Exide Car Battery in UAE

Cutting-edge technology, innovative concepts, longevity, and trouble-free performance make Exide battery an intelligent option for your vehicles. Fasttrack offers an extensive selection of Exide car batteries, each designed to meet the specifications of various car segments. You may reach out to us if you are looking to buy an Exide car battery in UAE. We assure you of genuine products and the most reasonable price.

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Buy Exide battery at the best price in UAE

Pay less and get the best! That is our promise. We source Exide car batteries and other automobile products from manufacturers directly. Thus we can guarantee you the authenticity of the product. Buy Exide battery in UAE from Fasttrack at the best deals compared to other service providers in the UAE.

The features that make us your ideal choice for Exide car battery in Dubai, UAE are:

  • A reasonable price is assured by avoiding intermediaries for procuring the batteries.
  • Exclusive complementary services that will provide technical support for maintaining the battery healthy.
  • A large collection of diverse battery models that is suitable for luxury cars, sports cars, passenger cars, SUVs, Crossovers, etc.
  • Highly qualified and experienced technical team for undertaking battery servicing and other car services.
  • Comprehensive support from the Fasttrack service team for the customers

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Free 20 Point Inspection

Warranty for all batteries for 12 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Exide car battery in UAE comes with a minimum warranty of 12 months. Usually, the Exide battery warranty can be extended to 18 months. 

The cost of an Exide battery in UAE will depend on the model. Stating a generic price for the Exide car battery is not possible.

Exide produces batteries of varying specifications that are suitable for cars from different segments. Exide battery is available for luxury cars in UAE as well.

A majority of car owners are concerned about the battery to use in the UAE. Extreme temperature conditions are the reason behind this doubt. Exide battery is highly preferable for use in cars in UAE. They have proven quality and longevity assuring trouble-free performance even in adverse climatic scenarios.

An Exide car battery should perform without any defects or issues for about 04 to 06 years. Exide batteries are manufactured under extreme quality assurance procedures. Therefore, they function exceptionally well throughout


Shop Exide Car Battery in UAE 

Exide has been one of the best-selling battery brands in the UAE. Integrated with advanced technology, the batteries are durable and offer fault-free performance for the entire lifetime. Purchase Exide batteries in UAE through Fasttrack and take advantage of enticing offers, deals, and exceptional post-sales service.  The characteristics that keep us apart from other car battery dealers in Dubai, UAE are:

  • 100% transparency in all the dealings
  • Customer-oriented services for ensuring the best for our clients
  • Genuine products that guarantee long-term satisfaction.
  • 24x7 services at our selected locations around UAE
  • Advanced facilities and tools for delivering the best technical services

Explore our selection of Exide batteries – shop in-store or conveniently order online. 

Any queries about Exide battery price details? Reach out to us at 800 327887225 for prompt assistance.

Why choose Exide Car battery?

Exide car batteries are designed with utmost precision. You can trust these technologically advanced batteries from Exide to provide uninterrupted service without any concerns or power-related issues. The features that make it a preferable choice to buy Exide battery in Dubai, UAE include:

  • A higher cranking power-to-weight ratio delivers instant starting.
  • Exide batteries have exceptional charge retention characteristics. Therefore, the batteries can function even in partially charged conditions. That means you do not have to worry about starting the vehicle even when the battery is not fully charged.
  • Maintenance-free batteries with excellent life and performance.
  • Exide batteries have exceptional storage life.
  • Spill-resistant design.
  • Innovative technology integrated to prevent acid fumes.

Not many battery brands can give competition to Exide batteries. The brand has been widely accepted around the globe owing to its outstanding characteristics and performance.

Why buy car batteries from Fasttrack?

Each client seeks a reliable dealer who provides top-notch services for their vehicles. That is where Fasttrack fits in and happy customers have been our priority. The growing customer base is clear evidence of how our services, products, and support have been. Being one of the leading Exide battery dealers in UAE, we offer premium qualities products and the best service. Buy Exide battery from us and you will be assured of:

  • The best car battery price in UAE
  • Complementary services
  • Genuine battery procured from the manufacturer without any middlemen
  • Quick battery replacement and other services
  • Advanced facilities and equipment for delivering foolproof servicing
  • After-sales support

These exclusive features keep us ahead of the curve. Rather than focusing on profit, our aim is to deliver the best service and genuine products to our clients. This approach has been the basic reason behind our growth into one of the best dealers for car batteries, tyres, and other automotive products in the UAE.

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Car battery services offered at Fasttrack

We guarantee the best Exide battery price and an array of complementary services for our customers. Fasttrack is one of the top Exide battery dealers in UAE. To help you maintain your battery without any trouble we offer:

  • A complimentary 20-point inspection crucial for sustaining battery health.
  • All car batteries sold, including Exide, are provided with a minimum warranty of 12 months
  • A large collection of all the globally leading battery brands and their servicing.
  • Render quick servicing, maintenance, repair, and replacement, while our clients wait in the well-facilitated area.
  • Arrive at any of our selected locations for 24x7 car servicing, battery replacement, etc.

Have a comfortable driving experience, with the Exide battery functioning fault-free even in adverse climatic conditions. 

Elevate your driving experience with the reliability of Exide car batteries from Fasttrack. Power your journey with confidence. Explore our car battery brands and prices and make your purchase today!