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 The cost of the battery should not hinder your decision to buy one. Using an old battery will not only lead to breakdowns but is also a safety hazard. We would suggest you replace the old battery and install the SBK car battery for a safe and comfortable ride. We are proud to offer you the best SBK battery price, which has been ensured by avoiding intermediaries and procuring from authorized sources directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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SBK battery cost in UAE will change depending on the model as well as the seller. Some sellers charge more than others. Hence, it is ideal to pick a trusted seller after a thorough search. It is difficult to state the generic cost of SBK batteries in UAE. 

SBK batteries are expected to perform flawlessly for 03-05 years. Periodic charging is the only servicing required during this period. The SBK car batteries may have to be replaced in 03 to 05 years or as and when it show some functionality issues.

Car battery replacement does not require more than 30 minutes. The proficient battery technicians at the service center will open the terminals, remove the anchoring bolts and remove the battery. The same will be replaced with a fully charged SBK car battery.

Considering the various conditions, the SBK car battery is supposed to last at least 03 to 05 years in Dubai. The advanced design and manufacturing processes ensure that these batteries function without any flaws during the period.

SBK batteries are reasonably priced. Hence, there are no questions of being costly. The SBK car battery price might vary from seller to seller. Therefore, it would be ideal to procure it from those who offer a better SBK battery price.


Why is Fasttrack the best place to buy SBK batteries in UAE?

Fasttrack has been the leading SRK battery dealer in the UAE for years. We have a large collection of batteries from all the global brands that have proven quality and performance. The reasons that made us the best one for SRK battery in UAE are:

  • Genuine products guaranteed. No concerns regarding the authenticity of the product when you are purchasing from us.
  • The right price for SRK car batteries, batteries from other top brands, and other automotive products We have a large collection of automotive spare parts, including batteries and tyres.
  • Additional complementary services are exclusively for our customers.
  • Constant support to clients Our service team is at your service whenever you need it.
  • Handpicked a technical team to undertake the maintenance and servicing tasks. With in-depth knowledge, experience, and expertise, the team at Fasttrack is able to deliver outstanding service support.
  • Advanced facilities and tools We have been pursuing globally approved repair and maintenance procedures. Further, the use of state-of-the-art tools and facilities, including computer-aided systems, makes the work efficient.
  • Assurance of the right procedure and tools depending on the work on the vehicle.

Are you looking for an SRK battery price in UAE?

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Benefits of SBK Batteries

SBK Battery has a phenomenal presence in several countries across the world. Quality, performance, strength, and longevity have been the key factors for their acceptance. The benefits of SBK car batteries include:

  • Safe operation, as the batteries are manufactured using innovative technology that focuses on safety.
  • Longevity of the SBK car battery will help you save money on battery replacement.
  • Apt for the latest model cars with start-stop technology.
  • Maintenance-free batteries that function constantly without any glitches.
  • Power output during adverse climatic conditions as well.
  • Performance well beyond the promised life.

You can drive the car unconcerned about the battery power, with the SBK car battery powering it. To check out the wide range of SBK batteries, visit us today.

Highlights of SBK Battery

SBK Batteries took the market by storm. It became one of the most popular battery brands within a few years of its launch. SBK car batteries are being used around the world. With its durability, consistent performance, constant power output, and maintenance-friendly characteristics, batteries have become a highly preferred option.

The reasons for SBK battery in UAE to become successful are:

Reasonable Price: SBK battery price is lower than most of the other top battery brands. At the same time, it gives performance equivalent to those batteries.

Longevity: Long-lasting car batteries are what everyone looks for. SBK car batteries is an ideal option for them.

Maintenance-Friendly: No need to undertake any maintenance during the service life. The technicians may be asked to undertake visual inspection and charging of the battery (if required) during periodic servicing. That’s enough.

Safety: The malfunctioning of car batteries can lead to fires and other incidents. That is why we always advise our customers to opt for only a trusted battery brand. SBK car batteries in UAE are designed and built pursuing advanced measures and observing all the safety aspects. You can drive the car without any concern regarding accidents due to battery defects.

In a nutshell, the SBK battery price, functioning, quality, consistency, and durability make it a brilliant choice for four-wheelers in UAE.

Why Choose Fasttrack to Buy SBK Batteries in UAE?

Fasttrack has been a credible SBK battery dealer in the UAE for years. Besides SBK, we offer a significant collection of batteries from all the top battery brands. By procuring the battery from authorized resources, we are able to avoid middlemen. Thus ensuring a better SBK battery price, which is lower than most sellers.

The features that distinguish us from other dealers of SBK batteries in UAE are:

  • Additional complementary services. To help you maintain the car battery and associated systems efficiently.
  • Quick replacement/ installation of the battery by our proficient team. So that you don’t have to wait and waste time at our SBK battery service centre. We have a large pool of technicians to attend to each of our customers.
  • Car service centre facilitated with state-of-the-art diagnostic and servicing systems. Computer-aided solutions aid in quick defect investigation and identification of the root cause of the defect. The remedial measures will be instituted quickly, to correct the problem.
  • Unparalleled hospitality and service-oriented attitude. We understand how important you are. We extend optimal assistance for anything related to car battery replacement, servicing, or any other car maintenance needs.
  • Exceptional after-sales support. We will assist you constantly in keeping the car and car battery healthy.

Thinking of replacing your car battery? To check out a wide range of SBK batteries, do reach out to us. To know the price, services, warranty details, or any other significant info call us.