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Give your dream car the best service it deserves. Make use of the advanced car repair, service, and maintenance facilities at our Infinity car service in Dubai. Our expert automobile technicians offer committed and responsible services using state-of-the-art tools and computer-aided diagnostic systems. Drive your car comfortably, unconcerned of performance issues or defects.

Affordable Infinity service costs, without any compromise on quality, are what we guarantee. A dedicated team of designated specialists works on each car under the guidance of experienced supervisors. The assigned manager would be the single point of contact who will brief you on the service required for your car, the estimate, and other relevant factors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we provide Infinity car engine repair and overhaul services. We have a team of specialists with ample knowledge and experience for undertaking Infinity engine overhauls meticulously. 

Ideally, the annual servicing of the Infinity car will be completed in a day. Nonetheless, the time taken would depend on the car service centre in Dubai. As the facilities and manpower available differ. Moreover, the annual servicing may take more time if major maintenance needs are there.

The Infinity repair cost in Dubai will depend on the type of repair required, the cost of spares, and the manpower involved. The repair cost will vary as per the car service centre chosen as well.

The warranty on the Infinity car transmission system is 6 years or 70,000 miles (whichever is earlier). The transmission system is expected to work flawlessly well beyond the service life offered, with the brand maintaining exceptional production quality.

Infinity car service is required every 7500 miles or 12 months, whichever is earlier. Undertaking maintenance and servicing at the prescribed frequency will help in keeping the Infinity car technically healthy. It will ensure a better resale value for the car as well.


Best Place for Infiniti Car Service in Dubai, UAE

Not many Infinity services in Dubai, UAE can claim to be as capable, efficient, and advanced as we are. We have procured cutting-edge technological solutions from around the globe to deliver foolproof repair and maintenance solutions for your car.

Every car is inspected exhaustively, depending on the repair or servicing needs. The technical tasks required are listed accordingly. It is shared with the client for approval prior to implementing the solutions.

Our Infiniti Car Services in UAE

We provide all types of infinity repairs in Dubai. Besides, periodic, preventive, and predictable maintenance services Drop off your car at our service center or dial us for pickup and return of the vehicle post-service.

The Infinity car service in Dubai, UAE that we deliver includes:

  • Periodic maintenance services
  • Infinity brake system inspection and repair
  • Infinity brake fluid replenishment
  • Infinity engine oil change
  • Infinity car engine servicing and repair
  • Infinity engine overhaul (if necessary)
  • Infinity car AC system inspection, repair, gas refilling etc.
  • Infinity transmission system checks, trials, and servicing
  • Replacement of defective system components
  • Infinity car tyre replacement, wheel balancing, and tyre rotation

Benefits of Hiring a Reputed Infinity Service in Dubai, UAE 

You must analyze the Infinity service in Dubai and pick the right one. Avoid picking an unreliable car service center. Since you have limitations on confirming the perfection of servicing done, you must consider only a trustworthy Infinity service in Dubai, UAE like Fasttrack. Otherwise, you will be paying exorbitant Infinity service costs for an inferior quality service.

The benefits of hiring a reputed Infinity service in Dubai are:

  • Guaranteed flawless performance for the period assured by the service centre
  • No need to pay an unjustifiable Infinity service cost
  • Comprehensive service packages that cover all the systems and components
  • Option to customize Infinity service Dubai, UAE
  • Ultramodern facilities for defect investigation and rectification
  • Improved service life for the vehicle
  • Better resale value

Why Choose Fasttrack for Your Next Infiniti Repair in Dubai, UAE?

Picking any workshop for servicing or Infinity repair in Dubai is not at all advisable. You will be paying excessive Infinity service costs consequently. And the servicing would not be to the standard you expect.

Fasttrack has been rendering car services of proven quality for years. Making us the ideal centre for servicing, repairing, and maintenance of cars from any brand. You can be sure of the following when you choose us for Infinity Service Dubai, UAE:

  • Save on Budget: Infinity service cost will differ depending on the car service firm you choose. We have been charging the minimum for maintenance and Infinity repair in Dubai. All the services are reasonably priced and you can be sure of the service quality at the lowest expense. Moreover, we offer customized servicing options to limit the cost if you want to cut down on the money spent.
  • Genuine Spares: We use genuine Infinity spares only. Procured from authorized sources, we have been using authentic components of Infinity and other car brands. The quality-proven components will serve well above the assured service life.
  • Expert Technicians: The knowledge, experience, and expertise of automobile technicians are instrumental in the case of car servicing. Only a knowledgeable technical professional can identify the root cause of the defect and implement repair accordingly. Further, the technical team’s efficiency will be reflected in the Infinity service Dubai, UAE.
  • Advanced Facilities: The defect diagnosis and rectification process is more reliable with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Besides mechanical systems, we used ultramodern computer-aided solutions for both defect identification and repair. You will be receiving a completely healthy car when you choose us for Infinity car service in Dubai, UAE. At the same time, the Infinity service cost at our repair centre is more affordable than anywhere else.
  • Comprehensive Services: We are the right place for Infinity service or repair in Dubai. From minor tasks like engine oil change or tyre replacement, we deliver major services like engine overhauling. Bodywork, detailing, wheel balancing, polishing, and other tasks are also performed responsibly at our center. Furthermore, we offer an array of complementary services to our esteemed clients. Avail of these services to keep your car shining and healthy.
  • Hospitality: Customer is king, and we understand this very fact fully. All our services and assistance are formulated with a customer-oriented attitude. We provide exclusive after-sales support as well. You can check out us for Infinity repair in Dubai or any of the maintenance needs for your car of any make or model.

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