Car Detailing in Dubai, UAE

Bring back the new-like shine on your car. Use our car detailing in Dubai to remove scratches, dull appearance due to environmental damage, faded external finish etc. Overall, the car will get a new glow and regain the elegance it had.
Reach out to us right away, if you have been looking for car detailing in UAE. Let us give your car a new life, with advanced services using proven solutions from renowned brands.

Best car detailing services in Dubai, UAE

Car detailing involved cleaning and restoring the car’s external and internal conditions. A thorough professional approach is key to providing you with a precise service. We have been one of the best in auto detailing in UAE for years. Our team of technicians implement proven methodologies and technical procedures for removing all the marks, patches, scratches, and swirls that impact the appearance of the car. Causing an old look.

Furthermore, the car detailing cost at Fasttrack is reasonable. This means you do not have to pay exorbitantly as with other car detailing services. External and internal cleaning precedes our car detailing in UAE. The technical team puts their best work on each car, to ensure optimal results.

Has your car become dull? Has it lost the charm it once had? We can help you.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Checking the track record, facilities offered, service experience etc. might be helpful in identifying the best car detailing service in Dubai.

The car detailing frequency varies depending on conditions like climate, environmental scenarios etc. Nonetheless, it is ideal to undertake car detailing in the UAE at least once in six months.

Car detailing costs in UAE will differ depending on the type of work required. Leading car detailing services offer customized car detailing, wherein customers can choose the services they want and pay for those only.

Yes, car detailing ensures that all the dust, dirt, and stains from both the exterior and interior of the vehicle are removed. This will transform the vehicle’s appearance. It will get a glossy new appeal. Further, the removal of dust and dirt from the interior will prevent allergies and such ailments.

Car detailing is the process of cleaning and restoring the car’s exterior and interior to a new-like condition. Cleaning, claying, waxing, and polishing are the main processes of car detailing.


Car Detailing Services We Offer

Car detailing comprises a set of tasks that are to be done properly. Ignoring even a single step can affect the results. Auto detailing in UAE offered at Fasttrack primarily involves washing, waxing, car polishing, and buffing. Detailing works on both the exterior and interior sections of the car would be undertaken methodically, to have the best effect.

The aesthetic appeal of the vehicle will go up exceptionally, with the car detailing in Dubai from us. Every inch, every point, on the chassis, headlamps, taillights, and all the other components will be polished and reinstated in their prime look. The same work is done on all the nooks and corners of the interior as well. Everything is at a reasonable car detailing cost. That is what makes us the most ideal one if you are searching for car detailing in UAE.

Car detailing services we offer include:

  • Car interior detailing
  • Car exterior detailing
  • Paint protection
  • Engine guard
  • Upholstery guard
  • Window tinting

Auto detailing process

Auto detailing, UAE or any other region pursues a generic process. How well each step is undertaken is what makes the difference. The result you get and the longevity of the detailing done would depend on the meticulousness of the services as well as the solutions used.

The car detailing services normally include external car cleaning, interior car cleaning, and additional car detailing customized according to the client’s needs.

Exterior Car Cleaning: 

Do not compare this with the normal car cleaning in Dubai, UAE, that you undertake periodically. Exterior car cleaning as part of car detailing in UAE is different from that. It has the following procedures.

o Wash and Dry: The car’s exterior will be washed using proven solutions that will remove dust, dirt, and drain without affecting the paint. Specially procured products, with global recognition, are used for cleaning. Cleaning professionals from our service centre will clean every part including rims, glass, door handles, windscreen, and bumper. The vehicle will be dried prior to commencing the next process.

o Claying: Claying or Paint Claying is the process of removing residues, contaminants etc. from the external surface of the car. Thus making the car’s surface smoother and even for polishing and waxing. The supervisor will inspect the car to confirm that the paint claying is complete and correct. Claying is one of the most important parts of auto detailing in UAE.

o Polishing: Car polishing is the main process in car detailing in UAE. In the process, of regaining the glow and elegance, polishing experts use proven abrasive compounds on the car surface. Polishing is done systematically on every inch of the car to remove scratches, swirls, marks, and other elements that affect the appearance.

o Waxing: Waxing is also called sealing. This procedure adds a protective, additional, layer to the car. And enhances the shine, making it appear as if a new one. Sealant or wax is used by the services offering car detailing in UAE.

o Miscellaneous: Engine detailing, bumper repair, trim repainting, engine pressure cleaning, and so on are also included in the auto detailing, UAE. According to the requirement.

Internal Car Cleaning: 

The interior cleaning comprises vacuuming, scrubbing, steam cleaning, glass cleaning etc.

o Vacuum Cleaning: A methodical vacuum cleaning of the interior space. Proper supervision will make sure that no area is left for vacuum cleaning.

o Scrub Cleaning: Stains and marks from mats, carpets, doors and so on will be removed by scrub cleaning or brushing.

o Steam Cleaning: Stains and marks might remain even after brushing or scrub cleaning. Steam cleaning is an effective way to remove those.

o Glass Cleaning: Windscreen and windows are cleaned using special solutions.

o Upholstery Cleaning: Leather upholstery and other leather sections are cleaned with specific solutions.

o Perfuming: Fresh fragrance is sprayed to give an exuberant feel.

Besides the abovementioned car detailing in Dubai, we also provide additional services like paint correction, ceramic coating, and PPF (Paint Protection Film).

Importance of car detailing in Dubai UAE 

Car detailing in UAE can get you a better resale value for the car. It reinstates the car’s condition, especially its appearance, to its prime period. Making the car elegant and appealing. The following makes car detailing an important work to be done:

  • Drive a Bright Glossy Car: Driving a glossy and shiny car that appears as if a new one will give you pride and joy. Get rid of the old look by exploring auto detailing in UAE.
  • States How Much You Care: Car polishing and car detailing will state how much you love and care about your car. Think of the impression you will have towards a person driving a dull car that is full of scratches and marks.
  • Wellness of the Driver and Passengers: Dirt and dust accumulated inside can cause ailments and allergies. By car detailing, you can prevent such issues. The benefits offered are well beyond the car detailing cost you incur.

For car detailing costs in UAE and other details regarding car detailing, connect with us.

Why choose Fasttrack for car detailing in UAE?

Fasttrack assures you the best car detailing in Dubai at the right price. We have a team of qualified and experienced technicians supported by advanced facilities. Considering your satisfaction as the prime factor, we use special products from global brands for all our services.

We guarantee you the best. For more details regarding car detailing from Fasttrack, please call us.