Energizer Car Battery

Eveready Battery Company, which was a successful automotive battery manufacturer in the US, became Energizer in the 1980s. Since then, this famed battery manufacturer has been growing exponentially across the world, by establishing branches and acquiring renowned brands. Presently, Energizer is a highly accepted battery brand worldwide enjoying a prime position among the best battery brands.

Advanced technology and meticulous quality assurance have ensured exceptional standards for Energizer batteries. Having established a credible image in the market, more customers are opting to buy Energizer automotive batteries. Only a few global battery brands could challenge the quality and technology of Energizer. Lately, the brand's battery sales have consistently remained high, continually reaching new heights through diversifying investments in production and technology.

Are you looking for the best Energizer battery shop in the UAE, then Fasttrack Emarat is the right place for your battery purchase and maintenance. We have been an authorized dealer of Energizer car batteries, along with other leading battery brands including Amaron, AC Delco, and Solite. To know the Energizer battery price or for service support, do connect with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Energizer car batteries are not at all costly. Energizer car batteries are affordable, besides being high in quality, performance, and longevity.

Yes, Energizer car battery models suitable for SUVs are also available in the UAE. Different Energizer battery models appropriate for SUVs are available. Customers can choose from them the ideal one for their SUV, sedan, hatchback, MPV, or luxury car.

The customers should keep the battery invoice safe for warranty purposes. In case of any defect in the battery during the warranty period, the procedure stated by the battery manufacturer has to be pursued. 

An 18-month warranty is offered on Energizer batteries in UAE.  Although Energizer car batteries are proven to have exceptional durability, the warranty is an assurance to the buyers. The warranty replacement in case of any defect is provided by authorized Energizer dealers in UAE.

The cost of an Energizer battery in UAE would depend on the different models of the battery. Reaching out to a trusted Energizer battery dealer in UAE would be the best way to get an original battery.


 Energizer Car Battery Shop in UAE 

Energizer Battery promises the right technology for every application. With excessive power requirements in modern vehicles, traditional car batteries are no longer adequate. Energizer, therefore, designed futuristic car batteries that can deliver power consistently. The Energizer Premium AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) is specifically engineered to suit the latest car models.

Fasttrack is the best place to buy Energizer automotive batteries in UAE. We sell genuine products and offer customer-centric services throughout our various car service stations in UAE. Besides offering an affordable Energizer battery price lower than other car battery shops in UAE, we provide exclusive support to our esteemed customers. 

The features that make us the right place to buy Energiser batteries include:

  • Free 20-point inspection by expert automobile technicians at our shop
  • Twelve months assured warranty on all the batteries that we sell. Therefore, customers can get the battery replaced on the rare occasion of battery defects in this period
  • A large collection of all the popular battery models from the globally leading battery brands, including Energizer and Amaron
  • Get the Energizer car battery on an exclusive deal from Fasttrack that would make the purchase more profitable for you
  • Unparalleled customer support and exceptional after-sales services that would help you in maintaining your car battery healthy
  • Car battery models that are preferred for the latest cars are available from us
  • Perfect servicing and maintenance rendered by our qualified and experienced automobile technicians would be helpful for you in maintaining the car
  • Branches in all the main regions. So that our clients can reach easily for buying Energizer batteries or any other car servicing needs
  • Usage of state-of-the-art tools and equipment to conclude the maintenance and servicing works diligently in a short time
  • Comfortable customer waiting space

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 Advantages Of Energizer Car Battery

When choosing a battery brand, factors such as durability, performance, and quality serve as the foundation. Energizer batteries have been maintaining these traits consistently. Despite the wide range of car battery brands available, they manage to attract customers in UAE and maintain their preferences. Moving with time, Energizer has been introducing futuristic battery concepts that are ideal for the latest car models. 

It is a fact, the newly introduced models have systems like “idle start-stop” that need consistent battery power. Visit Fasttrack today, the best Energizer battery shop in UAE to know more about the advantages of Energizer car batteries. A few of the aspects that make Energizer the best car battery brand are elaborated here.

The Absorbent Glass Mat technology in Energiser batteries has a highly absorbent microglass mat inside the compartment. It holds the electrolyte in the battery firmly, precludes the possibility of acid stratification, and distributes acid evenly. With this innovative concept, loss of plate is also prevented.

Energizer Premium EFB is another advanced model from the brand. This Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) has a unique scrim that holds the active material in place inside the plate. Thus enhancing the service life and performance of the Energizer automotive battery. This battery model simply outperforms traditional car battery models with guaranteed performance and durability.  

Energizer car batteries are accepted globally for their authentic responsibility towards customers. Moreover, the Energizer battery price has been in the preferred range, making it an ideal option for cars. You may visit us if you are looking for an Energizer battery shop in UAE. We have been the authorized seller of this battery brand in the region for years.

 Popular Energizer Car Batteries 

A few of the popular Energizer batteries are:

  •  Energizer - 55D23L 12V JIS 60AH Car Battery: This premium Energizer battery model is suggested for car models with entry-level start-stop systems. It has proven reliability with fast recharge and corrosion resistance characteristics. The company offers an 18-month warranty as well. Fasttrack Energizer battery shop in UAE offers you exclusive deals on this model. Reach out to us to know more.
  • Energizer - 80D26L Left Terminal 12V JIS 70AH Car Battery: This American super prime car battery model affirms assured performance, quality, longevity, corrosion resistance, and fast recharge. Considered the right option for cars with idle start-stop systems, this Energizer car battery model may be chosen for your car.
  • Energizer 12V DIN 74AH Car Battery: Energizer 12V DIN 74AH is another popular car battery model. Car buyers across the world have been choosing this Energiser battery model for their vehicles. Besides the proven rust resistance, fast recharge, and durable features, the battery sustains increased load requirements. Designed as per the US standards, this battery model meets all the quality standards. Connect with us to know this Energizer battery price in UAE.

Why Choose Fasttrack to Buy Energizer Car Batteries in UAE?

Fasttrack has been the authorized dealer for Energizer batteries in UAE for years. In addition to offering genuine Energizer automotive batteries, we assure exclusive services and deals to our customers. The reliability we possess has been the reason for us to become the number one Energizer battery shop in UAE.

The factors that have been driving more customers to us include:

Affordable pricing for car batteries and other products – We take a minimal profit on each sale. Therefore, the Energizer car battery price in UAE is the best in Fasttrack. Customers can buy the car battery at the lowest price from us. 

Proven credibility – By remaining committed to the customers, we accomplished a credible and reputed image among car battery dealers in UAE. Not only during sales but also our support would remain consistent during the after-sales period as well. Customers can reach out to us for any technical queries, maintenance concerns, or servicing of the Energizer car battery. Our proficient technical team is always at your service.

Matchless reputation among the best car service stations in UAE – Earning reputation is of paramount importance for any business to survive and thrive. Only a client-oriented business with extensive customer support can remain at the top. We are fortunate to be one of the most reputed Energiser battery sellers in UAE, chosen by countless customers across the country.

Transparent deals – We focus on transparent deals, serving customers with 100% honesty. The price you pay for an Energizer automotive battery or any other product from us would be lower than the other sellers offer. Further, you are becoming a member of the growing Fasttrack customer family and would be gaining exclusive support from us throughout.

Exclusive after-sales support – Most customers worry about technical concerns during the after-sales period. It is our duty to extend you optimum support whenever you seek it. Feel free to reach out to us for any technical assistance or inquiries regarding the Energizer battery or any other car maintenance products you have purchased from us.


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