How To Handle A Tyre Blowout While Driving?

Date: June 02, 2023

How To Handle A Tyre Blowout While Driving?

Tyre blowouts are a common yet scary thing that comes across drivers at least once in their lifetime and lucky are the ones who might not even get to face it. It is essential for every driver to know what to do if they have to face a situation of that kind. This article aims to prepare drivers and provide them with information on what to do and how to handle a tyre blowout while driving.

What is a tyre blowout?

A tyre blowout is a situation where the tyre bursts or explodes. It is characterized by a loud noise, loss of balance and pressure and the tyre deflates. When a tyre blowout occurs, it immediately sends the steering wheel off balance, making it feel as though you are moving through a slippery road and feel as if the car is fishtailing. 

If a blowout happens on the front tire, it will cause a sudden change in the car’s balance and this can be felt through the steering wheel as a shift in power. If it is the rear tyre, then more of the off-balance is seen for the ones who are seated in the back. 

Modern cars are far more susceptible to tyre blowouts but it is still advisable to be aware of how to manage and behave if this potentially dangerous situation arises.

What are the causes of a tyre blowout?

There are many reasons that can lead to a tyre blowout, the most common being poor maintenance or general wear and tear. Let us explore the different reasons why tyre blowout occurs:

  • Driving the tyre with low pressure is the most common reason why tyre blowout occurs, which is responsible for approximately 75% of blowout cases.
  • Driving on sharp objects or a pointed edge like nails, stones, metal shavings, etc.
  • Overloading the vehicle brings in temperature changes and makes the tyre overheat resulting in tyre blowout.
  • When the tire is overinflated, meaning the pressure exceeds the maximum limit recommended by the manufacturer.
  • If the tyre has any kind of manufacturing defects.
  • If there is a defect in the internal parts of a vehicle, such as the steering wheel, it can lead to a tyre blowout. This is because a malfunction in the steering system can cause the wheel to become overheated and cause brake failure. This goes undetected in the case of a loaded truck.

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What to do when a tyre blowout occurs?

When experiencing a tyre blowout, it is crucial to keep a clear mind and not panic. Panic can only worsen the situation. Let’s take a look at how to handle tyre blowouts while driving:

  • When a tyre blowout occurs, it is important to maintain proper posture while driving and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel with both hands. Leaning back in the seat and using only one hand to steer can impede your ability to respond effectively to the situation.
  • It will be ideal not to make any sudden jerks with the steering in hand. Modern passenger cars have the benefit of maintaining the balance even after there is a tyre blowout.
  • The next step is to gradually take your foot off the accelerator. This will slow the car down. The sudden removal can disrupt the balance of the vehicle.
  • Usually, the instant reflex action is to get your feet on the brakes, as it is an instinctive action. But doing this can further worsen the situation and pull the vehicle to one side with much more force.
  • Now, doing these can help bring the situation under your control and the next step will be to bring the speed down. The speed has to be brought down gradually. Start using the brakes gently.
  • If the blowout happens to be on the front tyre, using the handbrake can be beneficial as it redistributes some of the weight from the front tyres to the rear ones. However, this should only be done if the handbrake only affects the rear wheels.
  • The final step should only be taken if the previous steps are unable to be implemented. In this case, it is necessary to accelerate the car. If the vehicle feels unstable, press down on the accelerator. This step can be challenging as the natural instinct is to brake, but brakes should only be applied gradually once the vehicle has stabilized.

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How to prevent a tyre blowout?

A tyre blowout can be a dangerous situation that can be avoided by paying attention to the lifespan and safety of your tires. Taking preventative measures can help reduce the risk of a blowout occurring.

  • Making sure to maintain the air pressure of the tyres is extremely important. And this has to be an effective step to be done before preparing yourself for the long drive. If you go for frequent long drives, then it is necessary to keep track of pressure variations in the tyre.
  • If you suspect the tyre has hit a pothole or come into contact with a sharp object, inspect the tyres before continuing your journey. During the inspection, if you notice a swollen outer end, it is a sign that the cord inside the tyre is damaged.
  • Avoid kerbs but if you have to drive over them and are unavoidable make sure to do it as slowly as possible.
  • Using nitrogen in tyres ensures that there will be fewer chances of pressure variations due to temperature changes.
  • A tire blowout often occurs due to a persistent air leak. Even when the pressure is at the correct level, the temperature and vibration level of a healthy tire will increase before it bursts. Keeping an eye out for these signs can help prevent a blowout.

Knowing how to react when there is a tyre blowout is the best way to minimize the consequences that may occur in a tyre blowout situation. So, following this guide on “how to handle a tyre blowout while driving” will help you find the best possible way to react during a tyre blowout.

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