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You are at the right place if you have been looking for comprehensive service and repair of Mercedes cars. Fasttrack has been the trusted Mercedes service in the region, facilitating advanced solutions for repair and maintenance. We have a team of trained and qualified technicians, working under expert technical managers, to undertake the work meticulously.

We have always been ahead of the curve in incorporating futuristic service systems, including computerized defect identification methods. By implementing the procedures diligently, we eliminate defects at the root level and undertake servicing in the most optimal way. Ping us right away for Mercedes Benz service.

One Stop Shop for Mercedes Car Repair in UAE

The quality of our service is what distinguishes us from others. It has been the prominent trait that has kept us growing through word-of-the-mouth publicity from our clients. You can be sure of the work carried out as we pursue laid down procedures, tools specified by the manufacturers, authentic spares, and approved fluids only. Those looking for Mercedes repair near me can just locate us and bring their cars to us. The best Benz service center, servicing, and repair at Fasttrack will enhance performance, help you maintain the car healthy, and improve resale value optimally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Yes, the annual maintenance or servicing on Mercedes cars is completed in about 4 hours, unless there are any major repairs required.

Mercedes cars are proposed to have Service A and Service B. The former is undertaken at 15000 kilometres or 12 months, whichever is earlier. The latter is done at 30000 kilometres or 24 months, whichever comes first. The inspection, maintenance, replacement, and replenishment done in both Service A and B are almost the same.

Considering the class and innovative technology onboard Mercedes, the maintenance cannot be stated as costly. The expense for the advanced spares for the state-of-the-art system is more compared to normal cars. The servicing is not costly vis-à-vis the technical superiority of the car.

The Mercedes service cost in Dubai will depend on the model, type of servicing, the repair/ replacement required etc. A generic cost for Mercedes servicing in Dubai cannot be stated.

The initial service of a Mercedes car is prescribed at 15000 kilometres or 12 months, whichever is earlier. The periodicity of subsequent servicing may vary depending on the model. It would be ideal if the same servicing periodicity is maintained subsequently as well.


Our Mercedes-Benz Services in UAE 

We have the equipment and facilities for all the Mercedes services. Whether you are looking for simple work like a Mercedes engine oil change or a complex task like engine repair, Fasttrack is the right place to bring your car. The Mercedes service center, with a team of expert technicians and state-of-the-art solutions, we assure you the best.

The Mercedes Benz services we offer include:

  • Mercedes Maintenance Services: Like any other car, Mercedes will need periodic predictive and preventive maintenance servicing. Undertaking the servicing at the stated periodicity will be vital for the technical health, condition, and performance of the car. With this, you can also expect a better price if you are selling the car. Give your car a boost, remove glitches (if any), and hit the road with the car having enhanced performance. For more details of the services we offer, you may contact our Benz service center. We understand how busy you are. Therefore, we provide a pick-and-drop option as well. Just drop us a message or call us to schedule a pick-up from your location. Our executive will arrive at your preferred time slot and return the car after undertaking the servicing.
  • Mercedes Repair Services: As we have said before, you do not have to search for Mercedes repair services near me anymore. Just locate the Fasttrack Benz service center near you and bring your car to us. Alternatively, you can ask for pickup from your location. We assure you a hassle-free Mercedes repair in Dubai, UAE. By delivering assured repair and maintenance services since the beginning, we earned credibility and acceptance. We use genuine spares and approved fluids from global brands, approved by Mercedes, only. Let it be a Benz AC system charging, maintenance, and repair, gearbox and transmission system repair, brake system inspection, repair, fluid charging, or any other work, reach out to us right away. Once you try us, we will be your Mercedes service center permanently. That is how perfect our services have been.
  • Mercedes Car Detailing: Are you looking for Mercedes car detailing services in Dubai? Connect with us now. No need to look anywhere else at all. We provide excellent detailing, polishing, and painting services, as per your needs.
  • Mercedes Pre-purchase Inspection: Getting a pre-purchase inspection done will help you understand the exact value of the car, ascertain the technical condition, and verify its performance. Thus you can avoid buying a car and paying exorbitantly or owning one that has frequent defects. We offer the most affordable Mercedes pre-purchase inspection in Dubai. Our expert technical professionals will inspect the car, test it, and provide you with a detailed report that includes the assessed price range.
  • Mercedes Battery Service: Proper maintenance of your Mercedes' battery is crucial for smooth operation. Our battery services include regular inspections, thorough testing, and the replacement of old or faulty batteries with genuine Mercedes-approved ones. We also ensure the cleanliness of battery terminals and secure connections for reliable performance.
  • Mercedes Tyre Replacement and Services: Ensure your safety on the road with our comprehensive tire service and replacements. We conduct detailed inspections, rotate tires for even wear, and align and balance wheels. Our center offers tire replacement with approved brands, pressure checks, and adjustments, guaranteeing optimal tire health.
  • Mercedes Engine Diagnostics: Harness the power of advanced diagnostics to identify and address engine issues. Our expert technicians use cutting-edge tools to check and repair engine components, addressing warning lights and error codes to keep your Mercedes performing at its best.
  • Mercedes Brake System Services: Your safety is our priority, and our brake system services reflect that commitment. We perform thorough inspections, replace brake pads and discs as needed, conduct brake fluid checks, and perform system flushing and maintenance to ensure your brakes operate at peak efficiency.
  • Mercedes Suspension and Steering Services: Experience a smoother ride with our suspension and steering services. We inspect and repair the suspension system, align and adjust steering components, and replace worn-out parts, ensuring optimal handling and comfort for your Mercedes.
  • Mercedes Fluid Checks and Top-Ups: Preserve the health of your vehicle's vital systems with regular fluid checks and top-ups. We meticulously examine and maintain engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and other essential fluids, ensuring they meet Mercedes' standards for peak performance.
  • Mercedes Air Conditioning Services: Beat the heat with our air conditioning services. We inspect and repair the AC system, recharge refrigerant, and clean or replace air filters, ensuring a comfortable and climate-controlled interior for your journeys.
  • Mercedes Emergency Roadside Assistance: Enjoy peace of mind with our emergency roadside assistance. We provide immediate help for breakdowns, flat tires, and other roadside issues, including towing services if necessary, ensuring you're never stranded on the road.

For any type of Mercedes service, you can simply dial us. We are always at your service.

Benefits of Hiring a Reputed Mercedes Benz Service 

The foremost thing that makes the reputed Benz service center a cut above the rest is the trust clients have in them. As a matter of fact, it is not possible to inspect how the servicing is being done. Whether the technicians are pursuing the laid down procedure, using the right tools, and whether the spares used are from approved brands or not.

You can be unconcerned about all these issues by hiring a reputed Mercedes service centre. The following factors underscore why picking a trustworthy Mercedes service is vital:

  • The proper servicing will ensure that the car regains its performance.
  • All the defective, damaged, and underperforming components will be replaced or repaired according to the stated procedure.
  • Each car will have a designated technical manager to oversee the work and ensure that nothing is missed and the team is implementing the processes properly.
  • Reputed Mercedes service will have a quality assurance team for inspecting and certifying the work before closing the job card.
  • Just picking one from the Mercedes repair shop near me may not be ideal. Such a service center may undertake the repair. Nonetheless, the work might be of inferior quality, causing the recurrence of the defect in no time.
  • Get a better resale value for your Mercedes by undertaking servicing in the prescribed periodicity at a reputed Mercedes service centre.

Why Choose Fasttrack for Your Next Mercedes Repair in UAE?

Mercedes cars have been known for their class, elegance, and performance. You should pick only a reliable Benz service center for the periodic maintenance as well as repair of your Mercedes. So that the car continues to perform as expected. We have been rendering guaranteed car service for years. Fasttrack expanding customer base is proof of how trusted we have been. The reasons for more clients choosing us have been:

  • Reasonable charges for all the repair and maintenance services.
  • Proficient technical professionals with training on the Mercedes car systems.
  • Advanced facilities.
  • Implementation of proper technical procedure.
  • Customer-centric services and exceptional assistance.

We provide a pick-and-drop facility as well. You do not need to bring your car to our Mercedes service center. You can either drop us a message or call us to book a pick-up. Our executive will arrive at your location, collect the car, undertake the repair/ servicing, and return the car.

For guaranteed Benz service in Dubai, please call us.