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Do you know that car tinting services can get you increased privacy and comfort? How about preserving your vehicle’s interiors and protecting you from potential accidents from your windshield? Are you tired of driving in the sweltering heat with the sun beating down on you through your windshield? Whether you are looking for industry standard car tinting service in Dubai or a cheap alternative, At FastTrack, we do it all.

Our goal is to improve the driving experiences of local motorists with car window tinting services. Choose from a variety of shades, brands, and tint levels based on your needs. We also offer a free consultation where our car tint service advisor gives you suggestions on what tint level or brand would be a perfect fit for you.

Car Window Tinting

Car tinting not only protects you from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays but also makes your driving experience comfortable. With reasonable rates and convenient scheduling, we make it easy to treat yourself and your vehicle to that extra coat of protection.
Book our car tinting service in Dubai today and enjoy a variety of benefits. Whether you are looking for industry-standard car window tinting or a cheap alternative, Fasttrack is your go-to center.

Car Tinting Services

  • Window tinting for passenger
  • Window Tinting for SUV Vehicles
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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the quality of the film and the method of installation

Window tints come with a lot of benefits. In addition to providing privacy, it blocks UV light and sunlight.

We provide carbon, dyed, and metalized window tints, among other varieties.


The quality of the newspapers is fairly good. The tinted paper won't block your vision while you're driving.

The UAE only permits window tinting up to 50%. Total window tinting is prohibited.

Best Car Tinting Services in UAE

Are you wondering how car tinting services in UAE can help your car? As a person who owns a car in UAE, you might be facing several issues, like excessive heat inside the car, interior fading, glare inside the car, and sun damage. How do you solve all these issues? 

This is where car tinting can help. The process of applying a thin film to a vehicle's windows on the inside is known as car window tinting. It can control the amount of light and heat entering the car through the windows. It can also aid you from possible accidents and safeguard the interior of your car. And most importantly, car tinting can provide you with more comfort and privacy. 

Whether you're searching for an affordable substitute or an industry-standard car tinting service in UAE, Fasttrack has you covered!

  • Our Car Tinting Services: Given below are some of the car tinting services we offer in UAE. Fasttrack as a leading car service provider in UAE offers seamless services in terms of car repair and maintenance.
  • Window tinting for passengers: You can enjoy a cooler interior with our window tinting services for passenger cars. It not only protects your car from excessive heat and glare but also provides enhanced privacy.
  • Window Tinting for SUV Vehicles: No more worrying about sun damage, excessive heat, interior fading, or privacy concerns. Enhance your driving experience with our window tinting services.
  • 3M CAR WINDOW TINTING SERVICES: We are the best providers of 3M Car window tinting services in UAE. Our goal is to satisfy all of your needs for sun protection while driving or sitting in your car, not just window films for cars in Dubai. Our premium selection of 3M window films and car tints has the outstanding feature of keeping heat and sunlight out of the car's interior, ensuring a cool and comfortable atmosphere inside even on the hottest days.

Benefits of Tinting Cars in UAE

Tinting car windows in UAE can provide numerous advantages, especially due to the harsh and hot climate in the region. Here are some specific benefits:

UV Ray Protection

The main benefit of window tinting in UAE is that it can block UV rays from the sun. Did you know that excessive exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer and early ageing? That’s where tinted windows can help. It acts as a barrier, blocking 99% of UV rays from the sun. 

Heat Reduction

During peak summer, the heat inside the car might rise to a higher level. This makes your travel very uncomfortable and can also lead to major health problems. Window tinting helps to lower the intensity of heat reaching inside the car and makes your driving experience more comfortable. 

Glare Reduction and Enhanced Visibility

If you are going on a long journey, the glare from the sun can be a major problem- especially during sunrise and sunset. Tinted windows shield your car from this glare, providing better visibility and also minimizing the strain on the eyes. 

Privacy and Security

Parking your car in a busy street or urban area has many challenges. People might peer into your car through your windows or thieves might target your car. Tinted windows ensure enhanced privacy and security in your car, making sure nothing inside the car is visible to outsiders. 

Interior Preservation

Continuous exposure to sun rays can make your car’s interior fade and crack after some time. Tinted windows help to prevent excessive sun rays and increase the lifespan of your dashboard and other interior components. 

Cost of Car Tinting in UAE 

The cost varies according to the car's size and type, the installation location, and the window film selected. A decent car tinting job depends on the size of the glass and the type of tint that is selected. It's also critical to take the brand and quality of the window film into account, since premium options may be more expensive but provide better performance and durability. If you decide to get car tinting, make sure you pick a reliable service provider to ensure a quality installation that fits your preferences and price range.

Why Choose Fasttrack for car tinting in UAE?

Experience the best in car tinting with Fasttrack Emarat, your top choice in Dubai for industry-standard services or budget-friendly alternatives. We prioritize your comfort, privacy, and security on the road. Choose from a range of shades and brands tailored to your preferences. Contact us today for a free consultation with our expert car advisors, ensuring you get the perfect tint level that suits your unique needs. Drive with confidence and style. Contact Fasttrack Emarat for the finest car tinting services in UAE.