Vehicle Maintenance Service in Dubai, UAE

At FastTrack, we provide several other services which are vital for your vehicle maintenance, from limiter installation, auto glass repair and maintenance, engine inspection, and more.

We are recognized as the best in the region for general car care and maintenance services, leveraging high-end technology for car inspection to identify and fix accordingly. Get regular vehicle maintenance from your nearest FastTrack outlet to ensure the best engine performance and avoid unwelcomed car breakdowns

Vehicle Maintenance Services

  • Approved Speed Limiter Installation
  • Auto Glass Replacement & Repair
  • Service Contract
  • Engine and Brake Flush
  • Head Light Restoration
  • High Quality Additives
  • A wide range of car care products (Air Fresheners, Injector Cleaner, Engine Degreaser, Brake Cleaners, Windshield Cleaner, Wiper Blades, High Quality Booster Cable, Tow Rope, Jerry Cans, Range of Philip Head Light Bulbs Etc.
  • Car Wash Only Available at Bawadi Mall, Al Ain*

Frequently Asked Questions

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Comprehensive coverage with routine maintenance, inspections, and potential discounts on parts and labor for peace of mind.

 FastTrack uses high-quality materials, advanced techniques, and skilled technicians for efficient and safe auto glass replacement and repair.

 Enhances road safety by limiting speed, ensuring compliance, and promoting responsible driving.

Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance, extends vehicle lifespan, and prevents unexpected breakdowns.

Car Services & Maintenance in UAE 

Fasttrack is the best choice in Dubai for car care and maintenance services in the UAE. We take pride in providing a wide range of services that enhance your driving experience & extend your vehicle’s life. We provide routine car care services as well as specialized inspections. Our technicians use cutting-edge diagnostic tools to examine your car’s vital components thoroughly. From the engine to the brakes, suspension, to other critical systems, we do our best to ensure high-quality performance and safety. Whether it’s an oil change, filter replacement, car detailing, battery replacement, or something else, our dedicated team is ready to take care of it. We understand how important it is to be proactive and prevent issues before they happen, saving you time and money. At  Fasttrack Emarat, the health and performance of your vehicle are our top priorities. Our use of cutting-edge technology and exceptional service make us the best choice for all your vehicle care needs in Dubai. 

Our comprehensive range of car care services: 

Given below are some of the major car care and maintenance services provided by Fasttrack in UAE. 

  • Car Maintenance Services: The vehicle gets serviced when it hits a certain number of kilometers or if it's not performing well. Frequent and periodic vehicle checkups are recommended for vehicle owners. Our vehicle maintenance services include oil and air filter changes, battery, brake pad, and tyre replacement, engine tune-up and more. 
  • Approved Speed Limiter Installation: We provide professional installation services for approved speed limiters in vehicles, adhering to regulatory standards and ensuring compliance with local traffic laws. 
  • Auto Glass Replacement & Repair: Our company assures the highest quality standards in line with international safety norms, making us the top choice for auto glass replacement. 
  • Service Contract: The purpose of this contract is to provide you with financial protection from unexpected and expensive repairs after your manufacturer's warranty ends. Unlike a manufacturer's warranty, an extended warranty can be bought by a consumer for an added cost. We provide an extended warranty for your vehicle components so that you can get them repaired or replaced when necessary. 
  • Engine and Brake Flush: A brake flush is designed to eliminate old brake fluid and introduce new, healthy fluid to your brake system. An engine flush is a method used to clean the interior of an engine by removing old oil and clearing out any debris or deposits inside the engine. 
  • Headlight Restoration: Our headlight restoration services are available for cars of all makes and models. To restore headlights, the faded outer layer, scratches, and stains are removed through a multi-round polishing process, resulting in clear headlight covers. 
  • High-Quality Additives: We offer top-notch oil additives that effectively reduce friction and wear. Our fuel additives ensure a clean system and optimal combustion and compression. 
  • Extensive range of car care products: At FastTrack, we offer various car care products to keep your vehicle in good condition. This includes air fresheners, injector cleaners, engine degreasers, brake cleaners, windshield cleaners, wiper blades, high-quality booster cables, tow ropes, jerry cans, a range of Philips headlight bulbs, etc. 

Choose Fasttrack for Your Next Car Service in the UAE 

Choosing Fasttrack for your car maintenance needs ensures a service experience defined by excellence. Our skilled technicians, armed with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, meticulously inspect your vehicle, resolving issues with precision. We prioritise top-quality parts and adhere to industry best practices, guaranteeing your vehicle's peak performance and providing a service that stands the test of time. At Fasttrack, we believe in transparent communication, ensuring you have all the necessary information about repairs and maintenance to make informed decisions. Our streamlined service process is designed for efficiency, minimizing vehicle downtime. Whether it's a routine check-up, a specific repair, or preventive maintenance, Fasttrack is your top choice for keeping your vehicle in prime condition.

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