore, you have the option to soundproof both the doors and floors of the vehicle. By utilising straps, pads, and paint, the vehicle's cabin can be shielded from road noise.

Therefore, to have a peaceful journey, make sure to regularly inspect your tyres and promptly replace any worn ones. Fasttrack Service Center in UAE is the place to go for all your tyre repair or replacement needs. Our experienced technicians will take care of everything. Keep your car running smoothly with regular maintenance and repairs at Fasttrack.