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Allow Better Negotiations

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Verify The Quality Of Your Car Parts

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Make An Informed Choice

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125-Point Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

Buying a new car is a costly affair. Further, the price depreciation starts the day you own it. These factors make it a wise decision to opt for a pre-owned car. Confusion about the car’s internal conditions, ambiguity about pricing, etc. deter many from going for a used car as well. That’s where a pre-purchase car inspection is most necessary. All you need to do is undergo a high-quality car pre-purchase check to avoid any unexpected costs down the road.  Fasttrack offers comprehensive pre-purchase car inspections in Dubai, conducted by our expert professionals. Our technical and pricing specialists meticulously examine the car using our systematic, 125-point inspection process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-purchase inspection in Dubai normally costs AED 250+ normally. However, we charge AED 149 only, for a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection. A detailed inspection and price evaluation are provided subsequent to the pre-purchase inspection.

Yes, most services offer custom tailored pre purchase inspection services, besides comprehensive pre purchase inspection.

A thorough pre-purchase inspection in Dubai will be completed in 2-4 hours normally. The pre purchase inspection agency can be asked in case expedited inspection is required.

Pre-purchase inspection of the car is of paramount importance. The pre-purchase car inspection will reveal any underlying defects or problems. It will help the car buyer in buying the right car at the right price. Hence, pre-purchase car inspection is crucial.

Check the track record, services offered, online reviews and ratings, and pre-purchase inspection charges of the firm to identify the best one for pre-purchase inspection in Dubai.

11560 Cars Inspected And Counting: Where 97% Of Customers Are Happy!

Cheryl Erese
wejdan, Dubai

I’ve been doing my car servicing in this branch for almost 13 years and I’m always satisfied with the service they always provide.. the team is always helpful & accommodating. Kudos to the team! For my recent new car purchase inspection, the Fast Track service provided was instrumental, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Keep up the good work!

Cecille Peji
Nahrawan, Dubai

Outstanding service! Fasttrack team were not only friendly during the pre-car purchase inspection. Their genuine concern for customer safety was evident when they noticed cracks on the front wheels and promptly suggested replacement measures for my well-being.

Minta Paul
Al Qusais Dubai

Exceptional service and a valuable guidance to make the right decision in purchasing the right car. Guidance and assistance were provided, and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Vishal vishwanathan
Al Sharjah

A last-minute rescue. During a pre-car purchase inspection, they suggested not to purchase a BMW 7 series American spec car. The service was swift and efficient and shown great attitudes and provided excellent service. Thank you!

Sunita Fernandes
Garhoud Dubai

I'm thoroughly satisfied with the valuable assistance we received during the pre-car purchase inspection. The technician shown exceptional proficiency in guiding us to select not just any car, but the right one for our needs. His polite and hardworking behaviour truly stood out, and his in-depth technical expertise played a crucial role in convincing us that we were making the right choice. As a result, we confidently proceeded with the purchase of the recommended car. Overall, an outstanding level of service.

Mohamed Shusha
Taqniya, Dubai

I recently underwent a pre-car purchase inspection. The entire process was efficient and well-managed, with all tasks completed within one hour—a testament to their commendable service. I highly recommend them based on the exceptional services I received.

Get the Best Pre-purchase Car Inspection in UAE 

Fasttrack is one of the leading car service providers in the UAE, offering detailed pre-purchase car inspection services. Our technical and pricing experts do rigorous examination for your car using our systematic, 125-point inspection process. At an affordable price of AED 149, our service stands out in the market, offering thorough assessments that others might charge heavily for. At Fasttrack, we go beyond the inspection by providing a detailed vehicle appraisal certificate. This car valuation certificate, issued by independent experts in this field , not only showcases the findings of the inspection but also certifies the current condition of the car, which will help you make informed decisions about your vehicle purchase.

Why Prepurchase Car Inspection is Important? 

Imagine paying exorbitant amounts for an underperforming vehicle. Think of the scenario when your car is at a workshop every other day. How irritating and disturbing would it be? Defects in the car’s systems can impact your monthly budget, besides affecting your travel plans.

Here are the reasons why you should opt for our pre-purchase car inspection in Dubai:

  • Determine the exact technical condition of the car. External checks or test drives will not tell you about the technical condition of the car and systems in detail. Only an exhaustive inspection by a specialized automobile technician can reveal the exact status of the car making it crucial to undertake a pre-purchase car inspection.
  • How Much Should You Pay: Understanding the car's condition will help you ascertain the right price. Furthermore, the pre-purchase car inspection in Dubai will provide price evaluation data as well. assisting you in confirming the price you may pay for the car. The evaluation data can be used for negotiations.
  • Avoid Frequent Troubles and Repairs: Information regarding the condition of components and systems will be provided subsequent to the pre-purchase inspection. You can ask the seller or the dealer to correct those prior to your purchase. This would be useful in avoiding unwanted repairs during the post-purchase period.
  • Make an informed selection: Do not buy a car only based on its make, model, usage, and age. You would never know about the underlying problems. The seller might have hidden the defects cleverly. Avoid falling into such traps and make an informed decision with our exclusive pre-purchase inspection in Dubai.

Looking to buy a used car in Dubai? Make use of our affordable pre-purchase car inspection services in UAE.

Pre-purchase Inspection by Fasttrack

At Fasttrack, we offer a comprehensive pre-purchase car inspection in Dubai & UAE that includes a 24-point vehicle inspection, exterior and interior body damage, mechanical problems, and a detailed check to make sure that the car you are going to buy is in perfect condition. We provide a complete pre-purchase inspection package to our clients. All the major and minor systems and components will be checked and assessed by our technical team. You can go ahead with the purchase unconcerned, subsequent to our inspection. The inspection procedure will include:

External Inspection: 

The car’s exterior will be inspected for defects, damages, and other issues. The exterior examination is done for the following:

  • Dents and nicks on the chassis
  • Confirming that the shades on the body panels match
  • Seam corrosion and rust in any other area
  • Windshield condition
  • Consistency of paint
  • Scratch marks on rims
  • Condition of tyres
  • Availability of spare tyre, jack, lugnut, etc.
  • Body scratches and chips

Internal Condition: 

The interior components will be inspected methodically, using the specific procedure for each item:

  • Availability of seat belts and their condition
  • Functioning of all the gauges
  • Conditions and operation of buttons and levers
  • Confirmation that there are no dashboard light warning issues
  • Heater condition and functioning
  • Performance and condition of car stereo system
  • Air-conditioning system inspection
  • Windshield wiper system and windshield wiper fluid dispensation
  • Seat condition
  • Door functioning
  • Carlock system functionality
  • Centralized locking system functioning
  • All the features like ABS, EBD, and ESP, are working properly or not
  • The power window system functioning
  • Boot operation
  • Sun visor function
  • Brake system inspection
  • Brake pad condition check
  • Steering and steering system examination

Confirmation that there are no vibrations on the steering wheel while driving

Engine Inspection: 

The engine is the soul of the car. The efficient functioning of the engine is of paramount importance. A thorough inspection of the engine will be done as part of our prepurchase car inspection. It will include:

  • Leakage of fluids, fuel and oil
  • Functioning of the engine oil system
  • Full battery inspection
  • Examination of rust on the battery terminals
  • Condition of engine oil
  • Condition of the engine coolant and the system
  • Black oil removal
  • Check for odor during the functioning of the engine
  • Inspection of the emissions
  • Car transmission system inspection
  • Exhaust system inspection

In addition to these inspections, we will check the car’s maintenance records and inspection history to ascertain how well it was maintained. A pre-purchase car inspection report including all these aspects will be handed over to the client.

Benefits of Getting Pre-purchase Car Inspection in UAE 

Pre-purchase car inspections in Dubai & UAE have become a basic requirement nowadays. The used car market has been flourishing, with more buyers opting for second-hand cars. The inspection by expert automobile technicians will save you from overpaying for buying an underperforming car.

The benefits of pre-purchase inspection are:

  • Get a quality-proven used car
  • Avoid paying exorbitantly
  • Negotiate with the car seller if required
  • Drive the pre-owned car unconcerned about its condition

Why Choose Fasttrack Pre-Purchase Car Inspection in UAE?

Fasttrack has established an exceptional identity by rendering advanced pre-purchase car inspection in Dubai. Fasttrack’s skilled pre-purchase car inspection professionals will use advanced tools to thoroughly evaluate your car entirely including the complete in and out followed by an engine check and the interior. Our dedicated team prepares a comprehensive report subsequent to the detailed examination. It would give the buyer a clear idea about the condition of the car and the right price to pay for it. The factors that make us the best pre-purchase car inspection service in Dubai are:

  • Assured quality of service: Our reputation is proof of how efficient we have been. You can buy the car confidently, post our pre-purchase inspection.
  • Affordable Pre-Purchase Inspection in Dubai: Need to pay exorbitantly for a pre-purchase inspection. We have been offering the most affordable pre-purchase inspection in Dubai.
  • Trust and Legacy: Fasttrack has been a trusted pre-purchase service with a strong legacy established over the years.
  • Price Guarantee: The pricing evaluation by our professional team will tell you the exact price you might pay for the car. Save on budget by spending only the amount the car deserves.
  • Convenient Services: We have a wide presence across Dubai. We extend our committed pre-purchase inspection service across Dubai, making it convenient for our clients around the region.

Planning to buy a secondhand car?

Use our pre-purchase inspection service in Dubai and get the right car at the best price.

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