Electric Car Service Center in Dubai

Maintenance of electric vehicles is essential for their optimal performance, safety, and durability. Finding the best car workshop for electrical car service in Dubai is crucial. EVs have battery packs, electric motors, and electronics, among other components, that differ from traditional vehicles, hence the need for different treatments. This includes basic checks and servicing to prevent any potential issues as well as extend battery life and improve performance in general.

Fasttrack Emarat comprises professional technicians experienced in electric car repair in Dubai who are armed with the appropriate tools and updated information to deliver exemplary services.  Their services include battery testing, firmware upgrades, and system inspection or examination. With the changing weather patterns, it is advisable to trust Fasttrack for electric car service in Dubai to make sure your EV is in proper condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our trained technicians adhere to safety measures and use appropriate tools when working with high-voltage systems. 

Visit our shop with your car, and we will diagnose and fix any problem with the charging port and other connected parts.


Of course, we run a battery test to determine the state of health, charge, and thermal regulation of your EV battery.

Preventative maintenance is crucial to guaranteeing the efficiency and longevity of your electric car and avoiding expensive repairs.

The electric car needs servicing after every 10000 km or annually, whichever is closer or as per the manufacturer's advice.

Professional Service for Electric Cars in Dubai

Professional service ensures your electric vehicle operates efficiently, and safely, and remains up-to-date with the latest technology. Here’s why it's essential for choosing a professional service centre for electric cars in Dubai:

Familiarization with electric vehicle technology

Electric cars operate through various systems, such as high-voltage battery packs, electric motors, regenerative braking systems, and sophisticated electronics. The components are indeed unique, but professional technicians who have been trained in EV technology have the deep skills required to work on them. They know the particularities of working with electric vehicles, thus guaranteeing that all the necessary services and other operations are done correctly and without any risks.

Maintaining Battery Durability

The battery pack is the power source of every electric car and is, therefore, very important. Professional servicing entitles the battery to be checked for deep analysis and other conditions that may reduce the battery's efficiency. Technicians can also see the potential of cell imbalances, degradation, or thermal management problems, among other issues. Battery maintenance is critical to get the most out of your EV while avoiding costly replacements to guarantee optimum function.

Software updates and system calibration

A lot of the electric vehicles have computer software that controls most of its functions. Manufacturers release updates for the software in professional service centres, meaning your car's systems are current. These updates can actually make the gadget run faster, add new safety features, or just correct certain flaws that were discovered. Further, the technicians can set the vehicle to make all the systems work correctly and keep the general efficiency and dependability of your EV.

Safety and Compliance

Electric cars operate with high voltages, which, if mishandled, could pose a great risk to one's life or cause serious injuries. Those dealing with such systems have been trained on how best they should handle them safely, thereby eliminating accidents associated with electricity usage, whether at home or workplace environment. Moreover, experts also take necessary precautions while inspecting roadworthiness aspects, thus ensuring compliance with all legal requirements; this not only gives peace of mind but also protects both you as a user and warranty provider against any eventuality.

Preventive Maintenance

The professional service can also be a preventive measure, which would help to detect any problems that may arise in the future, even if they may not be very large. They are useful in preventing what might otherwise be frequent breakdowns and expensive repairs on the car and its various systems. It also makes it possible to check that the brakes, tyres, and suspension systems are in the right condition.

Our Wide Range of Electrical Car Services 

At Fasttrack, we provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services for electric vehicles. Here are our major services for electrical car service in Dubai:

Comprehensive Battery Diagnostics and Maintenance

The battery acts like a heart for all EVs since its state determines how dynamic the car will be able to be on full charge. Diagnosis involves checking cell balance; state-of-charge (SOC), State-of-health (SOH) and thermal control tests, among others which ensures safety limits are observed concerning temperature ranges within which the battery should operate at any given time. To enhance service life maximum useful quanta should never exceed per cent per annum i.e., Batteries must be serviced regularly besides slowing down their deterioration rates.

Electric Motor and Drivetrain Service

Even electric motors and drivetrains need proper maintenance to maintain their efficiency and reliability. We also have experienced technicians who diagnose and maintain electric motors, inverters, and transmission processes. This entails checking for signs of wear and tear, greasing, and checking whether all parts are working as expected. Proper servicing of the electric drivetrain guarantees seamless power transfer, hence improving the driving experience.

Regenerative Braking System Checks

Electric vehicles rely on regenerative braking systems, which capture braking energy to recharge the battery. This feature is therefore checked during service so that its proper functioning can be confirmed, leading to improved energy efficiency and overall vehicle safety standards.

Software Updates and System Calibration

Electric vehicles are complex, and the use of advanced software is mandatory for governing many processes. At Fasttrack, we offer software upgrade services to ensure all the systems in your vehicle are optimized with the latest enhancements. We also calibrate the system to ensure all the electronics and sensors are well-tuned and running optimally.

Charging System Inspection and Repair

Being aware of the state of the charging system is critical to the overall experience of using an electric car. Our technicians visually check and repair the onboard charger and ports for charging with the corresponding elements. We also assess and rectify any challenges that affect home or public charging solutions to provide safe and efficient charging solutions for your EV.

Suspension and Tire Maintenance

Batteries make electric vehicles weigh more than their petrol counterparts, hence overworking tyres and suspensions. This department performs various functions, including checking whether the suspension can support extra weight through normal operations evaluation. We also do tyre rotations and alignment services, among others, which help distribute tyre wear evenly while driving, thus enhancing safety on roads.

Comprehensive Safety Inspections

Electric vehicles are safe, especially considering their impact on the environment and human safety. Our thorough safety checks encompass all relevant areas, such as high-voltage electrical, cooling, and mechanical structures. We ensure that your EV is safe to use on the road by meeting all the necessary safety measures.

Fasttrack's Commitment to Excellence

At Fasttrack, we want to ensure that motorists who use electric automobiles receive the best service. All our technicians are highly trained to provide a variety of services, from maintenance to repair. Customer satisfaction and safety are crucial, and your electric car will be in good hands at our shop.

Importance of Regular Electric Car Service in the UAE

Electric cars have gained significant popularity worldwide, including in Dubai, UAE. As these vehicles become more mainstream, understanding the importance of regular vehicle maintenance and servicing is crucial for maximizing their efficiency and lifespan Here are important reasons why regular maintenance and servicing in Dubai are crucial for electric cars:

Improving Battery Health and Efficiency

Battery is the core of any electric vehicle and the main component determining its efficiency and range. Servicing thus entails a range of tests that check the battery's state of health and charge, as well as the thermal conditions to which it will be exposed. This does not allow a battery to degrade at an early stage and also retains the vehicle's range and efficiency of the car.

Ensuring Safety and Reliability

Electric cars have very complex wiring and can carry high voltage that needs special handling. These are some of the car's parts that, if did not received the necessary attention and necessary checking and maintenance, can result in a potential danger to the safety of the car and its users. This is even more evident in the UAE since people travel in and out of work or even around the country in the course of their working and business activities.

Maintaining Optimal Performance

Maintenance also involves updating the car's software and fine-tuning the system to help your EV perform at its best. Checking the regenerative braking system, electric motor, and drive train ensures that the vehicle runs smoothly without any issues.

Preventing Costly Repairs

Routine service prevents small problems from becoming big ones, which can be costly in terms of repair and lost production time. By maintaining the vehicle in proper condition, you also increase its resale value in the market.

Fasttrack's EV Car Service Specialties

At Fasttrack, our team of expert technicians is well-equipped and has the necessary expertise to service electric vehicles in Dubai. We are also capable of providing battery analysis, firmware upgrades, and system tests. Our advanced tools and vast experience guarantee the proper preservation of your electric car's functionality, safety, and durability.

By choosing Fasttrack for your electric car service in Dubai, you ensure top-notch service that keeps your car running smoothly and safely. Our expertise and advanced tools make us the go-to choice for all your EV needs in Dubai. Trust us to help you get the most out of your electric car, ensuring its longevity and optimal performance.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Electric Car Service in Dubai?

Selecting us as your electric car service center in Dubai means you will receive the best solution and professional service. Our technicians are highly qualified and are updated with the new technologies that are in the market to ensure your car's performance and safety. Our services include battery testing and analysis, software upgrades, and system inspection. We are conveniently located and dedicated to customer satisfaction with the fast and reliable car service of your choice. Let Fasttrack take care of your electric car and maintain it to the highest standards so you can enjoy your ride in Dubai. Contact us today for the relatable electrical car service in Dubai.