Car Electrical System Repair Dubai, UAE

Do you know how your starter, alternator, and battery work together to move you from point A to B? These are components of your car electrical system. It is important to do regular checks on your car’s electrical system because a dead or weak battery can cause havoc on other car power system parts like the starter and alternator. Get your car regularly checked for any signs of acting up. At Fasttrack, our technicians will assess and make sure the voltage is correct to prevent further potential damage.

How does the car electrical system work?

Your car power system is comprised of a battery, starter, and alternator. These parts complement each other for better and easy functionality of your car. The battery, for example, provides juice to the starter. The alternator produces the energy that the battery needs to power your car. If there is any part that is not working properly, your car may not start or run correctly. We have a team of highly trained technicians at all FastTrack outlets who will check to ensure everything is running correctly and fix in case of any problems found.

We Ensure a Healthy Electrical System For Your Reliable Ride

Our certified technicians know your car’s electrical components and can diagnose problems quickly and effectively. At Fasttrack – Emarat, we take a serious, targeted approach to pinpoint the problem and minimize the cost of repairs. This means that time is not wasted on guesswork and your wait in our waiting area is as short as we can make it.

Car Electrical Services

  • Battery, Coils, Fuse, Light Check/ Replace.
  • Electrical Fan, Starter Motor, Alternator, Windscreen Motor Check/Replace/ Spark Plugs, Ignition Coil, High Tension Wires Check/ Replace.
  • Electrical Accessories Check/Replace.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Certified technicians, efficient diagnosis, and a commitment to quality parts set Fasttrack Emarat apart. They offer comprehensive car electrical services, minimizing repair costs and reducing waiting times for customers.

Jump-starting is possible, but follow proper procedures. If uncertain or if jump-starting doesn't work, consult professionals for a thorough battery check.


A malfunctioning alternator affects the battery, causing dim lights and electrical issues. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can prevent such issues.


Look out for signs like dimming headlights, difficulty starting, or problems with accessories. If you notice these, seek professional help for a diagnosis.


Car Electrical Repair in UAE

Prioritizing routine checkups, accurate diagnostics, and dependable repairs becomes increasingly crucial as cars continue evolving and feature more complex electrical systems. Since each vehicle has its unique specifications, it is essential to seek out experts in auto electrical repair that have years of training and expertise. It is wise to spend time conducting extensive research, comparing options, and checking client testimonials rather than choosing a random car electrical service station in Dubai for your vehicle. 

Common Car Electrical Problems and Repair

The electrical system in your car plays an essential part in its overall performance. From windows and mirrors to engine starters and gadget charging, it regulates a number of different parts. Here are some typical issues drivers run into and the potential fixes they need for their vehicles' electrical systems since it can be hard to identify electrical problems.

  • Bad alternator: One of the most common electrical problems for your car may be a bad alternator. While the engine is operating, the alternator powers the electrical system and recharges your battery. A malfunctioning alternator hinders battery recharging, which frequently causes headlights to dim while driving.
  • Dead car battery: A dead battery is a common electrical problem. When the engine in your car won't start after you turn the key. The lights and other electrical components might still work. Jump-starting the vehicle usually takes care of this problem.
  • Spark plug problems: If your car lurches or idles harshly, it may have a loose or dirty spark plug that needs to be replaced. Problems with the spark plugs in your car can affect how it drives. It is advisable to get an auto electrical repair service provider to fix your car electrics right away.
  • Blown fuses: Blown fuses are a common problem that can affect the electrical system of a car. If you're experiencing issues with your car's electrical repairs, a blown fuse could be the cause. It is crucial to seek professional assistance to accurately diagnose the problem before replacing the fuse.
  • Battery cable replacement: Defective battery cables may stop your car from starting or failing. These cables link the battery to the electrical system, and problems with the cables may be seen in the form of corrosion on the battery terminals or a complete loss of power. It is advised to look for a car electrical shop in the UAE like Fasttrack Emarat.

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Car Electrical Repair Services Provided at Fasttrack

Fasttrack provides comprehensive car electrical repair services in Dubai to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Trust us to enhance your driving experience with top-notch electrical repairs. The auto repair services provided by Fasttrack include:

  • Battery Check/Replacement: We offer battery inspections and replacements as part of our car electrical repair and maintenance services. We make sure the battery in your car is in good shape and working properly. If necessary, we will change the battery with an appropriate replacement.
  • Coils, Fuse, Light Check/Replace: We thoroughly inspect the coils, fuses, and lights in your car's electrical system. If required, we can replace them. To ensure optimum operation and ideal lighting, our auto electrical repair experts inspect every component and repair any that are damaged with high-quality replacements.
  • Windscreen motor, starter motor, and an electrical fan Check/Replace: We offer thorough examinations and replacements of major electrical parts such as the windshield motor, starting motor, alternator, and electrical fan. To keep these components operating effectively, we identify any problems and offer premium repairs or replacements.
  • Spark Plugs, Ignition Coil, High-Tension Wires Check/Replace: Our technicians perform careful inspections and replacements of spark plugs, ignition coils, and high-tension wires. To ensure smooth ignition and engine performance, we make sure that these vital parts are in excellent condition.
  • Electrical Accessories Check/Replace: We also provide checks and replacements for various electrical accessories in your car. Power windows, mirrors, music systems, and other electrical accessories are included in this. Our goal is to ensure all car electrics are in proper working order, enhancing your driving experience.

Through our car electrical service stations in UAE, we aim to fix a wide range of electrical issues that can arise in your vehicle. Using high-quality parts, our skilled technicians properly identify issues and carry out repairs or replacements.

Why Choose Fasttrack for Car Electrical Repair in UAE?

When it comes to car electrical repair in UAE, Fasttrack Emarat stands out as the best choice. Our team of certified technicians possesses a thorough understanding of your car's electrical components, enabling them to quickly and precisely diagnose any issues. Fasttrack - Emarat car electrical service in Dubai utilizes a focused, comprehensive approach to identify the issue, ensuring that repair expenses are kept to a minimum. With our efficient methods, there is no time wasted on speculation, resulting in fewer waiting times for you in our comfortable waiting area. Our car electrical services cover a wide range of sections, including batteries, coils, fuses, lights, electrical fans, starter motors, alternators, windscreen motors, spark plugs, ignition coils, high-tension wires, and electrical equipment. Trust Fasttrack Emarat to provide exceptional auto electrical repair services that meet your needs.