Which are the Best Tyres and Recommended Tyre Sizes for a Nissan Patrol?

Date: August 16, 2023

Nissan Patrol is a versatile vehicle that will deliver an excellent driving experience both on highways and off-road/ deserts. This powerful machine has a macho appeal that created a cult image. Nissan Patrol is a beast that people around the world love and admire. Using the right Nissan Patrol tyre will boost driving comfort and safety to the next level. 

The latest feature-rich Nissan Patrol delivers V8 performance with ease. This spacious model would be your elegant companion for trips, tours, and off-road adventures. The right set of tyres will enhance its capabilities and add to its strength. We recommend the following tyres for your Nissan Patrol:

1. Michelin Latitude Tour HP

Michelin Latitude Tour HP is a blend of durability, strength, safety, and comfort. It delivers a quiet and smooth ride with the tyres functioning silently. An ideal tyre for wet conditions, driving on rough terrains, and cruising through highways, Michelin Latitude Tour HP is an all-rounder.

The treads are of excellent quality and do not wear out fast. At the same time, it provides outstanding wet-traction; far superior considering many other tyres designed for SUVs and Crossovers. Go for Michelin Latitude Tour HP if you are looking for a Nissan Patrol tyre with quality and longevity.

 2. Dunlop Grandtrek AT23

It is an all-season tyre with excellent wet traction and off-road capabilities. Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 might be the Nissan Patrol tyre you are looking for. Grandtrek AT23 is highly durable and made with precision, ensuring quality. One of the best tyres for Nissan Patrol, a good number of owners opts for this model. 

Out of the many features that keep Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 ahead of the competitors, a silent ride, outstanding grip, enhanced road traction even in wet conditions, and minimal hydroplaning are noteworthy.

3. Bridgestone Dueler H/T D684

Bridgestone is undoubtedly one of the leading global tyre brands. Recognized as a reliable, robust, and proven tyre brand, car owners around the world consider Bridgestone as their first option. A leader in the tyre sector, Bridgestone has been ruling the roost for decades. Bridgestone Dueler H/T D684 is an intelligent choice as a Nissan Patrol tyre. 

It has a special joint-less ply that delivers a comfortable and smooth ride. Integrated with reinforced polyester body plies, Dueler H/T D684 gives great stability and renders steering response. This is a preferable tyre option and one of the best tyres for Nissan Patrol. 

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4. Goodyear EfficientGrip

The Goodyear EfficientGrip with the specifications suiting Nissan Patrol tyre might be opted for. EfficientGrip normally comes for passenger cars that are for daily use. Therefore, a large-size Goodyear EfficientGrip must be selected for this car. We have included this model among the best tyres for Nissan Patrol considering the performance, durability, and riding comfort.

Providing exceptional hydroplaning with the unique tread design, as well as blade arrangement, it provides grip and thus safety. The silica compound used is instrumental in elevating the durability of Goodyear EfficientGrip. Low rolling resistance is another factor that plays in favour of this tyre model. By using EfficientGrip as Nissan Patrol tyre you can improve fuel economy and save on fuel expenses as well.

5. Nexen Roadian HT

Nexen Roadian HT is known to be a brilliant SUV and Crossover tyre. It has a multi-sequenced centre and shoulder ribs. This characteristic is effective in reducing wear and tear optimally and increasing longevity. You need not replace tyres frequently when using Nexen Roadian HT as your Nissan Patrol tyre.

The zigzag tread design received widespread acceptance and praise. This characteristic, along with improved sipe density, has been helpful in enhancing grip and reducing braking distance. The qualities Roadian HT has makes it one of the best tyres for Nissan Patrol.

Recommended Tyre Sizes for Your Nissan Patrol

ModelsYear of ProductionRecommended Tyre Size
5.6i VI (Y62)2010-2014265/70R18
3.0 TD V (Y61) Restyling2011-2019265/65R17
4.8i V (Y61) Restyling2005-2019265/70R17
5.6i VI (Y62) Facelift2015-2019265/70R18
4.0i VI (Y62) Facelift2017-2019265/70R18
3.0 DTi V (Y61) Restyling2005-2010265/70R16
3.0 DTi V (Y61)2000-2004265/70R16
4.8i V (Y61)2000-2004265/70R16
2.8 TD V (Y61)1997-2000265/70R16
2.8 TD IV (Y60)1988-1997235/85R16
4.2 Cat IV (Y60)1988-1998235/85R16
4.2 D IV (Y60)1988-1997235/85R16

**Note: Tyre sizes are general recommendations and may vary based on factors such as trim level, wheel size, and personal preferences

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