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Founded by Adolf Müller in 1887, Varta has been a widely recognized and accepted reliable German battery brand. It is a well-known fact that German technology has unmatched quality, performance, and reliability. Varta battery also keeps the credibility of the original intact. Not many battery brands can compete with Varta globally. That much reputed it has been since the initial days.

Varta battery is available for both commercial and private vehicles. Trusted by car owners and drivers around the globe, this battery brand has been scaling summits of success. Credibility is what drive every brand toward success. The name and image a product gets directly depend on the consistency it delivers. Varta car battery has been retaining a prominent identity with the foolproof performance it has been rendering. 

Varta Silver Dynamic AGM batteries have been gaining exceptional acceptance worldwide. Recognized by automobile experts as the ideal battery for the latest model cars with start-stop technology, the Varta car battery is preferred by car owners in Dubai, UAE, and around the world. Endurance and durability have been the two key features of the Varta car battery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Varta AGM batteries are the best option for the latest model cars. Integrated with innovative technology, the Varta car battery is perfect for star-stop systems in cars nowadays. Varta batteries offer consistent, reliable performance.

Although designed with extreme precision and quality, it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain the Varta battery in the prescribed manner. Extended period or partial or full discharge, improper securing of battery that leads to vibrations on movement, overcharging, undercharging, water loss, etc. are some of the factors that may affect Varta battery life.

Definitely yes. Varta car batteries have been known for reliability and performance. Varta battery is the right option for a luxury car.

The Varta battery price will vary depending on the model and specifications. It would be ideal to consult a trusted Varta battery dealer in UAE to confirm the price of genuine Varta car batteries.  

Varta battery will function flawlessly in temperature conditions ranging from -20 degrees to +65-degree Celsius.

Established in 1887, the Varta battery has a matchless track record to date. This German-origin battery has been serving cars around the world for about 140 years! Varta is a reliable, durable, and efficient battery brand offering consistent quality and performance.

Varta battery life is found to be 5-6 years ideally. The Varta car battery will function without any issues for this period, on average.


Shop Varta Car Battery in UAE

Varta car battery assures a trusted performance for the promised life. Integrated with advanced technology, they can withstand adverse scenarios without any reduction in power output. The features that make Varta battery the right option for your car are:

  • Innovation: The latest model cars require advanced car batteries. Varta car battery is known to be a start-stop specialist. It functions without any power shortage or power loss. That makes Varta the best choice for modern cars that need constant power.
  • Price: Varta battery price is another prominent factor that makes it a brilliant option. You may call us to know the price of genuine Varta batteries, UAE.
  • Technology: German tech is a thing that simply states what to expect from a product. Quality, consistency, and performance have been the traits of real German brands. Varta battery is no different. It has all the specialties you expect from a German product.

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Technologies used in Varta Car battery

Futuristic technology is the core of Varta batteries. They have been maintaining steady growth and garnering acceptance across the world through constant R&D. Keeping with the times, the battery has undergone exhaustive modifications and improvements. The innovative approach makes Varta car battery suitable for all types of vehicles including luxury cars and heavy vehicles.

Two widely known technologies used in Varta car batteries are Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) lead-acid technology and Enhanced Flooded Battery technology.

Varta Battery with AGM Led-acid Technology: The specially invented AGM lead-acid absorbs the acid contained in the battery. Thus rendering high cyclic stability. Varta battery integrated with this tech is proven to have three times the endurance of a normal conventional battery. The AGM tech maintains the performance even when the battery is constantly being charged and discharged. The latest model cars that are installed with excessive technical elements and accessories need more power than old vehicles. Only a powerful battery like Varta can deliver without any reduction in power. You may reach out to Fasttrack for buying a maintenance-free genuine Varta battery, Dubai.

Varta Battery with EFB Technology: Enhanced Flooded Battery technology is designed to infuse superior reliability, consistency and performance compared to conventional lead-acid batteries. Considered the right option for both commercial and private vehicles, the number of car owners opting for Varta car batteries with EFB technology has been growing. Designed and manufactured observing the highest global standards, the Varta battery price, in Dubai is also reasonable.

Popular Varta Battery Models We Sell 

Varta batteries assure high performance, and low maintenance, and are temperature-resistance to function without any issues during high-temperature conditions as well. The popular Varta battery models we sell in UAE include: 

  • VARTA 12V 1050CCA 240AH VARTA PROMOTIVE AGM N200L: The latest model cars and other vehicles need powerful support. That is why we recommend you Varta high-performance car batteries. Whether it is a super fast car, a luxury model, a motorcycle, a heavy vehicle or any other model vehicle. Varta would be the strong power provider for it.
  • Varta GRP31T 12V 970CCA 190RC VARTA SHD FLD: A reliable power source, the Varta battery has a strong track record that spans well above a century. The Advanced PowerFrame® Grid technology exclusively designed by the experts at Varta provides exceptional starting performance. Additionally, the technology is proven to render the Varta car battery with faster recharging and longer life. Reputed car brands opt for Varta batteries over others due to this very fact.
  • Varta N70ZZL MF 12V 780CCA 160RC VARTA SHD FLD: Battery performance may be affected by climatic conditions like temperature and cold. Extremities of either can affect the battery’s condition and may lead to starting troubles. Varta battery is different from other batteries in this regard. Varta car battery has been designed considering all these elements and hence has innovative technology at its core. Varta battery in UAE would function without any troubles during any climatic scenario.
  • Varta GRP31 12V 970CCA 190RC VARTA SHD FLD: It is another highly preferable Varta car battery model. Offering consistent superior performance, quality, longevity, and power. Varta Battery, Dubai has been outperforming the competitors with guaranteed quality and consistency.

Why buy Car Battery in UAE from Fasttrack?

Varta battery price, as well as, the genuineness of the product have been concerning car owners. A duplicate product will not only cause troubles in a short time but also can impact the car’s performance. You may visit us if you are looking for an authentic Varta car battery in Dubai, UAE. We offer Varta and other batteries in exclusive deals, which would make the purchase more profitable for you. Being an authorized dealer of Varta batteries in UAE, we ensure the quality of the products we supply. 

The features that make Fasttrack the most opted Varta battery dealer in Dubai include:

  • Reasonable Battery price
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