Ford Service Centers in Dubai, UAE

Induce energy and life to your car with our advanced Ford car service in Dubai, UAE. Get to drive the car comfortably with improved performance and fuel economy with our technical specialists undertaking the servicing meticulously. Above all, receive an exceptional resale value at the used car market.

Fasttrack assures you proper Ford service in UAE, by our proficient technical team, using state-of-the-art facilities and tools. We endeavor to serve each of our clients optimally, which has given us an unparalleled image and credibility. Furthermore, we are known for charging phenomenally low Ford service costs.

Get Trusted Ford Car Service in UAE

You have arrived at the right place if you are looking for a trusted Ford service in UAE. Besides cars, we also provide Ford truck service in Dubai. A complete repair and maintenance solution for all types of vehicles is what we aim for.

The reliability of the service center is of paramount importance. It is not possible to supervise the tasks, and hence the commitment and honesty of the technicians matter the most. We promise you the best maintenance, repair, and servicing at our Ford service centers in UAE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ford car servicing is expensive compared to many other car brands. It is not the case only with Dubai but everywhere in the world. Nonetheless, choosing an affordable Ford service in Dubai will help reduce the expense of servicing.  

Major works or servicing of a Ford car would be completed in 2-4 hours by a team of proficient technicians. In rare cases, when there are serious issues, it may take more time for servicing.

A full servicing will involve examination and testing of all the systems onboard. The Ford car’s suspension, wheels, tyres, steering, air-conditioning, wiper, engine oil, coolant, and other fluids will be examined. Necessary repair or replacement will be undertaken subsequently.

The cost of servicing a Ford car in Dubai differs depending on the repair work needed, which includes the replacement spares, where the Ford car servicing is undertaken and so on. Pick an affordable Ford car servicing center and avoid paying exorbitantly.

It is ideal to service a Ford car every 10,000 Km or 12 months, whichever is earlier. In some cases, the servicing periodicity varies with the age of the car, usage, etc.


Ford Services Fasttrack Offers

Fasttrack provides comprehensive service solutions for Ford cars in Dubai, UAE. We undertake minor servicing tasks like engine oil replacement to major works including Ford car engine overhaul.

  • Ford Car Air-conditioning System Servicing: For car AC systems, charging, inspection, servicing, and repair are undertaken properly. We use the latest facilities for car AC servicing.
  • Ford Car Brake System Repair and Servicing: The brake is one of the most important components of a vehicle. Even a minor defect in the brake system can cause serious safety issues. Fasttrack Ford car service in Dubai, UAE, assures you a systematic brake system inspection as well as repair and servicing.
  • Ford Car Gearbox and Transmission System: Is the car transmission system suspected of being defective? Has the gear shift become difficult? Reach out to our Ford service in UAE for gearbox and transmission system inspection and repair.
  • Ford Car Engine Repair, Servicing, and Overhaul: Ford service costs might be a worrying thing when one thinks of car engine repair or servicing. Forget expenses on engine repair. We provide affordable Ford car engine repair, reconditioning, and overhaul.
  • Ford Truck Service: We are proud to be one of the best Ford truck services in Dubai. To learn more about Ford truck repair in Dubai, Ford service cost, and other aspects, dial us right away.
  • Steering System Maintenance and Repair: We have integrated all the futuristic facilities for Ford service in Dubai. Our specialized team carries out each inspection, maintenance, and repair in the most proper manner. To make sure that the car performs optimally. The Ford car steering system will be examined by the technicians at Fasttrack, who will undertake the repair/ servicing as required.

These are some of the Ford car services in Dubai, UAE that we provide. We render all the major and minor servicing works at reasonable rates. Further, we offer a pick and drop facility. You can simply book our servicing, and our team will collect the car from your location and return it after the repair/ maintenance/ servicing.

Benefits of Hiring an Authorized Ford Service Centre in Dubai, UAE

Servicing your car at a reliable Ford service in the UAE is vital. It is not possible to inspect the car in detail after servicing. Hence, you will have to trust the technician about the depth of repair and maintenance done. This fact makes it of paramount importance to hire a reputed Ford service in Dubai for your car.

The benefits of hiring our reputed Ford service include:

  • You can be sure of the usage of the right tools and the pursuance of the stated procedure for repair and servicing.
  • a proficient technical team would be undertaking the servicing and Ford repair in Dubai.
  • comprehensive package as well as tailored Ford servicing options would be available.
  • Ford service costs would be lower at a reputed centre than at any other car service center normally.
  • They would be using replacement parts of guaranteed brands approved by the manufacturer.
  • Oil and fluids used would be as per the specifications stated by the manufacturer.
  • Drive the car unconcerned about the servicing quality when it is serviced at a reputed Ford car service in Dubai, UAE.

Besides car service, we provide Ford truck service in Dubai as well. You can contact us for repair/ servicing of Ford trucks also.

Why is Fasttrack the best choice for Ford Repair in UAE?

Fasttrack is a highly reputed Ford car service in Dubai, UAE. We provide service packages as per the client’s requirements. Our customized Ford service options will help you pick only the work required and pay for it.

The features that make us your ideal Ford service in UAE are:

  • Trustworthy Team of Technicians: We are proud to have a team of handpicked technicians with key knowledge and experience in Ford cars. They carry out each maintenance task with the utmost commitment to ensure perfection at any cost. Ford car repair and servicing in Dubai by our proficient technicians will guarantee you a technically healthy car.
  • Advanced Facilities: Fasttrack uses advanced facilities like digitized devices and computer-aided defect analysis solutions for Ford car service in Dubai. The defect will be identified, and rectification action will be undertaken accordingly. All the actions would be implemented as per the laid down procedure to prevent the recurrence of the defect at least until the assured period.
  • Competitive Pricing: Pay less when you get the best quality Ford car service in Dubai, UAE. That is our promise. Our Ford service cost is much lower than most of the servicing centers across the country. At the same time, the perfection of service is matchless.
  • Usage of Genuine Spares: There is no need to worry about the spares and consumables we use. All the components, oils, and fluids will be of the approved specification, from proven global brands only. The case is the same with the Ford truck service in Dubai.
  • Exclusive Complementary Services: Fasttrack provides complementary services as well, depending on the type of maintenance you undertake at our servicing center. You may talk to our Ford service in UAE, to learn more about complementary services and deals.

If you are curious to know more about Ford repair costs in Dubai and the Ford car services we offer, please call us.