How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

How often should you change your oil? Oil change station Dubai
It is important to change your oil & oil filter regularly to ensure your car runs smoothly. However, there is a common question: how often should you go for an oil change in UAE? Traditional recommendations suggest that you should change your oil every 5k/10k km.
The frequency of oil changes depends on various factors, including your car’s manufacturer’s recommendations, operating conditions (environment), and how many kilometers your car has already driven. How often should I service my car & get the engine oil changed? Find out what you need to know from experts.

When Should You Get The Engine Oil Changed In Older Cars?

If you’re wondering how many kilometers an oil change is needed, it depends on whether your car is old or new. 
If you have an older vehicle, your oil change schedule may be determined by your vehicle’s mileage. Depending on your driving history, your car may need two different types of maintenance, including “regular” and “severe oil change services.” What is considered severe might surprise you. Severe services include:
  • Short trips
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Continued stop-and-go traffic
  • Using your car to carry heavy items
So, even if you don’t drive much but frequently make short journeys through busy city traffic, you may need regular maintenance and change the engine oil more often than you think. Many people believe their car’s condition to be “normal,” but they actually need to stick to the regular servicing schedule.

When Should The Engine Oil Be Changed In Latest Vehicles?

A new car have many benefits but it may cost more particularly in terms of maintenance. They are equipped with the most recent technology, which tracks your driving and notifies you when it’s time for an oil change. A new automobile often has a system to tell you when it’s time for an oil change, vehicle servicing, or other maintenance, as compared to an older vehicle depending on a benchmark like a kilometer. 
The owner’s manual for a new automobile may not have strict maintenance instructions because the car has an internal system that tracks your driving habits and the environmental factors that will affect your oil.

Which Oil Is Good For My Engine?

Every automobile engine needs oil, but you should only use the best brand the manufacturer has approved for your vehicle. You need to make a sensible decision because current engines are created to stringent standards and need an auto oil that meets particular requirements. Using the wrong oil could void your warranty if your automobile is brand new. Therefore, always search for the best car service center around you for an oil change.
Always use the oil your engine was intended for to ensure efficiency, a longer lifespan, and improved performance. You can find some numerals, such as 20W-50 or 5W-40, on the label of automobile oil. These numbers describe the oil’s viscosity (or “thickness”). However, some oils are “multigrades” with additives that can alter the viscosity in response to temperature. Always check these numbers before you drive to an oil change service center.
How Often Should You Change Your Oil?
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