How Temperature Affects Car Battery Life In Dubai

Date: November 24, 2023

The summer in UAE is a real struggle for everyone. The rise in temperature during the summer will harm both people and vehicles. Dubai gets scorching hot in summer, with temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius. This puts a lot of strain on car batteries, as they have to power the air conditioners. Their performance may be affected, leading to a decrease in their overall quality of life. But don’t worry; these tips will keep your car battery in good shape in the summer.

Try to park in the shade

During a scorching summer, always try to park in the shade or in the parking lot. When you expose your car to direct sunlight, the hood gets heated. This will not only increase the workload on the air conditioner but also on the battery. Parking in the shade makes your car battery last longer.

Battery Terminals

The battery power may drain faster if the terminals have dirt and corrosion. The presence of dirt or corrosion will also lead to circuit breaks in the car terminal as it acts as a conductor. This is one of the reasons why batteries fail. Proper cleaning of terminals using specific cleaning agents and a battery terminal brush, as well as the use of anti-corrosion sprays, will help extend the battery life.

Prevent the car from idling

If you keep your car unused for extended periods, the battery life can be significantly reduced as the charge drains quickly. To ensure that the engine and battery remain in good condition, it is recommended to use it at least once a week.

Minimize Short Trips 

If you are someone who takes frequent, brief trips, the alternator doesn’t get enough time to recharge as the engine starts and stops within a short duration, affecting the lifespan of the battery. When a car travels a long distance, it gets enough time to recharge the alternator.

Battery Maintenance

Remember to take your car to a mechanic regularly to check for corrosion and add distilled water to maintain the car in good condition. The mechanic will also check the voltage and run other tests to make sure that your battery is in optimal condition. The car battery often gets damaged due to the vibration or shaking of the car when travelling on bumpy roads. Fastening the car battery can prevent this issue. If not, the battery might not last long if something inside gets damaged or there’s a short circuit. It is important to replace car batteries every three years, particularly if you notice corrosion in the terminals or low voltage levels. Get battery service in Dubai regularly to keep the battery in good condition.

How can you save your car battery life?

Taking care of a few things can significantly save your car's battery life. Make sure that you follow them to extend the battery life of your car.

  • Cut down on short car trips. Your battery doesn’t get enough time to fully recharge on short trips, so it weakens faster.
  • Make sure you turn off the lights inside and outside the car before you leave.
  • If it gets hotter, the battery will lose charge faster, so you might have to charge it more often if you don’t drive the car much.
  • Remember to clean your battery and battery posts. Dirt acts like a conductor, draining battery life.
  • Avoid using electronics, such as the radio, when the engine is not running.
  • Protect your car by parking it in the shade or garage.
  • Batteries placed under the hood often have a heat barrier for protection against excessive heat. Double-check that the barrier is still there.

Signs that your battery might be failing

Thankfully, there are a few symptoms that could mean your battery needs some attention. Some signs are obvious; others need a visual battery check or test.

  • The engine starts slower than usual when you turn on the car.
  • The check engine light or battery light is on.
  • When you check your battery, you’ll notice the fluid level is low.
  • The battery case has a swollen or bloated appearance.
  • The connection points on the battery posts are corroded.
  • Your headlights or interior lights appear to be dim.
  • Your battery has been in use for more than three years.
  • How does temperature affect battery life?

Contrary to popular belief, heat causes more harm to car batteries than cold. A temperature of 20 °C is considered ideal for a car battery. In the summer, the temperature can go over 30°C, which results in self-discharge of the battery. This leads to the battery ageing faster. People don’t notice this during the summer, but it becomes clear in the winter as the car needs more energy. Every 10 °C increase in the temperature will cause the chemical reactivity to double, which results in grid corrosion. Corrosion of the grid leads to the breakdown of the lead alloy in the battery. The grid’s role in facilitating current conduction within the electrode and providing mechanical support for the active mass becomes less effective, leading to accelerated battery ageing and damage during high summer temperatures.

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