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Tyre shop in Dubai, UAE

Welcome to Fasttrack for premium quality car tyre services in UAE. Fasttrack, one of the best tyre shops in UAE, offers a wide range of tyre services. Car tyre change, wheel rotation, wheel balancing, tyre inspection, and whatnot. Renowned for unparalleled responsibility and commitment towards clients, we have a widespread presence across Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Al Ain.

We have been the leading tyre repair service rendering comprehensive repair and maintenance support. Our constant growth is induced by the publicity earned through diligent customer-oriented services. How productively the word-of-the-mouth publicity worked in our favour needs no emphasis. You can also order our tyre replacement services in Dubai online as well.

To get tyres at the best price inUAE, connect with us now.

Tyre replacement and Tyre Repair Services in UAE

Are you concerned about the condition of your car tyre? Do you want tyre inspection by experts? Are you thinking of a tyre replacement?

Fasttrack Tire Shop in UAE is the single answer to all these and similar questions. Be it a car tyre change or tyre repair, you can expect prompt services at the best rates when you choose us. We use state-of-the-art equipment for tyre changing, wheel balancing, wheel rotation, and all the services that we offer. Trained and experienced technicians carry out the inspection, repair, and maintenance activities under the supervision of a specialist supervisor. We assure you a matchless experience with our phenomenal quality tyre repair services.

Forget the concerns regarding car tyres and wheels. Order online or visit our tyre shop in UAE. Having an extensive presence along the length and breadth of Dubai and other emirates in the country, you can simply reach out to us.

You will find a large collection of all the global tyre brands with us. Choose the best one that fits your taste and quality objectives. Approved and licensed tyre repair service in Dubai, we sell authentic products. All the tyres come with RFID identification as per the regulations promulgated by Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA).

Tyre Brands We Offer

We have catered for varying requirements from the clients so that they can pick from a wide variety, without any limitations. All the internationally acclaimed tyre brands are available with us. Let your vehicle be a sedan, 4WD, SUV, MPV, light truck or whatever, we will provide you with tyre repair, and tyre replacement services. Go for summer, winter, or all-season tyres for the car of any segment, from us. No other firm in the UAE can offer a better price than we do.

We are proud to offer you noted world-class tyre brands including:

We would be your best support for tyre repair services, car tyre changes in UAE, etc. Quality, commitment, transparency, and reliability are the four fundamentals on which we stand strong. You may communicate with us for any type of tyre repair service in UAE. Call our experts and get on-demand tyre change or repair services. 

Fasttrack offers nothing less than the best!

Our Tyre Services

Fasttrack offers hassle-free tyre change or tyre repair services, saving your time, and money. Being one of the reputed car tyre shops in UAE, we value your vehicle and time. Our matchless tyre services will make it easy for you to get your car tyres changed or repaired in a jiffy. Given below are some of the tyre services we offer

  • Tyre Inspection
  • Fitment & replacement of new tyres
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Wheel balancing
  • Rim protector installation
  • Tyre Care Products
  • Tyre puncture repair
  • Nitrogen for tyres.

Highlights of Fasttrack Tyre service

Fasttrack elevated it to become one of the top tyre shops in UAE through consistent performance and a dedicated attitude. We understand the client’s needs and offer the best tyre service accordingly. Our technicians and managerial staff would get into action swiftly, completing all the tasks with unflinching professionalism.

The highlights that make us the best tyre repair services in UAE are:

  • Top brand tyres at the right prices
  • Quality-proven tyre repair services
  • Professionals with immense experience
  • Agile response
  • 100% genuine products
  • Transparent dealings
  • Consistent performance

Why Choose Fasttrack for Tyre Service in UAE?

Wheel balancing, tyre change, wheel rotation, tyre repair, tyre replacement, and other tyre repair services would need efficient technicians and advanced products. More than anything else, the tyre shop in UAE that you choose must be a reliable one offering genuine products and diligent services at reasonable rates. Fasttrack might be your ideal option for car tyre changes and other services in UAE.

The positive feedback and laurels from the customers have been empowering our journey forward. Adding to our long list of clientele. With the growing support from the clients, we have been extending our services across the UAE. Presently we have a strong presence in almost all the emirates in the country.

Fasttrack tyre shop, UAE assures you:

  • Proven tyre services
  • Reasonable rates
  • Committed support

We would like to assist you with the best tyre repair services in UAE. For queries and ordering service, call us 



How much the best quality tyre in UAE would cost?

The cost of the tyre in UAE would depend on their brand, size, and specifications. Reach out to a trusted tyre service in UAE for buying the best quality tyre at a reasonable rate.

Which size tyre should I use for my sedan?

The tyre size and width would depend on the model. The specifications of the tyre can be found on the sidewall of the tyre. Any brand tyre with the subject specifications can be used.

How to improve the life of car tyres?

Maintaining car tyres is not difficult with several excellent quality tyre services available in Dubai, UAE. Ensuring proper tyre pressure, and undertaking periodic maintenance including wheel rotation, wheel alignment, and tyre inspection would be useful for improving the service life of tyres.

Which is the best tyre service in UAE?

To be honest, there are many trustworthy tyre services in UAE. It would be difficult to pick one as the best tyre shop in the country.

Which is the best tyre in Dubai?

All the top-quality internal brand tyres including Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin, Hankook, Bridgestone, Sumitomo, and Pirelli are available in Dubai. It is difficult to point out which one is the best. It would be ideal to consult a reliable tyre service in Dubai to confirm which brand tyre would be best depending on the car model and segment.

When should you do wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment must be done annually. The car wheel alignment can be undertaken if you think there is uneven wear on the tyres or feel a constant loss of alignment while driving.

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the wheels and wheel rotation to align them with each other. The wheel tracks are made straight and the wheels are adjusted in parallel to each other through this procedure. A wheel alignment reduces the wearing of tyres, improves mileage, and ensures a comfortable drive.

How long does a car tyre last?

There is no fixed life for tyres. The regulations in UAE prevent the usage of tyres or keeping them even if unused beyond five years.

When to replace a car tyre?

The climatic conditions, the usage and the quality of the tyres being used are important in deciding the life of a tyre. Hence, the exact periodicity for the replacement of tyres would differ. Tyre replacement in Dubai may be performed at about every 40,000 km. Nonetheless, it is best to undertake tyre inspection in UAE on a 2-3 months periodicity.