Best Car Battery Shop in UAE

You have arrived at the best car battery shop in Dubai! A prominent name offering comprehensive car servicing facilities in UAE, we have an exclusive division for car batteries. Supported by a large team of experienced automobile technicians with unparalleled professionalism and keen professionalism, we are able to deliver top-notch car battery replacement and other services.


Check out with us for car jump-start, free 20-point inspection, battery repair, battery examination, and battery change at reasonable rates. Exclusive deals and discounts would make the car battery in UAE from Fasttrack more profitable for you than any other dealer.


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Battery replacement and battery services in UAE


Are you stuck on the road? Do you want to jump-start the car? Are you looking for the best car battery replacement services? Do you need a car battery inspection?


Do let us know if you are looking for any technical support as above. Our proficient technicians would arrive at the spot quickly, provide the services, and help you get on the road without any delays. You can either visit our showrooms at prime spots around Dubai, Sharjah, Ajam, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Al Ain or call us for a home visit.


The technical team from Fasttrack would arrive at your place for the car battery servicing, car battery change, and any other repair or maintenance support for the car. All the batteries have a minimum guarantee of twelve months. It is our responsibility to correct any defects or issues that may occur on the rarest of rare occasions. Do ping us if you are looking for a car battery shop, Dubai.


Battery Brands We Offer


Having a wide network of car service stations across the UAE, Fasttrack offers high quality services in battery replacement and repair. Fasttrack is proud to present you with a phenomenal collection of batteries from all the top brands. The batteries from internationally acclaimed brands are offered at reasonable rates at our dealership. In addition to prompt servicing that you can rely on, the pricing and support are so exceptional, you will never consider any other car battery shop for car battery change in future.


The battery brands we offer include:


·         ACDelco

·         Amaron

·         Energizer

·         Solite


Get in touch with us whether you want a car battery replaced, inspected, or maintained at home or at our servicing centre. We would be happy to assist you either way.


Highlights of Fasttrack Battery service


Our exclusive characteristics keep us ahead of the competitors in the region. Fasttrack has been a highly opted car battery shop owing to these specialities. Support and publicity that is offered by the happy clients, who have used our car battery replacement, car battery inspection, jump-start, and other services have been the propelling force behind our stride ahead.


A few factors that underscore how professional we are and how we extend client-centric services include:


·         Free 20-point inspection for keeping your battery healthy and undertaking car battery change when necessary

·         Minimum guarantee of 12 months for all the car batteries

·         Competitively priced batteries, besides exclusive deals for making your purchase more profitable

·         Car batteries from all the top brands that are recommended by car manufacturers are available with us

·         Expert automobile technicians with keen professionalism who are at your service always

·         Wide presence with our car battery shops located at premium locations around Dubai and other emirates

·         Await at a well-facilitated comfortable waiting space while we undertake a meticulous inspection and servicing of your car battery or car battery change if required

·         24x7 car battery servicing and car battery replacement facility available at our selected shops


Isn’t it wonderful to have such diligent support?

Just ping us if you need any support with a car battery inspection, maintenance or a car battery change.


Why Choose Fasttrack Car Batteries in UAE?


When it comes to car battery replacement or change in UAE, Fasttrack is the most recommended name by people. Fasttrack has been serving customers committedly, by offering the best car battery change, inspection, and maintenance services for years. The team of experienced automobile technicians with expertise in battery maintenance undertake each servicing activity thereby ensuring that our customers receive the best.


We assure authentic car batteries from all the globally leading car battery brands. By providing the best quality car battery, Dubai, Fasttrack became one of the top car battery shops in the UAE. We guarantee you:


·         Genuine batteries from the top car battery brands

·         Transparent dealings

·         100% guaranteed services

·         Proficient professional team

·         Reasonably priced car batteries

·         Comprehensive servicing


You can visit us, call us or connect with us online for any type of car battery servicing requirements. Our team would reach your doorstep and render the necessary assistance promptly.


For any info or support regarding car batteries in Dubai, call us now.




1.     How much does car battery servicing in UAE cost?


The cost of car battery servicing / Replacement in UAE would depend on the type of battery & Origin. 


2.      Is it necessary to take the car to a service centre for battery replacement?


Taking the car to a car battery shop or asking for a service at the customer’s premises is at the discretion of the customer. The car battery servicing team would reach the client’s doorstep for undertaking the servicing, repair, or replacement of the car battery if required.


3.      What is included in car battery servicing?


The technical team would inspect the modules, and the condition of the battery and undertake the diagnostic process for identifying the defect. The suggestions regarding car battery charging or replacement would be based on the results of the analysis. The technical team would jump-start the vehicle if needed.


4.      How much does car battery servicing in UAE cost?


The cost of car battery servicing in UAE would depend on the type of servicing required.


5.      Can car battery servicing in Dubai be undertaken inside a parking space?


No problem in undertaking car battery servicing inside a garage or parking space. Only thing is that the car is safely parked and objects around are at a safe distance. The technicians would open the bonnet and undertake the servicing or car battery change as required without any issues.


6.      How much is the guarantee for new car batteries in Dubai?


At least twelve (12) months guarantee is offered on all the credible car battery brands.


7.      How does the car battery warranty work in Dubai?


The client can contact customer care of the car battery shop in case there is a suspected defect on the car battery. The technical team would arrive and run diagnostics to ascertain the defect. If the battery is found to be faulty, it would be replaced with a new one free of cost. Nonetheless, premature failure of car batteries happens only on the rarest of rare occasions. Especially in the case of reputed battery brands.


8.      Can the battery be replaced by oneself?


Yes, car battery replacement may not always require expert support. Follow the safety precautions, check YouTube videos by professionals if required, and go for a replacement of your car battery by yourself. Make sure that the terminals are connected correctly and properly.