Car Steering Repair Dubai, UAE

Get your car steering wheel serviced by the best car service station in Dubai. At FastTrack, we offer an all-encompassing service network of outlets across Dubai and the Northern Emirates that cater to all your car service needs. Our services range from car steering repair, wheel replacement, leakage checks, replacing fluid, oil sealing, and more.

Steering Wheel Repair

Have you ever noticed that when you turn your car off, your steering wheel is suddenly hard to move? That’s because the steering in most modern vehicles is assisted by a finely calibrated pressure system that gives drivers more sensitive control. This is called power steering, and when it isn’t functioning properly, it can be very difficult to operate your car safely but worry not, FastTrack is here to your rescue; providing you with the most amazing car steering repair services.

Car Steering Repair in Dubai & UAE

At Fasttrack – Emarat, our certified power-steering technicians are ready to assess the condition of your power steering system and if necessary perform a full power steering fluid flush to clean it out and restore it to functionality. We use Emarat steering fluid and power steering system cleaners for these procedures, and we’re ready to provide your vehicle with new steering fluid that meets the manufacturer’s standards. If there is another, more serious problem with your power steering belt or pump, our professionals can provide you with repair options for that too.

Car Steering Services

  • Check/ Replace all power steering hoses and belts.
  • Leakage Check/Replace Steering Fluid, Oil Seal.
  • Check/ Replace Steering Rack and pinion assembly, upper & lower arms, Stabilizer Link, Ball Joint, Tie Rod Ends, Axel Boots etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Lack of maintenance, late servicing, or component wear can result in a stiff steering wheel.

The waiting time after a steering rack replacement depends on factors such as car make, model, and repair shop choice. On average, it takes four to eight hours to complete a full steering rack replacement.

Checking the power steering fluid is an important part of your regular car maintenance schedule and should be done multiple times a year. People typically check their fluids about four times a year.

Some of the common causes that can lead to steering problems include components that have become worn-out, leaks in the steering fluid, misalignment of the steering system, a damaged power steering pump, or issues with the steering rack.

Steering issues can be identified by difficulty turning the wheel, unusual noises when turning the wheel, vibrations, or a loose feeling in the steering.

Expert Car Steering Repair & Services In UAE

Neglecting a defective steering wheel, which is a crucial component of any vehicle, can lead to serious problems. Symptoms and indications of the issue should not be ignored. It is recommended to have the steering wheel repaired by Fasttrack service centres as it is the best way to rectify the issue and ensure safe driving. We have a team of technical specialists with extensive experience in steering maintenance and repair in UAE. The state-of-the-art diagnostic devices and repair techniques we use to ensure the best steering wheel repair you can get here.

Visit us today for car steering repair, as well as, any kind of car servicing in the UAE.

Car Steering Services 

Fasttrack is one of the top service centres for steering repair in the UAE. We provide all types of steering repair. The common symptoms that indicate a defective steering system include hardness on the steering, abnormal noise from the system, and the steering being too loose. You may also consider steering maintenance periodically to make sure that the system is functioning well and that all the components are intact.

 The car steering services we provide include:

  • Rack and Pinion Service
  • Power Steering Service and Maintenance
  • Hydraulic Power Steering Servicing
  • Electric Power Steering Service
  • Oil Leakage from Power Steering Repair
  • Power Steering Pump Repair
  • Steering Fluid Replacement and Replenishment
  • Power Steering Rack System Repair
  • Power Steering Setting Up and Alignment

Contact us or visit our service centre near you for assured steering repair and maintenance. Our proficient technicians will render you the best steering servicing.

Common Steering Issues

 Defects in the steering system can cause an uncomfortable driving experience. Recognizing that the steering system has a problem is the first step toward getting the steering wheel repair done. Stated here are a few of the common issues that are faced around the world. The defects are almost generic, irrespective of the type, make, and model of the vehicle.

1. Vibration on the Steering Wheel While Braking the Vehicle: It is one of the most common defects observed in any vehicle. However, the steering system is not the sole culprit here. The defect may or may not be due to a steering system defect. A proper vehicle inspection is required before identifying whether the defect is minor or major. Steering repair may be necessary if the defect is due to an issue with steering system components. Nonetheless, this issue can also be due to any of the following problems:

  • Wearing out of brake pads
  • Dry guided pads
  • Warped rotors

 The experienced technicians from Fasttrack would inspect the vehicle to determine whether the issue is due to any of these defects or any other underlying problem. The steering maintenance or car steering service would be suggested if the issue occurred due to any faulty item in the steering system. 

2. Steering Rack Defects: Steering rack defects also necessitate the repair or replacement of components. A meticulous steering repair in UAE, assured by Fasttrack Emarat, is what you need if you observe steering rack defects. A few of the commonly observed steering rack defects are:

  • Abnormal sounds while steering
  • Hardness while turning the steering wheel
  • Fluid leakage in parked condition
  • Uncommon burning smell while driving
  • Uneven play on the tyres

 The defect in the steering rack system can lead to catastrophic failures. It is a potentially risky condition. Hence, it is highly preferable to get the car examined and defects rectified in case of any of the aforesaid issues.

Signs For A Car Steering Repair

 Get your car to our service centre for steering repair in UAE, at the earliest, if you find any of the signs mentioned below:

  • Difficulty in turning the steering may indicate a steering system defect. Steering maintenance or steering wheel repair may be necessary to resolve this issue.
  • Vibrations on the steering wheel or from the front portion of the car can be due to steering defects. You may take your vehicle to a car steering service if such a defect persists.
  • Abnormal sounds from the front, while turning the car, may be due to a steering system defect. Car steering wheel repair must be done if such an issue is observed.
  • Misalignment in the steering system can lead to uneven wearing out of car tyres. Although it could be due to improper wheel balancing, you need to take the car to a steering repair centre in UAE to confirm the cause and implement the repair procedure.
  • Pulling to one side is another common symptom of steering system defect.

Why Choose Fasttrack For Steering Repair & Maintenance?

You must choose a knowledgeable and experienced team for steering wheel servicing. An improper servicing may not be effective in resolving the issue permanently. In turn, it may recur in a short period. That is why you must opt for Fasttrack Emarat for steering servicing and maintenance.

 The other prominent features that make us the best for car steering maintenance are:

  • Affordable servicing
  • Quick resolution to defects
  • Usage of advanced equipment and tools
  • Proficient technicians
  • Trusted services

You may call us now if you are looking for steering repair or servicing in UAE.