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Are you looking for exceptional performance on the race track? Dunlop tyres are what you need. Dunlop tyres' reputation can be traced to the LeMans 24-hour race-a track record primarily considered the most grueling sports car race in the world. Records show that 34 of the 74 winners of LeMans races fitted their vehicles with Dunlop tyres, making them earn a place among the top brands for superior grip on the road. They are definitely your choice for durability and improved longevity.

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Car Service Dubai | Fasttrack
Dunlop Tyres | Dunlop Tyres Price | Dunlop Tyres in Dubai
Car Service Dubai | Fasttrack Emarat
Car Service Dubai | Fasttrack Emarat


Most Affordable Dunlop Tyres Price in Dubai

With over 28 locations throughout Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, and the Northern Emirates, Fasttrack Emarat ensures the most affordable Dunlop tyre prices without compromising quality standards. Fasttrack is your one-stop tire shop in UAE, committed to offering our customers the most affordable rates on tyre sales and services. Fasttrack ensures service excellence across all services.

Dunlop Tyres | Dunlop Tyres Price | Dunlop Tyres in Dubai

Dunlop Sport Max TT

Car Service Dubai | Fasttrack Emarat
Dunlop Tyres | Dunlop Tyres Price | Dunlop Tyres in Dubai

Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX 060+

Car Service Dubai | Fasttrack Emarat
Dunlop Tyres | Dunlop Tyres Price | Dunlop Tyres in Dubai


Car Service Dubai | Fasttrack Emarat
Dunlop Tyres | Dunlop Tyres Price | Dunlop Tyres in Dubai

Dunlop Grandtrek AT20

Car Service Dubai | Fasttrack Emarat
Dunlop Tyres | Dunlop Tyres Price | Dunlop Tyres in Dubai

Dunlop Grandtrek AT22

Car Service Dubai | Fasttrack Emarat

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Shop Dunlop Tyres in UAE

Dunlop tyres are globally recognized as a symbol of quality, performance, and reliability. With a legacy stretching back over a century, this acclaimed brand has earned its reputation for delivering exceptional results through innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology. As a result, car owners worldwide have made Dunlop their tyre of choice. With a commitment to excellence that is unmatched by its competitors, Dunlop continues to be a leading force in the tyre industry.
Discover unbeatable prices on premium-quality Dunlop tyres in the UAE through our extensive network of authorized dealerships. Our showrooms offer only authentic and reliable tyres to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle. Benefit from a one-stop solution for your vehicle’s maintenance needs, including tyre replacement, wheel rotation, and balancing services. Trust Fasttrack to keep your car in optimal condition, whether you’re in need of a new Dunlop tyre or general maintenance services. Visit us today and experience the peace of mind that comes with choosing the best for your vehicle.

Specifications of Dunlop tyres

When making the decision to acquire Dunlop tyres in UAE, consider visiting our showroom where you will be greeted with exceptional discounts and technical expertise. The following attributes of Dunlop tyres are what make them a highly sought-after option for drivers:
Unsurpassed performance across various terrains, providing superior grip and handling in wet and dry conditions.
Wide range of designs and models to accommodate the varying needs of vehicles from different segments.
Affordability, combined with advanced technology, adds to the strength and reliability of the tyres, making Dunlop an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers.
The exceptional quality and durability of Dunlop tyres are highlighted by their use in world-renowned motor racing championships such as the V8 Super Cars Championship.
With these distinctive features, it is clear why buying Dunlop tyres is a decision that is both practical and wise.

Most Popular Dunlop Tyres

Fasttrack has a large collection of Dunlop tyres in UAE. You can review each model and pick the one that suits your vehicle. Let it be an SUV, MPV, sedan, hatchback, light truck, or any other vehicle. This brand has some of the most chosen tyre models to its credit. We offer Dunlop tyres at the best price in UAE. You may call us if you want to know Dunlop tyre prices.
The most popular Dunlop tyres we provide include:
1. Dunlop Sport Maxx TT/ RT – Dunlop Sport Maxx TT and RT are meticulously designed summer tyres. With phenomenal grip and excellent performance, this model has been predominantly popular among sporty drivers.
2. Dunlop Grandtrek TG28 – Grandtrek TG28 is an all-weather tyre that assures phenomenal stability and grand performance. Dunlop Grandtrek tyre range has guaranteed durability and would sustain even harsh weather and road conditions quite effectively.

Grandtrek TG28 M2
The GrandTrek TG28 M2 features a tread design that is suitable for both on- and off-road driving. They deliver agile steering response, exceptional braking, and a low rolling resistance making it an ideal tyre for SUVs and 4WDs. Dunlop GrandTrek TG28 M2 fitted as original equipment on Japanese vehicles and Toyota 4WDs.

3. Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 – Grandtrek AT20 is an all-weather all-terrain tyre well-suited for SUVs and 4x4s. Designed to withstand rough roads and harsh terrains, these tyres are one of the best for off-road trips.
4. Dunlop Grandtrek AT22 – Dunlop Grandtrek AT22 is another popular tubeless radial from the brand, exclusively designed for all seasons and all terrains. Check out this model if you are going to shop Dunlop tyres in UAE for your SUV or 4×4.
5. Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 080+ – Dunlop SP Sport Maxx assures maximum performance, durability, safety, and grip. This model became popular owing to its traits that make this tyre model perfect for cars.
6. Dunlop Grandtrek PT3
Great grip for great adventures!
Dunlop’s SUV tyre series, GRANDTREK is a tough one to beat. Designed for CUVs and SUVs —GRANDTREK PT3 is engineered to deliver an unmatchable on-road driving experience. From the comfort you desire in long-drives to the fuel-efficiency you need while driving in the city — Dunlop GRANDTREK PT3 will fulfil all your driving needs.Its new pattern design and circular profile help in even distribution of contact pressure and grip during straight driving and cornering. The equally distributed rib pattern helps the tyre attain uniform contact with the road, while the uniform deflection of the sidewall area relaxes the concentration of contact pressure when cornering.

Why buy Dunlop GRANDTREK PT3?
Dunlop’s Grandtrek tyres are chosen as original equipment by leading auto manufacturers for their top SUV models due to its high-quality standards and performance. GRANDTREK PT3 has been designed to provide the ultimate ride comfort that you seek while driving on highways and city roads.
Features and benefits of Dunlop Grandtrek PT3
1. Enhanced comfort, handling & stability
2. Maximum fuel-efficiency
3. Long wear life
4. Maintains traction on both wet & dry roads
5. Low driving noise
6. Perfect grip
If you own an SUV and drive mostly on roads and highways, then these tyres will ensure to provide you with high levels of comfort and remarkable safety. Grandtrek PT3 is also versatile enough to maintain traction in wet and dry conditions.

7. Grandtrek PT2A
Engineered and manufactured in Japan for on-road use.The PT2A is the best fit for all wheel owners who enjoy a quiet smooth cruise along the highway

8. Dunlop Grandtrek AT30
The Grandtrek AT30 tyre is developed with a new tread compound to provide increased wear life with a shallow depth that helps to reduce the rolling resistance. This tyre is manufactured with an improved inner construction which can reduce the tyre weight for fuel efficiency and durability. It is designed to offer excellent off-road performance. Moreover, the Grandtrek AT30 tyre is made to endure rough surfaces like sand and desert. Dunlop “Grandtrek AT30” and “Grandtrek AT30 Touring” Selected as Factory Standard Tires for New Toyota Land Cruiser (Middle East model)
The new Land Cruiser sustains the perfect off-road performance and reliability and meets the regulatory requirement for the environment. Product Description and Features for Dunlop Grandtrek AT30 Touring
DUNLOP Tyres selected as factory standard tyres for the all-new Lexus LX : As befits the flagship SUV of the LEXUS brand, the all-new LX seeks to further refine the luxurious sense of quality that only LEXUS can provide while steadfastly maintaining the reliability, durability and off-road capabilities that have long been synonymous with the LX Series.

8. Grandtrek ST30  – The GRANDTREK ST30 features an asymmetrical pattern that ensures a long life and riding comfort

9. Grandtrek AT23 – Dunlop GrandTrek AT23 all-season tires are designed to give a year-round performance to vehicles like SUVs and CUVs. It has been used as an Original Equipment (O.E) for tire models that belong to Lexus and Toyota. GrandTrek AT23 can be used on different terrain without having to worry about treadwear.
10 Grandtrek AT25 – The Grandtrek AT25 is an all-terrain tyre designed for the SUV and 4×4 providing high level of comfort. It features some off-road use to give a smooth ride performance on highways. The Dunlop tyre is designed with a strong sidewall and designed a unique tread that helps to improve mileage and reduce rolling resistance.

Why choose Fasttrack to buy Dunlop tyres in UAE?

As the foremost provider of Dunlop tyres in the UAE, Fasttrack has established a dominant presence across the country, with showrooms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible value, offering assured deals, competitive pricing, complementary services, and genuine products. The following factors make Fasttrack the trusted dealership for all your tyre needs:
1. Unwavering commitment to providing trustworthy services that have earned us a reputation for credibility.
2. Competitive pricing that offers exceptional value and makes shopping for Dunlop tyres with us more profitable than with other sellers.
3. Dedicated after-sales support that ensures a seamless experience even after your purchase.
4. A team of handpicked executives and technical professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients.
5. An impressive track record and glowing reviews have been a driving force in our continued growth and success.

Services We Offer

At Fasttrack, we offer the finest selection of Dunlop tyres in UAE, with comprehensive wheel and tyre servicing. Our facilities are equipped with the latest tools and technology, and our handpicked technical teams possess the expertise and experience necessary to deliver diligent and precise servicing and repair for your vehicle’s wheels and tyres. Besides offering the best price for Dunlop tyres, we deliver the best tyre services as well.
When you choose to upgrade your vehicle with our premium-quality Dunlop tyres in Dubai, you’ll also receive a suite of complementary services to enhance your driving experience. Our team of experts will provide you with a seamless and hassle-free installation, including free fitment, balancing, and alignment. Additionally, we offer free tyre rotation after every 10,000 kilometers with every purchase to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Upgrade your vehicle with the best and enjoy superior performance, peace of mind, and unparalleled value with Fasttrack.
The Dunlop tyre services we deliver:
Discover the Ultimate Driving Experience with Tyre Rotation Service – Get your car tyres rotated every 10,000 km for optimal performance and a longer lifespan. This complimentary service from Fasttrack ensures a smooth and safe ride. Book now and experience the difference in your car’s handling and traction
Drive with Confidence with Free Wheel Balancing – Keep your car handling smooth and stable with regular wheel balancing. This complimentary service from Fasttrack ensures a vibration-free ride and extends the life of your tyres. Book now and enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience.
Maximize Your Tyres’ Potential with Free Wheel Alignment – Improve your car’s handling and fuel efficiency with regular wheel alignment. This complimentary service from Fasttrack ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly on the road and protects your tyres from uneven wear. Book now and enjoy a well-aligned and efficient ride
Drive with Improved Safety and Efficiency with Free Nitrogen Gas Filling – Enhance the performance of your car tyres with nitrogen gas filling. This complimentary service from Fasttrack improves tyre pressure stability, extends tyre life, and enhances fuel efficiency. Book now and experience the benefits of driving with nitrogen-filled tyres
Enjoy Peace of Mind with a 5-Year Tyre Warranty – Get reliable and long-lasting protection for your car tyres with a 5-year warranty. This exceptional offer from Fasttrack covers defects in workmanship and materials, ensuring your safety and satisfaction on the road. Upgrade your driving experience with confidence and book now.


1. How long do Dunlop tyres last?
The lifespan of Dunlop tyres varies depending on factors such as driving habits, road conditions, and maintenance. A set of Dunlop tyres can last between 40,000 to 80,000 miles. Regular tyre rotations, inflation checks, and proper alignment can help extend the life of your Dunlop tyres.

2. What factors contribute to the popularity of Dunlop tyres in the UAE?
Dunlop tyres are popular in the UAE due to their high performance, durability, and suitability for challenging road conditions in the region. The brand’s reputation for quality, combined with its wide range of tyre options for different vehicle types, also contributes to its popularity.
Dunlop is a premium tyre brand with a history of more than 129 years. Besides being known for its quality, reliability and safety, Dunlop is fitted as original equipment for leading automotive brands such as Bentley, Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Volkswagen.

3. What is the price range of Dunlop tyres in the UAE?
The price of Dunlop tyres can vary based on the specific tyre model. The price of a Dunlop SUV tyre, for example, would depend on its specifications. To determine the exact cost of a particular Dunlop tyre model, it is recommended to consult with a reliable and authorized Dunlop tyre dealer in the UAE

4. What is the reputation of Dunlop tyres in terms of their quality?
Definitely yes, Dunlop tyres are of premium quality. They are designed, developed, and manufactured pursuing advanced technical standards to perform the best. That is why Dunlop tyres are more sought after than many other tyre brands in UAE.

5. Do Dunlop tyres need to be replaced even if they have not been frequently utilized?
The need to replace Dunlop tyres depends on several factors, such as storage conditions, age, and usage. Tyres that are not frequently used can still deteriorate over time, due to factors such as exposure to heat, UV light, and ozone. It is recommended to have your tyres inspected regularly, regardless of usage, to ensure their safety and performance.

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