Corporate Vehicle Fleets


Why is it Suitable for Vehicle Fleets Customers?

  1. Monthly account statements for payment; providing control and accuracy. 
  2. Vehicle history logs for detailed services performed. 
  3. Special arrangements to satisfy the needs of fleets users. 
  4. Next service reminder. 
  5. No cash handling - payments can be made by Safeer card and invoiced monthly or by major credit cards. 
  6. Network of 31 locations nationwide in the UAE with 6 locations operating 24 hours.

Fleets service in Dubai

If your company uses vehicles a lot, maybe for sending things or moving stuff around, then you know how important it is to keep those cars and trucks in good shape. Regular fleet maintenance will stop them from breaking down too much.

Our skilled car services are making a big difference for companies and individuals all over the UAE, helping them run their vehicles more smartly. We provide a wide selection of services designed to fit your business needs. This makes sure that your vehicle works at its best and doesn't cost too much money.

No matter if your company is small or big, auto fleet maintenance services are very effective. They help to keep the vehicles in good shape, in order, and working well. At Fasttrack Emarat, we focus on providing reliable and low-cost maintenance for cars, and other vehicles in the UAE. Fleet maintenance services help people all over the UAE keep their vehicles running smoothly.