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Continental tyres, founded in 1871 as a rubber manufacturer, have evolved into a symbol of high-performance car and motorcycle tyres. Continental is a well-known brand, ranking as the fourth largest tyre manufacturer and an industry leader in vehicle and motorcycle tyres. Continental defines high-quality tires in Dubai as a brand that has been ranked among the top premium car tire brands since the 18th century.


Continental Tires in Dubai

Continental tires are reliable in dry and wet conditions, making them a perfect choice for sports cars, motorcycles, and other vehicle types. Numerous surveys and tests conducted by experts to ascertain its efficiency on the market have also suggested so.

This is also because Continental is one of the top car tyre suppliers in the world, thanks to its slogan, "the future in motion." Continental not only deals in car tyre supplies but also in the supply of car components like brake systems, vehicle electronics, chassis and powertrain components, instrumentation, and more. Given the weather conditions in the UAE, Continental offers a variety of summer and all-season tires to meet the needs of its customers who drive passenger cars, SUVs, vans, and other vehicles.

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Best place for getting your cars tyres, AC and brakes fixed. Mr. Badhshah and Mr. Kenneth at the Central location in Al Ghusais are very friendly and helpful. I got my brake pads changed and AC gas filled here. It was a very stress-free experience.

Shawn K Jacob

Highly recommended. They are very accommodating and honest about what the real problem is with your car. Good job from the team.

Aprille Beltran

Excellent prompt service at Al Rawda branch. They are a very professional team led by their manager Siju whom I have known for the past many years, and he is very supportive with a good attitude towards customer service and towards his team. I am happy to say that although I live in Dubai, I am happy to go to this branch in Ajman to get my car serviced.

Subin Unni

I would highly recommend Fasttrack in Ras Al Khaima for car repairs. I just got my car serviced there today. I am thankful to the staff especially the manager Mr. Abid for the 5-star service that I received. The staff are very helpful knowledgeable and polite. Through their good communication skills, they clearly explained to me the condition of my car and what they are going to do. I’m very happy & will use them again.

Suresh Molathoti

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Continental Tyre Shop in UAE

The reputation of Continental tyres in UAE stems from their exceptional quality and performance. Engineered to deliver outstanding traction, maneuverability, and stability, these tyres ensure a secure and pleasant driving experience. They incorporate advanced features like ContiSilent, which minimizes tyre noise, and ContiSeal, which guards against punctures. Moreover, our Continental tyres in the UAE are accompanied by an exclusive warranty, providing drivers with an extra layer of assurance.

With a commitment to excellence and a high reputation for quality services, Fasttrack Emarat stands out as the most preferred Continental tyre shop in United Arab Emirates. Fasttrack has earned its place as the go-to destination to buy Continental tyres. Whether you're in need of a professional tyre service or for the best continental tyre price, Fasttrack Emarat offers an extensive selection of Continental tyre models to suit every vehicle and driving style. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service, ensuring that every customer receives personalized attention and expert advice. Fasttrack's dedication to quality, combined with the competitive tyre pricing and efficient service, makes us the best choice for anyone seeking the best Continental tyre experience in the UAE.

Fasttrack provides exception value for the price of continental tyres. Do not hesitate, Contact us today at to buy continental tyres in UAE !

Shop for Continental Tyres

Fasttrack sells all types of continental tyres in UAE, including the ones with different technologies. Shop from Fasttrack at the best range of continental price, some of the most popular continental tyres include:

1. ContiSilent: Less Interior Noise

When the tyres make less noise, it brings much more relaxation into the picture. Continental has introduced a new and innovative concept to the market. These tyres do not bring any kind of noise into the interior of the vehicle, irrespective of the kind of weather you are driving in. This doesn’t have any negative influence on the mileage or the speed capability of the vehicle. The entyre driving performance will not be compromised. 

Technology used in ContiSilent

Continental developed the technology that enables tyres to operate silently and effectively on various road surfaces. This technology, known as ContiSilent, incorporates an inner tyre absorber made of polyurethane foam. The foam is securely attached to the inner thread area of the tyre, working in conjunction with it to reduce internal noise. The noise reduction achieved by ContiSilent is approximately 9 dB (A), although this may vary depending on factors such as vehicle type, speed, and road conditions. It's important to note that this technology is specifically designed for summer tyres and can be used with different rim sizes. It is highly recommended to fit ContiSilent tyres in all four positions for optimal performance.. 

2. SSR: Self Supporting Run Flat tyre

Continental has developed the Self Supporting tyre, specifically designed for low section tyres and compatible with standard rims. These tyres utilize a distinctive technology that enables vehicles to travel up to 80 km at a maximum speed of 80 km per hour.There is no requirement for tyre replacement, even in the case of a flat tyre. The tyres maintain fuel efficiency at a weight of 4 SSR tyres compared to 5 standard tyres. The reason why the SSR can withstand deflation is with the help of reinforced sidewalls, which, in the event of puncture, prevent the sidewall from being crushed. In the case of standard tyres without SSR technology, this causes potential threats like blowout or tyres slipping off of the rim.

Technology in SSR: Extended Mobility Solutions:

Staying on the run is the best way to have a safe trip while traveling. A punctured wheel or tyre literally makes it difficult to thread through if it happens out of nowhere. ContiSeal technology is what makes it easier to mitigate the chances of a flat tyre. By getting yourself the benefit of ContiSeal tyres, which give a fast and safe fix that will help you reach the garage or home without hassle, By getting our ContiSeal tyres, you reduce the amount of tyre tread damage that is caused by nails or stones that create a puncture of up to 5 mm to seal by themselves. The ContiSeal has a thick, sticky, and viscous layer that helps cover the inside of the tyre thread. The instantaneous seal works immediately on a puncture that has a maximum depth of 5 mm. It helps the air be trapped inside the sealant layer and keeps the tyre inflated.

3. ComfortContact CC6

If you are constantly bothered by the noises made by tyres, it is time to consider ComfortContact CC6. Unpleasant frequencies that happen with normal tyres will be canceled out with ComfortContact CC6. The ComfortContact CC6 will help reduce the unpleasant frequencies made by the air waves going in and out of the Harmonic Comfort Chamber. This is done based on the principle of the “Helmholtz resonator.” With this understanding, the unpleasant noise would have become a far more pleasant one to listen to. 

4. UltraContact UC6

This is yet another product by Continental that helps reduce the noise made by tyres. It has a diamond blend compound that will help in creating a self-adapting compound that adapts to driving situations and, additionally, with the diamond edge technology, maximizes road contact while braking. The system helps the tyre’s contact patch when experiencing hard braking, accelerating, and cornering forces. 

5. MaxContact MC6

The tyres possess exceptional characteristics when it comes to dry handling and braking. The key features of this tyre type include:

  • - Longitudinal chamfered edges that enhance handling and provide excellent grip.
  • - Stabilizer bars that contribute to handling and stability during cornering.
  • - Chevron grip elements that improve handling and enable efficient wet braking.

These features make it far more indispensable than the normal tyre types. The stabilizing capacity comes from 50 stabilizer bars positioned around the tyre’s circumference. There is also a longitudinal rib placed in one stable unit for enhanced handling and cornering grip.

6. ContiCrossContact LX 2

ContiCrossContact LX2 tyres are your best friend because they support both on- and off-road requirements. The tyres are built with German engineering knowledge. The tyres intend to give high mileage and high driving comfort. Also, the tyres become extremely useful to not skid off the road while braking on wet and slippery roads. The threading pattern on the tyres makes it equally comfortable for both on and off-roading. 

Popular Continental Tyres in UAE

Fasttrack Emarat also provides tyres that suit different car types, ranging from a mid-range car to an all-terrain SUV. We are one of the continental best tyre suppliers in the UAE and provide tyres that match multiple models . Here are some other popular tyre models that we endorse:

  • CrossContact LX
  • ContiPremiumContact 2
  • CrossContact UHP
  • ContiCrossContact LX Sport
  • EcoContact 6
  • Conti4x4SportContact
  • Continental SportContact 6
  • Continental Premium Contact 6

Why Buy Continental Tyres from Fasttrack?

Fasttrack Emarat is the best Continental tyre shop in UAE for all types of car tyres and services of the most popular tyre brands in the UAE. We have a team of well-trained tyre repair and servicing specialists to extend optimum support to clients. Fasttrack is an authorised dealer of Continental tyres in UAE, offering a wide variety of tyres. Our continental tyre shops offers you a matchless choice of products and services in terms of car tyre service. Fasttrack has a vast inventory of Continental tyres in UAE, allowing you to choose the best one that suits your requirements. When it comes to tyre service in UAE, we offer a competitive continental tyre price without compromising on quality. We assure you the utmost satisfaction in terms of price and quality service. The complementary tyre services we offer our customers include:

  • Free Tyre inspection
  • Free Fitment
  • Free Wheel balancing and allignment
  • Free Nitrogen gas filling
  • Free Tyre rotation every 10,000kms

Our team, comprised of responsible and efficient individuals, is always prepared to assist you with any of your tyre-related needs in the UAE. Whether you are looking to buy Continental tyres or other models, or require tyre servicing, feel free to contact us.

Buy continental tyres in UAE from Fassttrack Emarat! 


1. What is the cost of Continental tyres UAE?

The cost of Continental tyres in UAE would differ depending on the model. Get in touch with a genuine Continental tyre dealer to confirm the price of the specific Continental tyre models.

2. Which Continental tyre type is to be chosen for an SUV?

 There are popular tyre models like CrossContact LX and CrossContact UHP, which offer superb control, traction, safety, and handling. The tyre type to be chosen for the SUV may be confirmed with the help of the specialists at the Continental tyre shop in UAE.

3. How long does a Continental tyre last in UAE?

 A Continental tyre would last around 10 years or about 20,000 miles in the climatic conditions of UAE. It is ideal to undertake periodic inspections after 05 years for ascertaining the condition. The Continental tyre should be changed in case of worn-out treads or cracks on the rubber.

4. Why more car owners in UAE are opting for Continental tyres?

Many factors make Continental tyres preferable to other tyres in UAE. The longevity, safety, traction, fuel efficiency, handling, performance, and quality are some of the main factors that make Continental tyres an ideal choice.

 5. Are Continental tyres good for the climatic conditions in UAE?

 Definitely, Continental tyres are a great option for vehicles in UAE. The exclusive design and manufacturing methodologies make them the best choice for climatic conditions in UAE.

Why Buy Continental Tyres from Fasttrack?

Fasttrack has been a trusted tyre dealer and car servicing centre with a strong presence across the UAE. Committed to the clients, all our services assure great quality. Our team of efficient, qualified, and experienced specialists focus on delivering optimum output.

We sell only genuine products, at the best price. With our exclusive deals, you can buy Continental tyres in UAE at a reasonable price. We have a large collection of all the popular Continental tyre models for you to select from.

To buy Continental tyres and other leading tyre brands, visit us today. For more info, call us now.