Tuflong Battery

Established in 1916, Tuflong has been delivering top-quality batteries for more than a century. The usage of advanced materials, integration of innovative technical concepts, and outstanding quality assurance process have been instrumental in making Tuflong Battery a globally accepted brand.

Tuflong car battery is available for vehicles from all segments. The Tuflong battery price, longevity, performance, and maintenance-free aspects made it people’s choice. Now you can buy batteries from this renowned brand from us. We assure you of genuine products at reasonable prices.

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Buy Tuflong Battery at the best price in UAE

Tuflong batteries have proven their durability and quality through sustained performance for decades. The brand has been introducing and incorporating modifications that improve reliability, ensuring fault-free functioning. Fasttrack offers genuine Tuflong car batteries in Dubai, UAE, along with exclusive deals and complimentary services. We assure you:

Genuine Products: We sell genuine products procured from authorized sources only. The Tuflong battery that you will buy from us would be authentic and would deliver power to your car well beyond the promised time. We sell Tuflong batteries and other products at reasonable prices. Making the purchase financially beneficial to you as well.

Committed Support: Our team of experienced technicians are ready to serve you anytime you need. We promise committed support and dependable repair and servicing. Get exclusive complementary services from us by buying a Tuflong car battery in the UAE. Feel free to call us for any query including the Tuflong car battery price.

Large Collection: We have an array of car battery models for you to choose from. You can buy the battery of the required specification that suits your car. Having said that, Fasttrack is the leading dealer of all the globally renowned battery brands.

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Free 20 Point Inspection

Warranty for all batteries for 12 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below, please feel free to get in touch with us!

The Tuflong battery would be replaced with a new one if the battery fails within the warranty. However, this is the rarest of the rare condition. Tuflong battery will continue delivering power well above the assured life. 

Definitely, yes. Tuflong car batteries have acquired credibility and reputation through quality and performance. The Tuflong car battery of the specification stated by the manufacturer may be chosen for the luxury car in UAE.

The manufacturer might have specified the battery specifications that are suitable for the car. Picking the Tuflong car battery that meets the specifications would be ideal. Further, the Tuflong battery model suitable for the specific car may be discussed with the battery specialist at the servicing centre. to pick the right one.

Tuflong car battery is suitable for climatic conditions in UAE. Designed considering varying temperature conditions and extreme weather scenarios, Tuflong batteries function without fault. The battery brand is popular across the world due to its quality, performance, and longevity.

The Tuflong car battery price in Dubai differs from model to model and the battery dealer. One thing is sure that Tuflong batteries are reasonably priced. Selecting the right Tuflong battery dealer, who offers the best price, will help in saving money on batteries.  


Shop Tuflong Battery in UAE

You can shop for Tuflong car batteries online or offline in UAE. Just connect with us for replacing the existing battery or servicing it. We have been serving car owners honestly since the beginning. The trusted service and competitive pricing have been crucial factors for our growth as one of the best Tuflong battery dealers in Dubai, UAE. 

You may confirm the following while shopping for a Tuflong battery in Dubai, UAE:

  • Authenticity: Buy only from a Tuflong car battery dealer to avoid the possibility of a duplicate product. It might be difficult to confirm the authenticity by just seeing it. Hence, confirm the dealer is a reliable one before purchasing the product.
  • Price: Fasttrack sells Tuflong batteries at the best deals. By choosing us or any such dealer, you can save money. Note that, Tuflong car battery prices vary from seller to seller.
  • Complementary Services: Not many car battery sellers offer complementary services or deals. Confirm from the dealer about both while shopping for Tuflong car batteries.

Why should you buy Tuflong Batteries?

Tuflong batteries have earned their name by maintaining quality consistently. The features that make Tuflong car battery a preferable choice include:

  • Proven performance
  • Exceptional durability
  • Compatible with modern cars that have start-stop technology
  • Outstanding charging reception
  • Minimum life of 36 months
  • Available for vehicles of all segments

The advanced Tuflong battery models are embodied with a fully expanded grid, Calcium Alloy Grid, and a double lid with a ceramic filter.

Why choose Fasttrack for buying car batteries in the UAE?

Fasttrack is one of the best car battery shops in the UAE. The expanding customer base is proof of the quality of services we provide. Rather than looking for profit, we believe in serving the customers optimally. The team of proficient technicians, supported by the management, strives to deliver the best.

When you buy Tuflong battery from us, you can be sure of:

  • The best Tuflong battery price
  • Genuine product
  • Exclusive complementary services
  • 100% support
  • Quick service

To buy a Tuflong car battery, call us now.

Car battery services offered at Fasttrack

Avail of the following services when you buy Tuflong car batteries from us:

  • Free 20-point inspection for our customers
  • 12 months warranty (minimum) on all car batteries
  • All globally known battery brands under one roof
  • Pan-UAE presence, to support customers looking for Tuflong batteries and other popular brand batteries
  • Our customers can wait in the comfortable waiting space while our expert technicians undertake battery replacement, as well as, other car servicing
  • We provide 24x7 car battery servicing and battery replacement at selected servicing centres around the country

Built to Brave the Dubai Heat! Don't let the scorching desert sun take a toll on your vehicle. Tuflong Car Batteries are engineered to withstand Dubai's extreme temperatures, ensuring your car starts flawlessly, every time. Give us a call at 800 327887225 or visit our car battery shop near you.