Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone tyres' reputation dates back to its establishment in 1931, with the brand leading the way in innovation within the tire manufacturing industry. Bridgestone has since evolved into the world's largest tyre manufacturer, delivering consistently high-quality products that ensure safety and high performance. The brand leverages its mission to "provide its valuable customers with world-class products and services" to offer the best in products, services, and technology.


Bridgestone Tyre Prices

At Fasttrack, we offer a variety of Bridgestone tyre options to fit your personalized driving style at highly reasonable prices. The Bridgestone passenger tyres, for example, are designed to meet superior road-gripping, fuel-saving performance, comfort, and a much quieter ride. What better way than to get a tyre that ensures comfort, fuel-saving performance, and more? Visit your nearest Fasttrack Emarat outlet and grab the most amazing offer on Bridgestone tyres.

Bridgestone Tyres UAE

The weather in the UAE makes Bridgestone tyres your ideal pick given its competitive advantages. As an authorized dealer for Bridgestone tyres in Dubai, Fasttrack ensures quality tyre standards that assure an enjoyable and safe drive.

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Best place for getting your cars tyres, AC and brakes fixed. Mr. Badhshah and Mr. Kenneth at the Central location in Al Ghusais are very friendly and helpful. I got my brake pads changed and AC gas filled here. It was a very stress-free experience.

Shawn K Jacob

Highly recommended. They are very accommodating and honest about what the real problem is with your car. Good job from the team.

Aprille Beltran

Excellent prompt service at Al Rawda branch. They are a very professional team led by their manager Siju whom I have known for the past many years, and he is very supportive with a good attitude towards customer service and towards his team. I am happy to say that although I live in Dubai, I am happy to go to this branch in Ajman to get my car serviced.

Subin Unni

I would highly recommend Fasttrack in Ras Al Khaima for car repairs. I just got my car serviced there today. I am thankful to the staff especially the manager Mr. Abid for the 5-star service that I received. The staff are very helpful knowledgeable and polite. Through their good communication skills, they clearly explained to me the condition of my car and what they are going to do. I’m very happy & will use them again.

Suresh Molathoti

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Shop Bridgestone Tyres in UAE

Founded in 1931, Bridgestone is approaching its centennial of delivering superior quality products and services. Regarded as the leading brand, Bridgestone tyres have surpassed the competition and can be found globally. With 181 tyre production facilities located in 24 countries, Bridgestone’s tyres are a testament to the brand’s widespread popularity and recognition.
Bridgestone tyre shops in UAE boast a thriving customer base, outpacing those of other brands. The brand’s unwavering performance and competitive pricing have been key drivers of its success. We invite you to visit Fasttrack to purchase authentic Bridgestone tyres.


Fasttrack- The Ultimate Shop for Bridgestone Tyres in UAE

Looking to replace your tyres? Need an authentic tyre shop in the UAE? Want to confirm the ideal price for Bridgestone tyres? Look no further! Call us now to learn about the features, prices, and specifications of Bridgestone tyres.

Choose us as your tyre destination for the following reasons:

1. Authenticity: We only sell authentic Bridgestone tyres in UAE, sourced from trusted and genuine suppliers to ensure your satisfaction.
2. Affordability: Our Bridgestone tyres are priced affordably, with minimal markup to ensure the most competitive prices in the market.
3. Customer Care: Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer support and ensuring your satisfaction.
4. Transparency: Our services and transactions are transparent, ensuring a customer-focused and trustworthy experience.

Visit us at Fasttrack for the best Bridgestone tyre shopping experience at the most reasonable rates.

Specifications of Bridgestone Tyres

Many facts make Bridgestone a unique brand, an undisputed leader among tyre brands worldwide. A few aspects that highlight why Bridgestone tyres are so unique:
Bridgestone is a renowned tyre brand offering high-quality, high-performing, durable tyres at reasonable prices. The brand has been acknowledged as the most preferred tyre brand through surveys conducted by various agencies worldwide. The Japanese technology used by Bridgestone ensures the longevity of its tyres. Despite facing challenges during its early days in the 1930s, Bridgestone has grown to diversify its portfolio, including brands such as Firestone, Bandag, CFNA, and Dayton. The company has even expanded into the aviation industry.
Bridgestone tyres are visually appealing, featuring distinctive designs and tread patterns. Customers choose Bridgestone tyres for their reliable performance, safety, and durability.
The brand offers a wide range of tyre options to suit customers’ needs, including puncture-resistant tyres, reinforced sidewall tyres, and tyres with specialized treads for traction control.
As an ISO 50001-certified company with numerous accreditations, Bridgestone has earned widespread recognition for its tyre quality and innovation. Together with its associated companies, Bridgestone holds approximately 65% of the global tyre production market share.

Most Popular Bridgestone Tyres in UAE

Every Bridgestone tyre model sells phenomenally well. At the same time, some of them are more chosen than others. Out of the wide variety of tyres intended for varying requirements like all-season tyres, winter tyres, and summer tyres, the following Bridgestone tyre types have been popular:
Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza – Designed exclusively for SUVs and light truck models, Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza has an asymmetric, double-layered, tread pattern.
Bridgestone Potenza RE 980AS – This high-contact tyre model has an asymmetric tread pattern, with a firm sidewall.
Bridgestone Bizzak WS80 – A winter performance tyre with zig-zag sipe. Thus improving the traction and flexibility of this studless tyre model.
Bridgestone DriveGuard – Designed integrating the advanced run-flat tyre technology, this all-season tyre functions for at least 50 miles even with a puncture.

Why choose Fasttrack to buy Bridgestone tyres in UAE?

Fasttrack is a leading provider of top tyre brands, including Bridgestone. We offer genuine, quality-proven products at affordable prices, making it an advantageous choice to buy Bridgestone tyres in UAE from us. In addition to quality tyres, we also provide exceptional customer support and trustworthy service. As an authorized dealer of Bridgestone, we have a wide range of tyre options to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
Fasttrack, being a leading Bridgestone tyre dealer in UAE, offers the best deal at competitive prices without compromising road grip or traction quality. With an extensive presence throughout the UAE, Fasttrack offers convenient and accessible services to all. We cater to the tyre needs of all types of vehicles, from sedans and hatchbacks to trucks and heavy vehicles. Our commitment to quality, selection, customer service, and trust sets us apart from other sellers of Bridgestone tyre in UAE.
Shop Bridgestone tyres in UAE from Fasttrack, the most trusted and authorized dealer of tyres across the Emirates!
When you purchase our premium-quality tyres, you’ll also receive a range of complementary services that are designed to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly. With every tyre purchase, you’ll receive free fitment, balancing, and alignment, as well as tyre rotation every 10,000 kilometers.


1. How much do Bridgestone tyres cost in UAE?

The price of Bridgestone tyres in UAE varies based on factors such as the model and tyre specifications. The cost of tyres, anywhere in the world, is influenced by factors such as size, manufacturer, specifications, and more.

2. What are the things to check while shopping for a Bridgestone tyre in UAE?

When buying Bridgestone tyres, there are two key factors to consider: the tyre specifications for your vehicle and the seller’s credibility. The quality and performance of Bridgestone tyres are well established and need not be a concern. Simply confirm that the tyre specifications match your vehicle’s requirements and that you are purchasing from a trustworthy seller.

3. What would be the tyre specification for a sedan?

The tyre specification is not specific to the segment, but to the model. The specs would change based on the model. The sidewall of the tyre or the car’s manual will provide information on the recommended specifications for your specific make and model.

4. What is the life of a Bridgestone tyre in UAE?
Bridgestone tyres are made through a carefully crafted production process, including rigorous quality control checks. As a result, their longevity has been proven to surpass many other tyre brands. The lifespan of a Bridgestone tyre will vary based on factors such as tyre type, driving behavior, and proper maintenance.

5. How much time would it take to replace a tyre at Fasttrack, UAE?
At Fasttrack, tyre replacement is efficiently completed within a timeframe of 30 minutes to an hour by our skilled technicians using cutting-edge equipment.