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Car Oil Change in Dubai, UAE

The engine is the heart of any vehicle. It is of paramount importance to maintain the engine healthy, undertaking predictive and preventive maintenance on time. The engine oil change is one of the most crucial servicing requirements that should be done at the prescribed periodicities. Else, it would impact the engine life and may cause the engine to break down, resulting in the relevant system failure or leading to frequent defects.

Car oil changes must be carried out at reliable service centres only. Although it is a normal servicing process, we would suggest you choose a proficient technician for an oil change in UAE. The most trusted car service centre in the country, Fasttrack assures you of proper oil change in Dubai and other emirates in the UAE, undertaken by our specialist technical team.

For car oil change, oil filter service or replacement, replenishment of other system oils, and all the other car servicing and maintenance needs do reach out to us today.

Our Oil Change Services in UAE

We offer comprehensive oil change and oil replenishment services in UAE. Our widespread presence nationwide enables us to serve the maximum number of clients. A credible name among the car service firms in the country, we are witnessing a gradual rise in our customer base, owing to the trustworthy characteristics we possess. 

  • All Lubricant Services: Lubricate the moving parts with the lubricant prescribed by the car manufacturer. Get a smooth driving experience with the components moving with low friction and the systems functioning efficiently. Our specialists ensure that every section, even those located in hard-to-reach positions, is properly lubricated.
  • Engine Oil: Replace the old engine oil, which has completed the suggested service life, with new engine oil of the same specification. We assure using genuine oil obtained directly from an authentic supplier for an engine oil change. Oil filter inspection and replacement services are also offered at Fasttrack.
  • Transmission Oil: The functioning of the transmission system can be affected due to the diminished quality of transmission oil. The oil loses its characteristics with usage. Therefore, it is vital to replace the transmission oil. For oil changes at the best rates, do visit us today.
  • Brake Fluid: Brake fluid with the stated characteristics is necessary for the efficient functioning of the brake system. For a brake oil change in Dubai, you may reach Fasttrack right away. We render the best oil change services in the region.
  • Rear Axle Oil Change: Reach axle oil change is another oil change service we provide. For oil change in UAE, at any of the emirates, you may connect with us. We have a prominent presence across the country, making us one of the top car servicing centres in the country.
  • Engine Flush Service: We can help you with engine flush service and other exclusive servicing processes. Our services are not limited to engine oil change, but our technicians are qualified and experienced to undertake all types of car engine servicing procedures.
  • High-Quality Additives: Buy high-quality authentic additives at reasonable rates. In addition to the oil change services in UAE, we can be reached out for procuring high-quality additives.


 Features of Fasttrack Car Oil Change Services 

Fasttrack has been one of the most opted service centres for oil change services and other car repair services in Dubai, UAE. We have a proficient technical team for serving clients diligently. Our enthusiastic technicians strive to render the best service. 

The features that make us a distinctive car service provider for an oil changes in Dubai include:

  • Highly trained technicians with extensive experience are an asset to our firm. They ensure all the service tasks are undertaken systematically, and in the perfect manner.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and tools are other exclusive features of the Fasttrack car service centre. Procured from globally leading manufacturers, the advanced systems help us in defect identification, rectification, fluid change, engine oil change, oil filter service, and all the other servicing needs.
  • Free fluid and lubricant top-up* makes us one of the most client-friendly car servicing firms in the country. Choose us for an oil change in UAE and use our freebies and complementary services.
  • Get the free 20-point inspection done for your car. Carried out by experienced technicians under a well-qualified supervisor, the inspection will help in identifying underlying problems and material defects.
  • We maintain the service history card of every vehicle we serviced. Let it be a car oil change or any major servicing, we will have all the details available in our system. So that necessary follow-up can be ensured.

What is the make of your car? What model vehicle do you have? These questions are immaterial when you opt for us for an oil change, UAE or any other servicing needs. We provide proven services to cars of every brand, make, and model.

 Why choose Fasttrack for car oil change services in UAE?

Not only the features mentioned above, but many other aspects also make us the ideal car service centre in UAE for an oil change, oil filter service, or any other car servicing needs. If you are looking for a car oil change near you in UAE, Fasttrack is the right place. The factors that make us your best support for car servicing including engine oil change include:

  • Affordable car servicing
  • Highly proficient technical team
  • Genuine oils, fluids, and accessories
  • Exclusive complementary services for our clients
  • Best servicing in the minimum time
  • Reliable servicing guaranty

For car oil change or any other servicing requirements in UAE, please contact us 




1. When to change the engine oil of a car?

The car engine oil has to be changed every 5000 km generally. Let it be in UAE or any other country. Nonetheless, the exact periodicity for an engine oil change would differ depending on the car make, model, driving style, etc.  


2. What are the signs to look for an engine oil change?

The engine oil must be changed in the specified periodicity. In addition, engine oil replenishment or change may be required in case the engine oil warning light comes on, the engine knocks and noise is observed, abnormal exhaust smoke, engine oil smell inside the car, the engine oil appears thin on inspection, dark and dirty engine oil, reduction in mileage, etc.


3. How to find the best oil change centre in Dubai?

 The proficiency of the technicians and the quality of the equipment used is vital for ensuring the best car servicing. Clients can check the online reviews and ratings of the service centre, besides visiting the facility personally for finding the best car oil change centre in Dubai.


4. How much does transmission oil cost in UAE?

 The cost of transmission oil will differ depending on the specifications and the brand.  


5.  Is it possible to undertake a car oil change by yourself?

It is possible to undertake a car oil change by yourself. However, it is ideal to go to a trusted car oil change service centre in UAE for the requirement. The technicians would undertake the task professionally and meticulously.