Car Suspension Repair in Dubai, UAE

Are you facing a problem with one of the parts that form the suspension system? Have you checked the coil springs or the shock mountings? Get your car suspension repair and shock absorber replacement at your nearest FastTrack – Emarat outlet. A car suspension system has many purposes; It keeps the tires in contact with the road allowing a smooth ride over the rough roads, absorbs shocks for a better driving experience, and helps the car to turn corners while maintaining balance.

Vehicle Suspension Replacement

The vehicle suspension system requires careful attention and periodical inspection. We at Fasttrack – Emarat perform a detailed car inspection of your car suspension and fix recorded issues promptly. Vehicle suspensions in good working order can make your car safer by reducing the brake distance. That’s why properly maintaining the car suspension is very important. Keep your vehicle safe by bringing your car in for a suspension inspection at Fasttrack – Emarat.

Car Suspension Services

  • Check/Replace all types of Shock Absorbers
  • Check/Replace Coil Springs
  • Check/ Replace Shock Mountings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the strut is an important component in the car suspension. A defective strut can lead to discomforts like bumpy rides. Repair or replacement of the suspension strut might be required in this case.


Generally, a car suspension should last 50,000 miles to 1,00,000 miles. However, this is just a yardstick and the actual service life will vary depending on car model and type. Car suspension replacement can be discussed with a proficient mechanic in case of any symptoms that indicate a problem with the suspension system.


A defective car suspension will let out telltale indications. These indications or symptoms are enough to presume there is some issue with the suspension system. Difficulty in driving, toughness while turning the car, abnormal noise, bumpy ride, etc. indicate defective suspension.


Yes, we have been providing comprehensive servicing of car suspension systems, besides car suspension repair in UAE. Our expert teams are at your service for any type of maintenance or repair of the car suspension.


The cost of car suspension repair will depend on the type of defect and the spares required. Furthermore, the overall expense for car suspension service in UAE will vary according to the service center as well.


Car Suspension Repair Dubai, UAE

Are you having bumpy rides? Do you feel uncomfortable passing over rough terrains? Then, it is right for car suspension system inspection and repair. Bring your car to our advanced facility for car suspension service in UAE. We have expert technicians for any type of car repair and maintenance. Let it be any brand, model, or segment, we assure you the best service.

Symptoms that Your Car Suspension Requires Servicing

Your vehicle will let you know that something is amiss when it is facing any technical troubles. Similar is the case with the car suspension system. You will find enough symptoms indicating a possible defect in the subject system.

You must go for car suspension repair in UAE if:

  • The driving experience is quite discomforting, as if you are traveling on rocky terrain. Worn-out shock absorbers or aged struts can cause this.
  • Cars pulling to one side may also be due to a suspension defect. Steering system issues can also lead to this problem. Hence, a detailed analysis is required.
  • Get the suspension inspected if any corner of the car appears to be low.
  • Abnormal sound while braking
  • Vehicles roll to one side during cornering.
  • Hard steering wheel when the car is slow.
  • Post an accident.

Major Services in Car Suspension

We undertake car suspension services in UAE for all types of cars, including luxury cars and sports cars. The major car suspension services offered by Fasttrack are:

  • Suspension strut inspection
  • Suspension struts repair and replacement
  • Upgrade of car suspension system
  • Replacement of suspension springs
  • Suspension system alignment
  • Ball joints and tie rods defect investigation and rectification
  • Bushing and mounts examination and repair
  • Undercarriage services

A complete car suspension repair in UAE. That is what we guarantee. Call us for more details.

Benefits of hiring the best Car Suspension service centres in UAE

Car suspension is a complex system that necessitates a trained and knowledgeable technical team and advanced tools. This fact underscores why you should not go to an unproven or not-so-experienced car suspension repair shop in UAE. Further, the benefits of exploring the best car suspension service in UAE are:

  • systematic servicing that would resolve all the defects, including the minor ones.
  • Usage of genuine products can be ensured when you choose the best car suspension repair in UAE.
  • State-of-the-tools and equipment, as well as, pursuance of laid down procedure are of paramount importance. A reliable suspension service firm will guarantee this.
  • Affordability is another benefit of using the best car suspension service in UAE.

Why choose Fasttrack for car suspension repair? 

Fasttrack continues to be the trusted and widely chosen entity for car suspension repair in UAE. We earned this image and credibility through a responsible attitude and proven service assistance. We have exclusive teams for different car servicing and repair needs. Each technician is trained optimally to perform the best.

  • Specialized Teams: Our handpicked and trained technicians perform car suspension repair in UAE. They have in-depth knowledge regarding each component, both major and minor. Hence, the teams at our service centre are able to extend exceptional service support.
  • Genuine Spares: You may not be able to see all the components replaced as part of the car suspension service in UAE or anywhere else. Usage of low-quality spares from less-known brands can lead to premature material failure or recurrence of the defect in a short time. The service life of the suspension system is reduced phenomenally when inferior quality items are installed. Fasttrack uses authentic products procured directly from the brand.
  • Affordable Car Suspension Servicing in UAE: Let it be car suspension repair in UAE or suspension servicing, we charge reasonably only. This has been a factor that made us one of the most-chosen car service centres. Budget-friendly car repair and servicing, without any reduction in quality, is what we assure you.
  • Reliability is the Key: Reliability of the car service centre is of paramount importance. It is nearly impossible to cross-examine all the works undertaken on the vehicle. Therefore, picking a firm that is highly reliable is compulsory. A prominent factor that distinguishes us from others has been trustworthiness, which we have proven through dedicated services to date.
  • Customer Service: We also provide complementary services to our clients. Each of the service executives is at your service. You can seek any assistance related to car repair or servicing. A team of hospitable technicians will deliver you a fully serviceable car after the car suspension servicing in UAE at Fasttrack.

Do you think your car suspension has some problems? Isn’t the car suspension functioning well?

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