Car Suspension Repair

Are you facing a problem with one of the parts that form the suspension system? Have you checked the coil springs or the shock mountings? Get your car suspension repair and shock absorber replacement at your nearest FastTrack – Emarat outlet. A car suspension system has many purposes; It keeps the tires in contact with the road allowing a smooth ride over the rough roads, absorbs shocks for a better driving experience, and helps the car to turn corners while maintaining balance.

Vehicle Suspension Replacement

The vehicle suspension system requires careful attention and periodical inspection. We at Fasttrack – Emarat perform a detailed car inspection of your car suspension and fix recorded issues promptly. Vehicle suspensions in good working order can make your car safer by reducing the brake distance. That’s why properly maintaining the car suspension is very important. Keep your vehicle safe by bringing your car in for a suspension inspection at Fasttrack – Emarat.

Car Suspension Services

  • Check/Replace all types of Shock Absorbers
  • Check/Replace Coil Springs
  • Check/ Replace Shock Mountings.