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Whether you're looking for Michelin tyres for your SUV, truck, or passenger car, we have something personalized for your needs. Get the best deals and offers on Michelin tyres from the wide range of tires available at our outlets throughout Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, and the Northern Emirates. Michelin tyres are your answer to the highest-quality, most durable, and most affordable tyre brands. Fasttrack Emarat offers convenient car tire sales, service, and repair to all customers, including car tyre installation, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, and tire rotation.


Convenient Michelin Tyre Prices in UAE

Michelin tires are ranked as the world's most well-known and trusted tire manufacturing brand, owing to their reliability and high-quality. Michelin tyres are safe, fuel-efficient, long-lasting, and designed to provide a fantastic drive. For its commitment to innovation and sustainable development, Michelin has participated in almost all the world's leading open-racing series for many years, winning over 17 consecutive races while enduring highly extreme conditions.

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Best place for getting your cars tyres, AC and brakes fixed. Mr. Badhshah and Mr. Kenneth at the Central location in Al Ghusais are very friendly and helpful. I got my brake pads changed and AC gas filled here. It was a very stress-free experience.

Shawn K Jacob

Highly recommended. They are very accommodating and honest about what the real problem is with your car. Good job from the team.

Aprille Beltran

Excellent prompt service at Al Rawda branch. They are a very professional team led by their manager Siju whom I have known for the past many years, and he is very supportive with a good attitude towards customer service and towards his team. I am happy to say that although I live in Dubai, I am happy to go to this branch in Ajman to get my car serviced.

Subin Unni

I would highly recommend Fasttrack in Ras Al Khaima for car repairs. I just got my car serviced there today. I am thankful to the staff especially the manager Mr. Abid for the 5-star service that I received. The staff are very helpful knowledgeable and polite. Through their good communication skills, they clearly explained to me the condition of my car and what they are going to do. I’m very happy & will use them again.

Suresh Molathoti

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Shop Michelin Tyres in UAE

Michelin is currently ranked as the second-largest tyre manufacturer globally. With its founding dating back to 1889, the brand has consistently demonstrated its ability to remain at the forefront of the industry despite intense competition. In the UAE, Michelin tyres have gained a significant reputation for their exceptional quality. The incorporation of innovative technology, such as EverGrip, ensures improved performance even in adverse conditions, including when the tyres are worn-out.

Michelin’s success in the industry is not just limited to its innovative technology, but also its ability to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Customers have been particularly pleased with the brand’s reasonable pricing, dependability, and exceptional performance, which has contributed to an increasing number of individuals choosing Michelin as their preferred tyre brand. With a wide array of tyres available for various segments, including passenger cars, sedans, SUVs, CUVs, and minivans, Michelin offers an extensive selection of high-quality tyres that cater to the specific requirements of each vehicle type. As a result, Michelin tyres continue to dominate the market, providing customers with unparalleled safety and reliability on the road.

Most Recommended Range of Michelin Tyres in UAE

Safety, reliability, fuel efficiency, and longevity are the characteristics that keep the brand ahead of others. Innovative designs and meticulous manufacturing integrated with exhaustive quality assurance processes, make each Michelin tyre foolproof, strong, and long-lasting. These tyres can withstand even the most extreme climatic scenarios, providing drivers with unparalleled safety and peace of mind on the road.

The specifications of Michelin tyres include:
1. SuperSport Range Tyres
Diligently designed for sports cars, performance-oriented vehicles, and automobile enthusiasts who want exciting driving experiences. The tyre will render safety and grip even at the highest speed. Ideal for the dry climatic conditions as in the UAE, you can buy Michelin tyres if looking for a high-performance tyre.
2. Latitude Range Tyres
SUVs, MPVs, Crossovers, etc. can have these specially designed tyres. The latitude range Michelin tyres in UAE provide excellent grip on dry and wet climatic conditions. These tyres are apt for safe driving at the highest speed, with the optimal braking effect it offers.
3. Save Fuel with Energy Range Tyres
Energy range Michelin tyres in UAE help you save on fuel. These fuel-efficient tyres is stated to save up to 30% of fuel. The design peculiarities clubbed with technical advancements aid in improving the mileage. Along with this, the reasonable Michelin tyre price helps in saving on budget.
4. Primacy Range Tyres
Exclusively designed for luxury cars, including sedans, SUVs, and 4x4s, the tyres deliver excellent performance. Better handling, extensive life, and optimal grip are some of the features of primacy Range Michelin tyres.

Popular Michelin Tyres We Provide

Michelin Agilis – The Michelin Agilis tyre is a top-of-the-line all-weather tyre that provides exceptional performance and reliability in a wide range of driving conditions. Its innovative design ensures superior lateral grip, exceptional resistance to aquaplaning, and a safe and comfortable handling experience, making it the ideal choice for drivers who demand the best. Furthermore, the Michelin Agilis tyre’s unique features include a short braking distance on dry roads, providing drivers with enhanced safety and peace of mind
Michelin Pilot Sport – The Michelin Pilot Sport is a top-quality max performance summer tyre that delivers exceptional dynamic driving characteristics in dry weather conditions. Its innovative design ensures a low rolling resistance, superior wet and dry braking performance, and efficient wet handling, making it the ideal choice for drivers who demand the best.
Michelin Primacy – The Michelin Primacy tyre model boasts outstanding performance on wet roads, exceptional longevity, and superior grip until the legal wear indicator is reached, making it a truly unique and top-performing tyre. With its innovative design and advanced materials, the Primacy model delivers unparalleled traction and stability in wet conditions, ensuring a safe and secure driving experience
Michelin Latitude – The Michelin Latitude is a brilliantly engineered all-season tyre, making it the perfect choice for SUVs and 4x4s. This top-of-the-line tyre model is designed with precision and attention to detail, providing drivers with exceptional handling, grip, and control in all weather conditions. Whether it’s dry roads, wet surfaces, or even light snow, the Michelin Latitude delivers superior performance and reliability, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.
Michelin Energy – The Michelin Energy is a premium-quality summer tyre that is specifically designed for passenger cars. This top-of-the-line tyre model delivers exceptional performance and reliability, making it a popular and cost-effective choice for drivers looking for a superior tyre solution.

Why choose Fasttrack to buy Michelin Tyres in UAE? 

Fasttrack would be the number one choice to shop Michelin tyres in UAE. We offer exclusive services and special deals to our esteemed clients. With an extensive presence across the UAE, with dealerships in almost all emirates including Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Ajman, we are one of the top Michelin tyres dealers in the country.

The reasons for our ever-growing acceptance include: 

#1 Fasttrack has earned an unwavering commitment to providing trustworthy services that have earned us a reputation for credibility.
#2 Competitive pricing offers exceptional value and makes shopping for Michelin tyres with us more profitable than with other sellers.
#3 Dedicated after-sales support ensures a seamless experience even after your purchase.
#4 A team of handpicked executives and technical professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients.
#5 An impressive track record and happy customers have been a driving force in our continued growth and success.
#6 The reliable servicing and transparent dealings make Fasttrack your ideal choice for buying Michelin tyres.

Services We Offer

We offer comprehensive automobile services. Tyre replacement, tyre rotation, wheel balancing and all the servicing tasks are undertaken by trained specialists. Rendering you top-notch services at affordable rates, we became one of the top dealers for Michelin tyres in UAE.

The complementary services we provide include:
Free Tyre Rotation after every 10,000 kms – For optimal performance and a longer lifespan of your car’s tyres, it’s important to have them rotated every 10,000 kilometers. This complimentary service from Fasttrack ensures a smooth and safe ride. Book now and experience the difference in your car’s handling and traction, while also taking advantage of our free tyre rotation for even wear.
Free Wheel Balancing – To ensure a smooth and stable ride and to extend the lifespan of your tyres, regular wheel balancing is essential. Fasttrack offers a top-quality, complimentary wheel balancing service using state-of-the-art computer-programmed technology, performed by highly skilled and experienced technicians.
Free Wheel Alignment – Improve your car’s handling and fuel efficiency with regular wheel alignment, which is essential for ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly on the road and protecting your tyres from uneven wear. Fasttrack’s complimentary wheel alignment service uses cutting-edge equipment and highly skilled technicians to ensure exceptional accuracy and precision in every aspect of our work.
Up to 5 year warranty – We offer a complimentary 5-year warranty on every Michelin tyre purchase, providing our customers with peace of mind and added value. Whether you’re looking for high-quality tyres for your car or commercial vehicle, you can trust us to provide exceptional service and support every step of the way.
Free Nitrogen gas filling – Improve your tyre performance with free nitrogen gas fillings from fasttrack. We value our customers by providing this complementary service that could improve your tyre durability.


1. Is Michelin the best tyre for an SUV?
Michelin is often considered one of the top brands for SUV tyres due to its high performance, durability, and safety features. However, it’s always recommended to do your own research and choose the tyre that best fits your specific needs and preferences.

2. Does Michelin provide all-season tyres in the UAE?
Yes, Michelin does offer all-season tyres in the UAE. The Michelin all-season tyre lineup includes model such as the Michelin Agilis, which are specifically designed to provide superior performance in a wide range of weather conditions, including both dry and wet roads.

3. What Michelin tyre model stands out as the top choice in the UAE?
Since Michelin offers a range of different tyre models to cater to different needs, it’s not possible to single out one model as the best Michelin tyre in the UAE. The choice of the best Michelin tyre model will depend on the specific requirements of the vehicle, driving conditions, and personal preferences.

4. What is the price range of Michelin tyres in the UAE?
Michelin tyre prices in the UAE are subject to variation based on several factors, including the specific model, size, and type of tyre. On average, the cost of Michelin tyres ranges from 400 AED to 3000 AED.

5. How many Kms does Michelin tyres last?
With proper maintenance, Michelin tyres typically last up to 100,000 kilometers on average. However, the actual lifespan can be affected by various factors, such as driving habits and weather conditions.