Fiamm Car Battery  

Fiamm batteries are known for their quality, longevity, and performance. Manufactured by pursuing meticulous procedures and integrating advanced technology, the Fiamm car battery as well as industrial batteries became the top choice of customers, irrespective of region.

Fasttrack offers genuine Fiamm batteries procured from authorized sources. By avoiding third-party suppliers, we are able to keep the Fiamm battery price reasonable. Furthermore, you will receive complimentary services and exclusive deals from us. Not only Fiamm but also batteries from all the globally renowned brands are available with us.

Buy a Fiamm battery in UAE from Fasttrack at the best price. For more details, visit us today or contact us.

Buy Fiamm Batteries at the Best Price in UAE

Authenticity, trust, and affordability have been the key factors that kept Fasttrack ahead of others. No wonder we have been the most preferred battery dealer for Fiamm car batteries and batteries from other leading brands. You can get a Fiamm battery at the best price from our showroom near you. We provide additional complementary services, like free battery replacement and inspection. Batteries of inferior standards can create safety hazards and should never be used.

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Highlights of our Battery services

Free 20 Point Inspection

Warranty for all batteries for 12 months.

Most competitive Prices and Offers

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Expert Technicians

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Battery replacement is a simple process. It hardly takes 30 minutes to replace a battery. However, the customer may have to wait if the battery dealer doesn’t have enough manpower to attend to all the clients and the waiting time is longer.

No additional charges for battery replacement. The customer has to pay the cost of the battery only. Let it be a Fiamm car battery or a battery from any other brand, there are no replacement costs.  

The Fiamm batteries have been offering high performance and durability. The car battery may be examined during every annual maintenance of the car. To ascertain its condition. Fiamm batteries are expected to last 4-5 years in the UAE.


Fiamm 74AH battery will cost approx. AED 450 in UAE. The price is subject to change from time to time. Hence, it would be advisable to contact a trusted Fiamm battery dealer in UAE for the current price of a Fiamm 74AH battery.

The car battery warranty is for 12 months normally. The warranty will expire even if the vehicle is not used for a year. The battery can become defective faster in case the vehicle is not used frequently. Fiamm car batteries normally come with 12 12-month warranty. Contacting the nearest Fiamm dealer will help in confirming the warranty offered presently, whether a warranty extension is possible or not etc.


Fasttrack: Shop Fiamm Batteries in UAE

Fasttrack has been offering comprehensive solutions for all vehicle maintenance, repair, and servicing needs. You will find genuine products from all the international automobile brands in our showrooms countrywide. Whether it be for purchasing items like tyres or batteries or for servicing your car, we assure your trusted product and service support.

We would be the right choice to buy a Fiamm battery in UAE. The reasons that make us a cut above the rest are:

  • You can be sure of the authenticity of the products.
  • Client-centric deals and services.
  • Exclusive complementary services.
  • Genuine approach and reliability.
  • 24x7 service at our selected dealerships around the UAE.
  • State-of-the-art facilities for ensuring foolproof servicing and maintenance.

Why Choose Fiamm Car Battery?

Fiamm batteries have attained credibility through consistent performance and constant quality. An array of traits have made it the number one choice of car owners globally. Not many batteries can challenge Fiamm car batteries in several aspects. The factors that lead us to suggest a Fiamm battery are:

  • Exceptional reliability – The Fiamm car battery will function without any quality or performance issues, throughout. These are maintenance-free batteries and hence do not require alkali replacement.
  • Trusted to be safe – Car battery possesses a fire hazard. Hence, choosing a battery of lower quality or of an unknown brand is not advisable. Fiamm is proven to be safe.
  • Outstanding build quality – Sturdy batteries that are in a spill-proof case.
  • Power optimal for modern-day cars – Ideal for cars with idle start-stop and other modern systems as well.
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Low discharge rate
  • Corrosion resistant – No need to worry about the rusting of the terminals.
  • Superior sealing that prevents spillage
  • Strong batteries that would withstand shocks and jerks effectively
  • Affordable Fiamm battery price

You are welcome to visit us to assess and compare Fiamm battery with any other brand. Buy a Fiamm battery only when you are satisfied with it. A leading seller of all the top battery brands, Fasttrack offers you Fiamm and other internationally accepted batteries at the best price. Avoid going for inferior quality batteries, instead buy a good quality, genuine, battery by spending a few pennies more.

Why Choose Fasttrack to Buy Fiamm Batteries in UAE?

You will find multiple dealers selling globally leading batteries. Nonetheless, what made us the most chosen battery dealer in Dubai, UAE, was our commitment and honesty towards the customers. The growth has been phenomenal, with minimum marketing and maximum word-of-mouth from our clients, since the beginning. Fasttrack is indebted to our clients for helping us expand our footprint across the country.

You will receive the following benefits when you buy a Fiamm battery from us:

  • A set of complementary services
  • Genuine Fiamm battery sourced right from the brand
  • The most competitive Fiamm car battery price
  • Battery inspection and replacement quickly
  • Diligent servicing with the state-of-the-art facilities we have
  • After-sales support from our team

By pursuing these dedicatedly, we have made a strong image for ourselves. Striding ahead in the reputation generated through reliable services and genuine products, we have become the leading dealer of Fiamm batteries and other automotive products. We assure you of comprehensive car services, including battery inspection and replacement, car tyre changes, wheel rotations, car periodic servicing, and car repair. 

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