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Are you facing car brakes issues? Repair or replacement? Visit your nearest FastTrack Emarat service station, the best car brakes shop in Dubai and have your car checked by our brake pad repair and replacement specialist. We offer a professional vehicle inspection and servicing.

Brake Pad Replacement

It is important to promptly service or replace your car brake system if you want it to operate as effectively and efficiently as it was intended to. We examine, maintain, and service all types of brake components, including brake pads, brake drums, brake rotors, brake shoes, brake calipers, brake fluid, parking brakes, rear brakes, and others, for all car makes and models. As the best car brakes shop in Dubai, we have skilled specialists that can properly advise on how frequently to replace brake parts based on the current results of the brake condition following a complete brake check. Brake pads and other brake-related components should only be changed if absolutely necessary.

Car Brake Repair Services

  • Brake Pads, Brake Shoe, Disks, Brake Fluid Check/ Replace.
  • Master Cylinder, Brake Booster, Wheel Cylinder, Calipers, Parking Brakes Bleeding, Hydraulic Lines Check/ Replace.
  • Skimming for all Disks and Drums

Car Brake Services in UAE


A perfectly functioning brake system is essential for the safe driving of any vehicle. That is why car owners are advised to undertake car brake servicing in the suggested periodicity. Worn-out car brake pads or a defective car brake system can lead to accidents, and consequent man and material loss. Fasttrack offers you reliable and affordable brake pad replacement, brake shoe servicing, and car brake repair in UAE.


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Car Brake Pad replacement


The brake pad is the key element in the brake system. The brake pads will come in contact with the brake disc when you apply brakes. Thus slowing down the vehicle and stopping it eventually. The braking distance will increase due to brake pad wear. Necessitating brake pad replacement of car brake repair. Using genuine brake pads from trusted brands is crucial. Else, the brake pad may wear out quicker than normal or may collapse during emergency conditions.


Fasttrack has been offering comprehensive car brake services in UAE. Our concept is to provide complete support to the clients. Therefore, besides brake repair and brake pad replacement, we deliver a complete service package to those in need.


For more info regarding our car brake repair in UAE and other services, talk to our team today.


Indications for Car Brake Pad Defect


The car brake system will let out symptoms indicating the defect. Even an inexperienced person would be able to recognise that something is abnormal, from the sounds, squeals, vibrations, and similar abnormalities.


The occasions for car brake pad repair or replacement include:


·         Abnormal sounds while braking: Screeching, squealing, and similar noises while braking are indicative of brake pad wear. Metal-to-metal contact is what makes this sound when you are engaging the brakes. Consequent to brake pad wear, the metal portion in the brake pad will start rubbing with the brake disc when you apply brakes. It reveals that it is time for brake pad replacement. However, the sound may not be there if the brake pad does not have a metal portion at the end. Therefore, a visual inspection is necessary at prescribed intervals, depending on the life of the brake pads.  

·         Vibration during brake operation: Brakes are designed to function smoothly. They should stop the vehicle without causing any uneasiness or vibrations felt. However, this may not be the case when the brake pads are defective or worn out. The car brake system needs an inspection immediately if the vibration is experienced during brake system operation. Technical specialists at car brake repair services in UAE will examine the vehicle and let you know about the reason for the defect and the ideal repair requirement.

·         Increase in braking distance: You will get a fair idea about the braking distance on frequent usage of a car. The braking distance will increase significantly due to wear and tear or defects on the car brake shoe or car brake pad. Thereby requiring brake pad repair or car brake service in UAE. The difference between a new brake pad or brake shoe and an old one would be evident to you.

·         Only 1/4th of brake pad remaining: A visual examination is also possible on the brake pads. It is time to replace the brake pads if only 1/4th of the brake pad is remaining. If you are unable to judge the condition, take the car to a trusted car brake repair service in UAE like Fasttrack. The automobile technicians would let you know about the condition using brake pad inspection tools.

·         Brake system indications: Some car models come with an indication in the dashboard, for brake system defects. The light will come on when the brake pad replacement or brake repair is due. The car may be taken to a reliable car mechanic without any delay for undertaking the necessary repair. The brake system is of paramount importance and you should not procrastinate on repairs.

·         ABS system indications: Cars with Anti-skid Braking System (ABS) will have indications for some of the specific brake system component defects. Never avoid consulting a car repair centre if any such indication is observed.


Car brake repair services we provide


Fasttrack has been providing complete all the automobile servicing and maintenance solutions including car brake services in UAE. Our expert technicians render foolproof servicing, repair, and maintenance using advanced equipment at our workshops.


The car brake repair in UAE at our service centre includes:


·         Complete inspection of the car brake system

·         Brake pad replacement

·         Brake shoe replacement

·         Car brake repair

·         Brake disc skimming

·         Hand brake repair

·         Brake system oil change

·         Brake fluid replenishment

·         Brake system bleeding

·         Parking brake inspection and repair

·         Brake callipers

·         Brake drum and brake rotor refinishing

·         Brake light inspection and repair


Our brake system servicing has been known for the state-of-the-art methods we use with the help of advanced tools and equipment. The exclusive factors that make us the best for car brake services in UAE are:


·         Computer-controlled diagnostic system, reducing time taken for defect identification

·         Methodical and systematic brake system servicing, with inspection, repair, and replacement of all the defective and underperforming components

·         Precise installation process to avoid flaws, mismatches and performance issues

·         Highly skilled experienced technicians for brake system inspection and repair


Features that Make Fasttrack the Best Car Brake Services in UAE


We have been the leading car repair and car brake servicing experts in UAE. The features that made us the best one in car brake repair in UAE include:


·         Quick response to customer queries clarifying concerns and resolving confusion

·         24x7 customer support

·         Genuine components

·         We use authentic brake pads and brake system components from trusted brands

·         Presence across the UAE

·         Exclusive support to customers including special deals and offers


Car models and brands we do service for


Fasttrack offers car brake repair in UAE for almost all car brands and models. The car models we provide car brake services in UAE include:


·         Honda Civic

·         Jeep Cherokee

·         Ford Edge

·         Lexus F Sport

·         Toyota Fortuner

·         Infinity G37

·         Honda Accord

·         Ford Focus

·         Toyota Corolla

·         Honda CRV

·         Nissan Altima

·         Kia Sportage

·         Dodge Caliber

·         Toyota Camry

·         Mercedes Benz

·         Audi

·         BMW


We have mentioned only a few of the car brands and models for which we provide car brake services in UAE. Due to shortage of space. You can get your car to us for comprehensive car brake repair, brake pad replacement, brake shoe repair or any other servicing. Even if the car model is not mentioned in the list.


Why Fasttrack for car brake pad replacement


Fasttrack has been the top service centre offering car brake services in UAE. In addition to being a trusted car servicing centre, we offer exclusive deals and discounts on car servicing. This makes all our servicing and maintenance more affordable than any other firm. You can get the car brake repaired, with genuine components. At the same time, saving money with us charging lower than others do.


For getting your car brake serviced in UAE, reach out to us today.  




1.   What is the commonly observed car brake system defect?

The brake may become soft or spongy over a period. This might be due to a brake system fluid leak or worn-out brake pads. The brake system inspection and repair would be required if this defect is observed. It would be ideal to take the car to a trusted car brake service centre in UAE for inspection and repair.


2.   How often car brake may require repair?


Car brakes are expected to function properly at least for about 15000 kilometres. Periodic inspection is required to rule out any defect during the period.

3.   How quickly does a car brake service centre in UAE repair the brake system?


The time taken for car brake system repair in UAE would depend on the expertise of the mechanic, the tools used, and how advanced are the diagnostic devices used. A well-experienced car mechanic in UAE, using state-of-the-art equipment would be able to repair or service the brake system in about an hour. The repair or maintenance will take several hours if the car mechanic in UAE is inexperienced or uses obsolete tools.


4.   How much does car brake repair cost in UAE?


Car brake repair costs in UAE would differ depending on the type of defect and the repair centre. Different servicing and repair centres in UAE charge differently for the same brake system defect. It may be better to get an idea about the car brake repair cost before approaching a car brake service in UAE.


5.   What is the warranty offered on car brake servicing in UAE?


First of all, not all car brake service centres offer warranty post car brake repair or servicing. The warranty on the system is offered by only a few leading car brake repair and service centres in UAE. The warranty offered depends on the repair firm. Hence, there are no yardsticks in this regard.